Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Virtual Coffee Date

It's been quite awhile since I've done a virtual coffee date, which is a way for me to share some random things that are on my mind! So settle in, grab a coffee or tea, and pretend we are sitting across from each other at a cozy coffee shop!

If we were having coffee today...

- I'd probably talk about our super frustrating house search. I'm so fatigued by looking at listings. So many people talk about how fun house hunting is or how much they enjoy looking at listings. Let me tell you, it's not as fun when you really want to find something and are striking out. I'd also talk about how surprised we are how little effort some people put into staging their homes. The market is hot for first time home buyer houses, but in our price range, things are not selling super fast unless they are priced right and have a beautiful kitchen. So staging is still super important. In fact, even though our house should sell very fast (it's a first time home buyer kind of house), we will still really focus on staging it to make sure it gets a lot of traffic and sells quickly. We are also surprised how over-priced some houses are. I imagine the owner must insist on a certain price because it does not make sense to us to price something way over what it will sell for. We've really gotten a feel for things should be priced after looking for 2 years, so I imagine their realtor has to know it's over-priced. It seems like it's best to come on the market at the appropriate price... it's not like you are going to trick buyers into thinking it's actually worth what you list it at! Anyways, I'd ask you to send good thoughts and cross your fingers that we find the right house soon!

- I'm sure we'd talk about Paul, too! I'm really loving the toddler stage. It's so fun to watch him explore the world and learn new things. He's still so obsessed with books. I didn't know that a toddler could love books as much as her does! Whenever he encounters a cat in a book, he wants to show Oscar (see pic below). He's handled the transition to the toddler room really well. He naps for 2 hours on a cot, which is amazing. He doesn't nap that long at home! I'm so glad he takes good naps as his teachers deserve a break. His poor infant room teachers rarely got a break from him as he usually napped for about 20 minutes! He's learning new words and concepts, which is cool to see!

He loves playing with this rotary phone. He says 'hello' in the cutest little voice!
 - I'm sure we'd talk about books since that's one of my favorite topics! I'd talk about how surprised I am that I've had my best reading years since becoming a mom. I guess being a mom makes you really, really prioritize your free time. Also, since becoming a mom, I make way fewer plans and have more free nights which gives me more time to read. So in general, I wouldn't say I'm busier as a mom than I was pre-kids - I'm just a different kind of busy if that makes sense? When I didn't have kids, I kind of hated it when people would say things like 'you think you are busy now, just wait until you have kids!' But now I can say you can be busy with kids or without kids. You are probably just busy in a different way.

- On that topic, I'd talk about how much harder it's been for me to fit in exercise since becoming a mom. Working out before work just doesn't work for me since we are all out of the house around 6:50 am. My day would have to start far too early for my liking. And then I'm busy with Paul until around 6:30-7 and am usually famished by the time he goes to bed. The best time for me to workout would be around 8pm and that's just too late for me. So I've had to settle for considering walks exercise (we take family walks on week nights and long walks on the weekend). I'm content with my weight so I guess it's working out ok? I will admit that I'm a bit envious of moms with flexible schedules. My work schedule is pretty inflexible... I'm also envious of Phil for being able to run during lunch. That's just not an option for me as I'd get so sweaty that I'd need a shower and there's no way I'd have time for that... nor would I feel comfortable coming back to my very professional/polished work environment looking like a hot mess (Phil has access to a shower at work)! I'm reminding myself that this is a season of life and right now, walking will need to be good enough! There are probably moms that would workout at 5am or 8pm but I guess I'm prioritizing other things over vigorous exercise right now.

- We'd close by me asking how you are doing and what's on your mind.

So tell me - how are you and what's on your mind?


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I'd probably talk and talk about the house projects that are almost all the way finished at my house. Carpet was installed yesterday. The baby's dresser was delivered just a few moments ago. Now after we rearrange furniture in the baby's room and get the dresser set up, I can finally organize all the crap that is sitting in containers/closets and make it into a room. Then this child can show up. Also, I really want a good donut and we do not have a good bakery near us anymore. That is on my mind. :) Back when Isla was little and I worked and I needed to find time to workout the only time available was 730 or later. And it sucked. I'd do it for a week or so and then I'd be like ummmm no. Too tired.

Marlys said...

The ideal time to work out is in the morning, but that doesn't work for me, either. And working out late in the evening isn't the best as it revs you up too much and it's hard to come down. I used to work out right after dinner which wasn't the best either. Walking just seems to be the best alternative at my point in life, too. If I was retired and lived near a gym, it would be ideal.
I love the picture of Paul showing the kitty to Oscar - too cute!
We can't wait to see him again - soon?

Jeanie said...

Oh, I wish you could find your dream house -- perfect neighborhood, school district, size and price. It must be terribly frustrating, I know.

I'd talk about our theatre fundraiser at an art gallery this evening and my adventures in turning a bushel of tomatoes into pasta sauce, gazpacho and salads and that I'm feeling mixed about my high school reunion!

katielookingforward said...

I feel you on the frustration! I don't think buying at any price range is enjoyable (at least not to me). I'm glad you are sticking to your budget, because I really think that there are people that are going to be in for rude awakenings if/when the market changes. That said, if it has everything and doesn't need work, maybe that's worth the price. (I hate house projects). I'm dating, but not very open/public about it at the moment, which is hard to navigate.

Stephany said...

If you're super frustrated by the house buying process, I'm super frustrated by the job hunting process. Haven't even had a phone interview in a month and I'm growing very disillusioned. Thankfully, I don't hate my job and I'm going to hold on to my half-day Fridays for as long as I can! But I wish SOMEBODY would bite. Argh.

I'd also talk to you about cats! :) I just love how much Paul loves Oscar and I do hope the love will be reciprocated one day. The way he brings his books to Oscar when there's a cat just melts my heart. I've been amazed by how much I love having cats and how fun they are to have around!

Gracie said...

Sorry the home buying process has been so long and tough! It is crazy to see how people price or stage homes. You really want an appealing house that doesn't sit on the market. It looks bad to have to drop the price - that shows up on the MLS, and it's a red flag for a lot of agents.

ritika said...

Thank you for sharing your frustration story. Now there are many online platforms where we can vent anonymously and pull out the frustration.

Amber said...

You could always just tell yourself you are only going to workout with weights or something other than walking 2x a week! Working out at 5am or 8pm 2x a week probably doesn't sound as intimidating as doing it daily but it would still be something! But I also think if you're happy with your weight and feeling good with your walks you shouldn't put pressure on yourself to do more. Like you said, this is a season of life!

Also, I'm so late on commenting on this that your first bullet is now a moot point, which I'm sooo happy for you about!! Maybe in your new house you'll have space to set up a workout room and can put some toys in it and workout with Paul around? I often take Olivia to the basement with me and she just plays while I workout (and let's be serious also comes and crawls all over me but I figure it's better than nothing still haha)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Uggh, house hunting must be SO frustrating! I know I would be sick of it by now and worried that I'd never find what I wanted. I really hope it happens for you soon!

I LOVE that Paul shows Oscar pictures of cats he sees in books; that is so, so adorable! It's like he's saying, "Here's you!" Awwwwwe!! Hopefully, Oscar comes around to him soon <3

Thank you for posting about how people who don't have kids can be busy too, just in a different way! I often get rude comments if I mention being busy on a random day like people think it's not possible for me to ever be busy since I don't have kids. I have had much, much busier periods of my life that lasted for huge stretches of time, but now life is different. I do have a lot of me-time, but some weeks/weekends/days are super busy. And I find it super annoying when people say that to expecting moms about, "youuuu just wait. You have no idea what busy is." It's rude, and presumptuous. Every mom is different, and every parenting experience is different.

And to comment on your exercise situation ... I basically only walk for exercise. I think you're probably pretty active just having a toddler, so I wouldn't worry too much about it :-)

San said...

I am so sorry house hunting is so frustrating... I think it's fun in the beginning but if you've been looking for as long as you guys have, I can imagine it must get tiring.

I am glad that you're getting in more reading as a mom than you thought and maybe that's the upside to not prioritizing exercise right now. It's just a season of life and I am sure you'll get back to it in due time.