Monday, November 2, 2020

A Spooktacular Weekend

Happy November! Another month is behind us and I am not sad. Time can just keep marching on. We had a special Halloween weekend, despite Covid limitations. Here's how we celebrated!

On Friday night, we had our friends over for pumpkin carving. Our kids go to the same daycare, and 2 of our boys are in the same room. Since we are in the same 'immunity bubble' it felt safe to get together indoors. We also know they take Covid seriously, wear masks, etc. I'm thankful we can get together indoors with them - play dates with them will be our saving grace this winter!

This was the most 'mailed in' pumpkin carving party we've ever hosted. I knew I'd be in pain from a flare (it's a given these days - good days are few and far between), so we ordered pizza and Phil got a cauliflower crust GF pizza from Aldi for me. Our friends brought a salad and everyone had Halloween candy for dessert. It's a reminder that you don't have to go all out for gatherings and people will still have a good time. The kids enjoyed having their own table to eat at - this was a great hand-me-down from my college friend Heidi!

I cleaned out our pumpkin and Phil did the carving (the cat one of course!). The other 2 were carved by our friends. 

The kids played really well together, too. This barn is such a hit with Paul and Gus loved it, too. I've said it before but I'll say it again, "Green Toys" are amazing! They are made from recycled plastic but are indestructible, come with minimal packaging, no batteries are required and they encourage creative play! Check them out if you have a toddler in your life!

On Saturday I pulled out all of our Halloween books so we could give them one last read before tucking them away for next year. I really added to our collection this year so we had quite a few to read. 

Reading a Daniel Tiger fall book, gifted from my friend Erin

Paul took a good 2 hour nap that day. When he woke up, it was time to head out to our block's treat hunt! A group of us moms organized this and it came together great. Each kid had a bag of treat and 5 orange eggs or black cauldrons to find. Before the treat hunt started, we did a little costume parade around the block. It was the perfect covid-safe way to celebrate Halloween. Paul is incredibly shy around people he doesn't know so I think this is a way better fit for him than trick or treating. I think he would have a very hard time going up to people's houses and I don't think he would say trick or treat... 

We also ended up with a small amount of candy which I prefer since Paul is so young. The only things he seems to really like are m&ms and we got plenty of those!

And that was our Halloween - pretty low key and easy peasy. We did not hand out Halloween candy but we really didn't see much foot traffic on our street so I don't think many kids in our neighborhood were out. Hopefullly next year is a more normal'ish year? 

How was your Halloween weekend?


Grateful Kae said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend for a toddler Halloween!! He is just so cute in that costume! :) Love it. I'm glad you got to see some people too. It sounds like just the right amount of socialization, given your pregnancy, covid, the weather, etc.. That block treat hunt is a fantastic idea! That could be adapted for any holiday, really. My kids LOVE looking for eggs/ baskets on Easter, so they probably would have adored this. Maybe you'll have to organize a "Christmas Crawl" or something next and have the kids search for candy canes and treats in the snow! haha.

Jeanie said...

He's so darned cute in that costume! And I loved how you were able to celebrate with friends. That's the best.

Marlys said...

Your pumpkins looked amazing again! You all do such a fantastic job. We don't get trick & treaters at our lake home, so I didn't buy any candy except for the ones I sent to my grandkids. It was a quiet night but a great one as Abby & Ryan were there. We watched a light-hearted movie to celebrate the evening.
I'm glad you had such a great neighborhood event - perfect for Paul! He looks so cute in the costume and it appears it really liked it. It was warm, too, so nice he didn't have to wear a winter coat over it.

Stephany said...

You surely made the most of your Halloween weekend, especially being pregnant/dealing with flares/covid/etc. I love that you got to do a pumpkin carving party and your pumpkins turned out GREAT! Woohoo! And the little parade/treat hunt is such a cute idea.

This was the first year I got to hand out candy (nobody comes to apartments for trick-or-treating!) and we saw around 27 kiddos. I thought it was a fairly good turnout for this year and Mom and I wore masks, sanitized our hands between each group, etc. It was really fun to sit outside, though, and watch all the excited kids in their costumes!

Anne said...

So glad you were able to have a safe and fun Halloween for all of you. That costume is adorable, and I love the treat hunt idea. I never have loved Halloween - don't participate as an adult because I also live in an apartment, like Stephany, and no one comes around. Oh, and inquiring minds want to know - how was the GF cauliflower pizza? :)

San said...

So glad you were able to make the Halloween weekend so much fun despite all the restrictions!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

The treat hunt on your block was a great idea! We got three trick-or-treaters, but we bought treats we like, so it turned out okay :-) We watched a scary movie and ordered pizza that night.