Monday, October 15, 2018

A Fall Weekend at the Lake

We missed out on Labor Day weekend at the lake as Paul's ear infection kept us home that weekend so we made up for it by going up to the lake this past weekend. We had THE BEST time. We enjoyed home cooked meals, my mom watched Paul in the mornings so Phil and I could sleep in, and we all got a kick out of watching Paul smile and play. Here's a picture-heavy recap!

On Friday morning we waited until it was time for his first nap of the day to leave for the lake. Paul read some books...

... and played his usual game of "take off my socks."

He fell asleep about 10 minutes into the drive but only slept for about 30 minutes. He was pretty happy during the drive, though, and fell back asleep for the last 40 minutes.

When we got to the lake, we had lunch and Paul chewed a honey crisp apple slice. This is his favorite 'teething toy.'

After lunch, Paul went down for a nap and Phil helped my dad rake and haul leaves out of the yard.

After Paul's nap, he played with grandma. I captured the sweetest moment between Paul and my mom!

He enjoyed being read to!

On Saturday, Phil helped my dad with a few things around the yard and Paul and I hung out indoors with my mom. When Phil and dad were done, they joined us upstairs where Paul was playing. We have wood floors in our house and since Paul rolls so much, you really have to watch him and keep moving him back onto the rug. The upstairs at my parents is carpeted so there is so much room for Paul to roll and play!

He's gotten much better at sitting up. He's still a little wobbly but he's made a lot of progress on this skill.

He's also getting closer to crawling! he can now get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth. I think he'll be crawling within a month or so.

We tried giving Paul some leftover spaghetti. Don't let this look on his face fool you - he would not eat it. He's just NOT into solids.

My parents have so many toys that they have collected over the years. Some are toys that my siblings and I played with. Paul really enjoyed playing with the xylophone!

After Paul's 2nd nap of the day, we bundled him up and headed out for a walk. It was so chilly outside but it felt good to get some exercise. He stayed nice and toasty in his car seat. The car seat cover has a fleece blanket attached it. That is one of the best things I registered for!

Later that afternoon, we played a game of hand and foot. Paul napped for the first couple of hands and when he woke up, he sat in the high chair and played with an apple slice, cheerios and some spoons. I tried to get him to eat some cheerios but he had no interest. Go figure.

Deal me in! I'm ready to play!
 After our final hand, my dad fed him a bottle.

Big Paul and little Paul
 On Sunday we headed out after breakfast so we could be home in time to get things done around the house. Paul once again fell asleep within the first 10 minutes but he only slept for 45 minutes.

We came home to snow which was super depressing. Luckily it melted fast but I don't like seeing snow in October. It's been unseasonably cold so far this month but it's supposedly going to warm up later this week.

The time with my parents went way too fast! We won't see them again until Christmas but given how fast time flies, Christmas time will be here before we know it!


Charbelle said...

I'm so glad y'all had such a great trip! It's so sweet seeing your parents with Paul! I can't imagine snow in October! Our October only just cooled off after hurricane Michael cleared. Today I think it's 80 so it's still pretty warm. Supposedly it's going to be super cold this winter, ugh! I hope y'all are able to enjoy more pleasant fall days instead of super cold ones! I can never get enough pictures!!!

Gracie said...

Paul is such a happy baby. What a sweetheart. I love all his smiles - it seems like he's really excited to see and spend time with people.

Stephany said...

Your mom's facial expressions when she's holding or sitting with Paul warm my heart. You can tell how delighted she is with him! <3 I'm so glad you guys got to have some time with your parents so they could enjoy Paul (and you could maybe catch up on sleep??)

We are unseasonably warm here in Florida, but I think we get a semblance of a cold front at the end of the weekend (lows in the upper 60s, ha). I am READY for it.

San said...

Oh how wonderful you were able to spend a weekend at the lake with our family! That's precious!

Marlys said...

It was the sweetest weekend! Paul is such a happy, smiley little guy that being around him is pure joy! I'm still savoring the hours spent with you, Phil & Paul!

tinna said...

So great that you had a chance to make up for the Labor Day weekend that you didn't get to enjoy. Also - picture heavy posts are the best. ;-)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

What wonderful quality time with your parents :-) I bet they absolutely loved all the time with Paul. We've had a lot of snow here already, but this past week it got really warm, and this weekend is gorgeous! I am happy the double-digit temperatures are back, as I was not ready for an early winter.

Amber said...

I am so late commenting on this but I'm glad you guys had a wonderful weekend with your parents!! That picture of Paul and your mom is one to print out and frame for sure!!