Friday, January 12, 2018


After several 4-day (or less) work weeks, this 5-day week really felt long! Good thing we have another 4-day week next week thanks to MLK Day! Here's how my week shaped up!

The high of my week was getting to see our baby again yesterday. We had an ultrasound to re-check something they detected in the kidneys at the 20-week ultrasound. Unfortunately they are still detecting a slight dilation of one of the kidneys but it can still resolve itself and if the issue persists, they can fix it with a non-invasive procedures (but fingers crossed and prayer sent that won't be necessary!). The baby is measuring a little bit big, which was surprising since my bump is measuring 2 weeks behind and I get a lot of comments about how small I am carrying. I do have a long torso, though, so that probably helps with how I am carrying! They also said the head is measuring a bit big, too.  Hope the head growth slows down so labor isn't too bad!!  :P

Baby S. had his or her hand by the face during the ultrasound

The low of my week was spilling almost an entire bottle of water in my purse. I filled a bottle with water before going to our breast feeding class on Tuesday but apparently I did not screw the top on right. Doh! When I got to class, I realized there was about an inch of water in the bottom of my purse! Everything was wet - including the new glucometer I wanted to start to use that night. Luckily Phil was able to shake the water out of it and get it working again. I'm glad it was salvageable because this new monitor has bluetooth and updates an ap so it's MUCH easier to keep track of my glucose levels! I was so mad at myself for not checking to make sure the top of the water bottle was on right!

The book I am reading is The Windfall by Diksha Basu. I got this through my book of the month club subscription several months ago and sadly I'm not really loving it. It's about a couple in Indian that goes from rags to riches due to the sale of a website that the husband developed. There are characters I like, but the 'keeping up with the Jones's' theme kind of annoys me. I'm almost done, though, so will finish it off but it might be a 2 star read unless the story redeems itself soon. I'm getting better at abandoning books that aren't working for me, but I have the hardest time giving up on books that I've spent money on, even though it's a 'sunk cost,' which is a concept we focused on in grade school. Basically the concept it about how a lot of people make bad decisions because of money they have already spent so they end up wasting more time and potentially more money because of the initial investment... 

Recipes I made were chicken cacciatore and chicken tikka masala with cauliflower and peas. Both were instant pot recipes and we liked both of them. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I made the chicken tikka recipe. It's one of our favorites as we LOVE Indian food. I really love my instant pot and tend to use it 2-3 times a week, especially now that I eat a hard boiled egg with breakfast every day. The instant pot makes THE BEST hard boiled eggs. I'm going to write up a post with our favorite recipes soon as it seems like lots of people are looking for recipes based on the facebook posts I've seen!

The best money I spent was on some nursing tanks. It's not an exciting purchase but something that I wanted to get ahead of time as I want to bring 1-2 tanks with me to the hospital to wear once the baby is born.

My plans this weekend include making this beanless chili in the instant pot tonight. I miss chili so much but beans have carbs in them so I have avoided chili as I don't think the bean-to-protein ratio will be high enough (I'm sooo sensitive to carbs thanks to being on steroids!). Tomorrow I have my baby shower which I'm really excited about and we'll have dinner that evening with my brother/sisters-in-law and their kiddos. Then on Sunday and Monday I don't have much planned besides watching the Vikings game on Sunday. I have some organization projects that I need to do but that's kind of about it. I'm looking forward to a couple of relaxing days!!

Did you make any new recipes this week? What was the high of your week?


Gracie said...

Water in the purse: a common occurrence over here, and always so frustrating. Why can't I just snap my lid on all the way? Luckily my favorite bag has a high-and-dry phone pocket! Glad your glucometer was safe!

Marlys said...

Oh, that is so disgusting when something like that happens, especially with the glucometer! I am glad you salvaged it and that it stays working! Your Dad dropped his cell phone down a fish hole a few weeks ago, and that was not salvageable!
I am really excited for your shower tomorrow!
See you soon!

Charbelle said...

The water in the purse sounds like something I would do! I'm glad the glucometer was able to be saved! I just thought as I was reading that I'm so sorry that you are having to give up even more food while pregnant! I think the upside will be that once baby S is here there will be some incredibly delicious meals waiting for you! Praying for Baby S! I'm excited for your shower, that's awesome! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Jeanie said...

That had to be so frustrating when that happened. Yay on Phil for saving the glucometer.

I'm continually amazed at ultrasounds. Whoever invented that was seriously smart!

No new recipes this week or probably this weekend either. We'll see. I'd like to opt out for the eat-out version this weekend but I don't think that's going to happen either!

Stephany said...

Ah, that Vikings game was crazy! What an ending. :) I thought of you when they won. I'm pulling for your team to make it to the Super Bowl - and make history as the first home team to do so. That would be way too cool.

Sorry about the water bottle spill! Ugh, I hate when stuff like that happens because then I just beat myself up about such a silly mistake. Argh!

No new recipes for me this week, but made my old standby turkey chili on Sunday, which is my fave. The high of my week was getting good news about Dutch at his comprehensive exam on Saturday. Homeboy is doing well and hanging in there - woohoo!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Oh dang - spilling a bottle of water in your purse! That sucks!

We tried a some new recipes last week that I'll mention in my next post, although only a couple of them were good. We found recipes for five grain bowls in a Chatelaine Magazine, and decided to try all five of them. There were a couple of major duds!

Everyone raves about those InstaPots!

Amber said...

I am sooo tempted to get an instant pot!! I am watching for them to go on sale. I think it will be especially amazing when I go back to work after maternity leave and also I am that person who ALWAYS forgets to take the meat out for dinner so an instant pot would be awesome for when that happens. Definitely do a recipe round up post!

San said...

Oh I also hope that the baby's growth slows down for the sake of your birth experience ;)

I was relieved to hear it was ONLY water that you spilled in your purse, just imagine it had been soda! ;)