Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Shouldless Days of '17: November

I made last Sunday a shouldless day. I wasn't sure if I was going to fit one into November as it's been a busy month, but I am glad I was able to sneak one in! Here is how I spent it!

As usual, I was up before Phil. I had oatmeal with raisin and bananas and pumpkin spice tea for breakfast.

It was laundry day so I went through the diapers I bought on sale during Thanksgiving week and figured out which ones I needed to prep. Some cloth diapers require that you wash them 6-8 times so I figured out which ones I needed to add to our laundry. We aren't going to use cloth diapers until the baby fits into one size diapers (around 10 pounds) but I wanted to get the prep work done well ahead of when the baby arrives.

We had plans to decorate our tree that day so I made a special brunch, as is our tradition. I made this easy egg bake with pork sausage from our meat share. While it baked, I read and kitty kept my lap warm.

Then it was time to eat! I forgot to take a picture before we dug in (we were both really hungry and ended up eating 5 pieces between the 2 of us!!).

We lounged around after brunch and got a kick out watching our little sun-seeker catch some rays.

Then it was time to decorate the tree! We decorated a fake, pre-lit tree. We pretty much always had fake trees when we were growing up so it's what I am used to.

It didn't take long for Oscar to start poking around. She did pretty well with the tree last year so hopefully she does well this year, too. We just keep the ornaments off the lower branches.

After that, Phil headed to the gym and I laid down to read and nap. I'm still feeling really exhausted and need naps on the weekends. Oscar warmed my feet and kept me company and we both eventually fell asleep.

Phil likes to keep our house pretty cool (63 degrees!) so I pretty much always have a heated blanket on my lap. Oscar is a big fan, too.

She continued to poke around the tree but so far she hasn't broken any ornaments. She just can't resist something shiny that she can bat around with her paws.

For dinner, we enjoyed Thanksgiving weekend leftovers while watching 60 minutes.

It was quite the lazy day but it was just what I needed after several busy days. It was nice to have Phil around for a shouldless day as he's usually at his mom's on my shouldless days! And Oscar really seemed to love having us around all day, too.

I am going to enjoy these shouldless days while I can as I know they won't be possible once baby Segner arrives!

Have you had any relaxing days recently?


Marlys said...

I had a shouldless day last Saturday, as when we arrived back from Mpls after the Thanksgiving events, I just didn't feel up to starting any projects, so we did only what was necessary and I looked through some magazines and read some articles on my ipad that I had been wanting to read before I deleted them. We went to church and then had dinner out, watched a movie and went to bed fairly early! It was very relaxing as I know that kind of day is over for awhile!
I haven't started decorating in the house, just outside so that is my project for this weekend! There are lots of lights up around town this year, and I think it's because our weather turned around and it has been quite comfortable outdoors for that kind of work! And my world is immensely brighter after my second cataract surgery yesterday - almost unbelievable! I am rejoicing!

missris said...

I know it's a personal choice but I LOVE that y'all are going to try cloth diapers! My sister and I were both brought up in cloth diapers long before it was more mainstream and my mom swears by them. Plus they're just so much better for the environment. Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now but I just wanted to say woohoo! Cloth diapers! I'm a dork :)

Nora said...

My Sunday was mostly a shouldless day and it was so lovely! Reading. Napping. Watching silly movies on TV. Making a yummy dinner!

I was brought up in cloth diapers for a while, too. My parents really liked it, or so they tell me :)

We can certainly be sure we make time for a nap for you this weekend! I don't have heated blankets but we have lots of warm and cozy blankets and promise to keep you warm!

Charbelle said...

I need a shouldless day but I don't think it's going to happen for December. Fortunately I'm keeping the activities to one a day at this point so it's not overwhelming. Last Friday Charlotte, Jack and I helped my mom put up their tree and decorated. Saturday I was able to catch up with Patrice for several hours and then Michael and I made sushi. Sunday we had church and then went to lunch, I ran to walmart, then I had a dinner to go to. Monday I was off work because I had to take Jack to get his teeth cleaned. That makes this a short week but it doesn't feel like on, law have mercy!

I have both cloth and disposable diapered babies in nursery. Cloth are as easy as disposable, you just put them in the bag the parent provides. Sunday I actually pitched in because they literally had no one in the baby nursery (one no show, two out sick) so it was me and a young lady who is 13. Fortunately we only had 3 but we had a 7 month old, 6 week old and 3 week old. The 2 youngest slept most of the time but it was a little unnerving having such a very young baby in that room without another adult.

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a perfect day to me. And loads of Oscar time -- she's pretty sweet on you, even if phil is her favorite. If you want lower ornaments, go with something felt or wooden/resin. She might bat it around but it won't break and it will keep her from being as interested in something higher up!

Stephany said...

The Friday after Thanksgiving was a "shouldless" day for me, as I spent nearly the entire day in my pajamas and lazed around mostly! I only got dressed to go to Target in the evening to buy some Christmas decorations. :)

I grew up having real trees, but sometime in my mid-twenties, made the switch to fake trees and they are just SO much easier and less expensive. I'm Team Fake Tree!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That breakfast bake looks yummy!! I bookmarked it to make sometime soon.

We keep the house at the same temperature as Phil likes it; we both prefer a colder house, but always have a blanket on the couch. We can't sleep if the house isn't cool, and often get headaches if it's too warm.

This weekend we relaxed a lot, and it was so needed.

San said...

What a wonderful holiday-inspired Shouldless-Day!
The casserole sounds amazing!

Amber said...

So nice that you were able to enjoy a shouldless day with Phil! I love your tradition of making brunch and decorating your tree. Your tree looks great. We put up our fake tree this year too. I love real trees but didn't feel like dealing with the mess they make this year. Maybe next year!