Friday, January 31, 2020


TGIF and happy last day of January!! 

The book I'm reading is This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett. She is one of my favorite authors so I plan to read (at least) 3 of her books this year to fulfill the 'read 3 books by one author' category of the reading challenge I'm working on. This book is a collection of essays - I've only read her fiction so this will be a change for me to read her non-fiction. It’s been really good so far. She is such a talented writer!

The high of my week was Paul sleeping better. We pushed his bedtime back a half hour to 7:30 so he’s been sleeping until 6:30 the last 3 mornings. That means I’ve been able to get ready without keeping an eye on him. It makes mornings much better!

The low of my week was finding out our latest attempt to fix the leaking shower didn’t work. Le sigh. We are going to need to tear it out. We haven’t sat down to discuss it but I am going to push for a remodel since I don’t love (or really like) the current set up. 

My other low was getting a flare this week. It’s in my right hand and impacts 2 joints. The pain woke me during the night last night so I ended up having to ice it. So I slept poorly as a result. I’m hoping I can get some steroid injections today. RA really sucks sometimes. I can’t wait to get on a better drug combo once we are done having kids. 

A recipe I made was Shrimp tacos using this recipe for the shrimp and veggies. We eat a lot of rice-based meals so we decided to skip the rice and have the shrimp and veggies on corn tortilla. I made a mango salsa with mango, red pepper, red onion, and lime juice to go on the tacos. It was so good and was a perfect week night meal that came together quickly since I had done all the chopping over the weekend. I like recipes with this where there isn't much active time - just pop the pan in the oven and monitor as necessary. The recipe says to roast the veggies for 20 min total before adding the shrimp, but I only roasted for 10 before adding the shrimp for 8 more minutes.

For workouts I went for a long stroller walk with Paul on Sunday and did TMAC workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. The TMAC workouts are only 20 minutes, but they are HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts so I feel like I get a good workout in. I've been taking 20+ minute walks through the sky way around lunch time so I feel like those walks combined with a 20 minute workout are good enough! I'm planning to take some long walks with Paul this weekend for my workouts. 

The best money spent was on groceries at Target. Phil gets most of our groceries but they had a spend $50, get a $10 gift card deal so I picked up some non-perishable items that we can’t find at our grocery store like Paul’s muffin mix, my GF bread, etc. 

My plans this weekend include very little! I'm going to a friend's 40th birthday dinner tonight (hopefully I’m not in too much pain from the flare/injections!) and we have swimming lessons on Saturday morning - but that's it for plans. The weather is going to be unseasonably nice (with highs approaching 40 on Sunday!) so I plan to go for some long stroller walks with Paul. I'm sure we'll also watch some of the superbowl, but will watch from the comfort of our couch. 

Did you make any new recipes this week? What was the high of your week?


Marlys said...

Those tacos look wonderful! I love anything shrimp, and that looked so healthy, too.
I'm glad Paul is sleeping better and I hope he continues for the weekend!
I, too, look forward to eh warm weekend and especially for some sunshine which has been in short supply lately! We don't have big weekend plans either, except to attend Evelyn's birthday party on Sunday evening, but imagine we'll watch the football game, and then I'm going to be doing some purging on my business computer to get ready for my replacement!

Jeanie said...

I'm sorry about the flare. Sounds grim. I hope the injection helps. And oh, those tacos. Yumborama! I've never made shrimp tacos and I don't know why. You have inspired me. I can do that without an oven!

The shower brings back bad memories of mine, which leaked from the first floor to the basement. Turned out the lead pan underneath the shower (it was a walk-in shower, not a tub-shower) was rotted out. It meant tearing out the floor of the shower at best but that also meant some of the side tiles and ultimately the whole thing went out and was redone/retiled at the nice round number of $5,000. It was worth it not to leak but I sure could have used that for other things. That wasn't a bathroom re-do. Just the shower. Get lots of quotes. And hopefully your problem isn't that bad.

San said...

I am so sorry that you had another flare (boo!) and that the shower fix didn't work... but maybe you get at least a nice remodel out of it.

The shrimp tacos look delicious!

katielookingforward said...

Those tacos look great! The guy I'm dating is catholic, so in a combined I'd like to eat a little healthier, and he could/should avoid meat for Fridays in lent, we are going to do fish/veggie nights! Tacos will definitely be in our rotation, but I'm not a great rice cooker, so I want to make some rice dishes to improve my skills.

Stephany said...

Hooray for Paul sleeping better and sleeping IN so you can get ready alone. That must feel great. And it means you get more Paul time in the evening!

That flare sounds painful and so frustrating to deal with. I hope you're feeling better!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Those shrimp tacos look delicious!

Amber said...

Those shrimp tacos looks really delicious, I'll need to try them soon! I love any kind of taco recipe but shrimp / fish tacos are definitely my favourite. I find breaded fish tacos to be a lot of work to make at home though.

I managed to get outside for an hour each day this weekend and the difference it made on my mood was amazing. I can't wait for spring!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Those shrimp tacos look delicious!

Ugh, sorry to hear your RA has been acting up. That must be so hard to have to deal with pain so frequently.