Friday, November 9, 2018


Yay, it's Friday, and I'm off today so I have a 3-day weekend with Paul to look forward to! It's been awhile since I've done a TGIF-style post! Here's how my week shaped up.

The high of my week was going to bed last night knowing I didn't have to get up at 5:30 am to pump and that I'd have 3 days at home with baby Paul. I'm using my PTO to get extra time with Paul. I'm taking every other Friday off for the last quarter of the year. I won't be able to continue to do that in 2019 as I'll burn through my vacation way too fast but I'm hoping to take every 3rd or 4th Friday off. It's been hard to return to work and see so little of Paul but I know that I need to keep working and push through this difficult stage of seeing so little of Paul so using PTO to spend extra time with him is the solution I've come up with to make this working mom thing work for our family.

The low of my week was dealing with a pesky case of pink eye that just won't go away. I've had it for 10 days and while it's gotten better, it just won't go away. The other low was seeing Paul in pain from bad constipation. That's maybe TMI, but welcome to life as a mom! His stomach has not adjusted well to solids. :/ We are giving him prunes twice a day until things get sorted out. Luckily he actually likes prunes. Such a weird duck!

A book I'm reading is Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny. It's the 6th book in her Inspector Gamache series. You don't *have* to read them in order but I'm glad I am because the story line of this book is very related to the story line of book 5. I just love this series so much. It's the perfect series to read when the weather gets colder as the books are just so 'cozy.' I never thought I was a mystery person but this series has made me realize that I do like mysteries - especially ones like this series that are not at all gory.

Recipes I made were chipotle chicken for tacos and cashew chicken stir fry. I make both of these recipes about once a month as they are easy and delicious!

The best money I spent was on a salad at a local salad place. I bring lunch 4 days a week but treat myself to lunch out once a week. This salad place started off as a food truck and now they have 3 locations downtown and are opening a 4th in my building. They have the best salad combinations. I always get the thai salad with chicken. It's soooo good and worth the $12!

My plans this weekend include absolutely no social plans! I was supposed to go visit a coworker who had a baby a couple of months ago but I cancelled that visit as I don't want to risk giving them pink eye. A low key weekend sounds wonderful to me, though. I'm all about plan-free weekends now that we have a baby. One big thing I want to do this weekend is make/can salsa verde with the 20 lbs of roasted/pureed tomatillos that have been in our freezer since August!

Here are some bonus Paul pics!

I love sleepers with things on the butt!

He loves the little people animals so much - especially the cat one. He was "talking" to the cat when I took this photo
We are raising quite the little reader! He especially likes the 'baby faces' book from Grandma Joan.

He's very serious about learning his ABCs. ;)


Jeanie said...

So glad you have a no-plan weekend, which means a Paul-and-Phil weekend, which is the best possible kind! He's really pretty darned adorable -- sorry about the pink eye.

Don't you love the Gamache series? I'm glad you are reading them in order. Can't wait for her new one to come out sometime this month!

Marlys said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I have to go to a funeral for Adelaide Wodarz - do you remeber her? And then we have the Symphony on Saturday night and the featured soloist is a harpist, so I'm really pumped about that! I also need to do some prep work for Thanksgiving - or just get organized for it by making a grocery & to-do list.
The year is flying by!
I love Paul pictures!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Aww, look at that reader! Working sucks, life should be free. :)

Gracie said...

A plan-free weekend sounds great -enjoy it, and the peace and quiet it brings. Plus the extra time with that cute baby!

Stephany said...

OMG, I literally cannot handle all of those pictures of Paul "reading." SO DAMN CUTE.

I'm so glad you're able to take off every other Friday to have a day with Paul. I know that's so good for your own mental health.

I'm on the fourth Gamache book and loving it so much. Gamache is the hope I need in my world right now. <3

katielookingforward said...

I haven't even heard of green and the grain, but good to know the salad is worth it! paul's cloud sleeper is super cute! I hope the pink eye gets sorted out soon! I have most Friday's off in December. Its not something I necessarily need, but every summer I start to worry that I'll get sick, or need to take time off, so I hold onto my days. And I do like to have time at the end of the year to slow down and not work and prepare myself for the holidays and the new year.

tinna said...

So cute with all the books!!! I hope your pink eye goes away over the weekend. 10 days is a long time to be having to deal with something like that. :/

San said...

Oh, you gotta start them early... not surprised you're introducing Paul to books as early as you can :)
I hope he'll turn out to be a life-long reader.

I think it's great that you're taking every other Friday off right now to spend more time with Paul... he'll grow up so fast, so any extra day spent with him is special!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Those pics of Paul reading are THE BEST!!!!

Dang - pink eye sucks! That's a long time for it to hang around too. Working in a school, I've definitely come into contact with it a few times.

I just read your comment that you made the pumpkin chocolate chip loaf! Yay! I hope it turned out well for you.

Amber said...

It's sooo cute how much Paul loves books! He is definitely your baby!!

Glad you had all those extra Friday's off to look forward to with Paul, and every 3rd or 4th Friday off in 2019 sounds like a great plan!