Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Currently: January 2021

Happy Wednesday! The first month of the year is almost over. Yay! I don't like to wish time away but January can feel long and cold in the upper Midwest. We have lucked out and had really mild weather this January so we've gotten outside most days this month, but I'm never sad to see January come to an end! Here's what's going on in my life right now.

Reading: The Switch by Beth O'Leary. It's basically a book version of the movie The Holiday (one of my most favorite holiday movies!). In this book, a young woman switches places with her 79-year old recently divorced grandma. Her grandma lives in a rural area of England and the young woman lives in London. It's a romance so you know love will ensue! I continue to read at a crazy pace thanks to all of those middle-of-the-night feedings! I've already read 13 books! Crazy!

Loving: watching Will change and grow and seeing the sibling relationship develop between Will and Paul. Paul is still learning about gentle touch and not smothering your brother. Ha! Will is cooing and starting to give me some small smiles which is so fun!

Feeling: pretty good, all in all. I'm tired but that's newborn life for you. Will occasionally gives me 3+ hour stretches at night so that feels pretty darn amazing. I'm looking forward to adding some exercise back in next month but for now, walking feels great.

 about my return to work which is still 12 weeks away. I think/hope it will be a better experience than my experience with Paul. I really struggled with the return to work after having Paul so it helps to know that the tough stage is temporary and eventually I will struggle less. When I went back after having Paul, I questioned whether I was meant to be a working mother but around 10 months, I felt much better about working and now I can't imagine not being a working mom as I am just not cut out to be a stay at home mom and truly love my job. But I know I will likely have a tough stretch this spring/summer when I go back and will just have to push through it and strategically use vacation time, like I did with Paul.

Anticipating: the birth of my niece! My little sister is due on Valentine's Day and I can't wait to see pictures and hear about my sister's birth experience. It was awesome being pregnant with my sister as we could trade stories and complain to each other. I don't know when I will meet her little girl thanks to covid, but I'm hoping we can go visit them next spring. 

Struggling: with the inability to put Will down much during the day. He's a bit more of a needy baby than Paul was. I use the carrier quite a bit so that helps. I'm reminding myself this stage is temporary and he'll enjoy playing on the floor more and more as he gets older.

Grateful: for the mild weather we've had this month! There have been very few days when it's been too cold to go outside. I will go outside for a walk as long as the feels like temp isn't below 10-15F. I remind myself it may feel cold at first but I will quickly warm up, especially with a warm baby strapped to my body!

Working: on deleting duplicate photos on google photos. When you take pictures of kids, you end up taking sooo many to get a good one. I wasn't good about deleting duplicates in the moment so now I am going back, month by month, and deleting duplicates/screen shots/etc. I have done January 2014-2020 so far. My goal is to work on past months each month, so in February, I will tackle February 2014-2020. I also want to cull each month when it ends, so in February I will cull the photos from this January.

Listening: to podcasts, although not as many as I'd like. But I usually get through a couple on my 50 minute walks. I try to squeeze them in when I can and have used my new AirPod Pros which I treated myself to for my upcoming 40th birthday! I usually don't spend so much money on myself but I figured turning 40 was cause for a special treat. I LOVE them! I have teeny tiny ear canals, but the small bud adapter fits perfectly (they come with 3 sizes). If you listen to lots of podcasts while on the go, I highly recommend them! I got lucky and got them for $209 (regular price of $249) and we were able to use a Best Buy gift card so only paid about $35 out of pocket for them. 

Watching: so much tv! But since I have read a ton of books, I don't feel too guilty. Phil and I finished Homeland last week and now are watching The Queen's Gambit. It makes me wish I knew how to play chess! On my own, I'm burning through seasons of The Great British Baking Show which is so delightful and makes me want to bake alllll the things!

and hoping that my parents will be able to get a vaccine soon. They applied through the Minnesota lottery but this past week, 205k+ people signed up for 8k vaccinations. They will have a lottery each week so hopefully they get a spot soon. They also have contacted their physicians as my dad is high risk due to kidney disease and my mom is one of the primary caregivers for my 97yo grandmother (she lives in assisted living but my mom is one of 2 people who can go into her room when my grandma isn't quarantined. My grandma got her first dose earlier this month - yay!). I'm also wishing and hoping I get a vaccine this spring. My rheumatologist said she isn't sure if I will be prioritized over others in my age group but she tagged my medical record with immune compromised in case they query it to prioritize vaccinations.  

And that's a wrap! 

What's new in your world? Do you dislike January as much as I do? What are you reading, loving and grateful for?


The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I usually hate January too because it lasts FOREVER. However, this January FLEW by. It may be because of the lack of snow we got and how we actually have been able to get outside a lot more than normal. Today is probably our coldest day this year, but my memory is pea sized. Isla is bummed because they haven't had a snow day yet, they could have probably had one yesterday but the snow fell heavily during school hours ha. I am reading White Fragility, listening to a ton of old podcasts, though I'm trying to stay within a week current of Pod Save America this year. Maybe not all episodes, but trying to listen at least once a week. I am working on trying to virtually coach Battle of the Books. It's interesting!

Jeanie said...

I love these check ins with you and seeing darling photos of the boys, too. It sounds good, Lisa. Exhausting, but good! And yes, January is -- well, January. But harder in the north!

Reading: A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell. Fascinating. Loving the coziness of being home and grateful I got my first vaccine shot!

Abby said...

I must have the same genetic ear canals as you- b/c I struggled so hard to find ear buds that I could use for exercising. Ryan finally found me these Bose Bluetooth ones!

I love that 10-15 degrees is called mild. True Minnesotan right there! Meanwhile, in AZ...people are literally losing their minds that we got some snow yesterday and it was in the 40s! I'm over here LOVING IT.

I love the pictures of Will and Paul! He is looking more alert every day. Such a beautiful boy. I can't wait to meet him... And I look forward to hopefully next spring seeing you guys and the cousins will get to meet. So neat how close in age they will be! It is really nice that our kids will be similar ages.

I am grateful that I'm 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, and really feeling pretty good! Last night I was up a lot with HORRIBLE heartburn...but that is because we got take out and I got spicy french fries. I did that to myself! ha! Otherwise, I'm feeling good.

I am loving our weather right now. We are getting the most rain this week than we have in 2 years - and we need it SO BAD.

I am reading "The Dutch House" :) But you already knew that!

Grateful Kae said...

I'm glad you love you Air Pods!! I really love mine too. There's just something so easy and seamless about them compared to previous wireless headphones I've tried. I also have issues with ear buds fitting my ears well, and these are great.

I don't generally dislike January- I usually welcome the slower, easier month after the holiday rush in December. It does often seem like January is a "long" month, but I typically like to lean into the laziness of it. Usually lots of movies, fires, etc- things I maybe didn't have quite as much time to do leading up to Christmas, but still want to enjoy during the winter. My least favorite months are usually like March/April. It starts to "look" nice out, but it never is! It's usually always cold and windy (though maybe sunny), and muddy. :) It annoys me to no end when I think, Oh, a nice spring day!! I'll go for a long walk! And then wind gusts hit me with 45 degree temperatures...hahaha! At least in January I expect it to be cold and wintery so there's no surprise.

I'm grateful for books (trying to read as much as I can this year, and really enjoying it!). I just finished We Were the Lucky ones last week, which I just loved. And now I am reading Normal People (polar opposite style! But enjoying it as well). I'm also grateful that my blog finally seems to be fixed in Feedly! I was ready to pull my hair out over the issue- couldn't figure it out for the life of me. But I hired someone to help and fingers crossed, but it seems to be working now. YAY!

P.S. Will looks just so sweet!! Both boys do!!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I definitely do not dislike January as much as you do! Of course, now I live in a place where that mostly translates to rain, but even when I was growing up, and even though it meant A LOT of shoveling snow, I still enjoyed the good parts (skiing, hot chocolate, reading etc.) However, for the last three (going on four!) years I have spent January holed up with a CFA textbook, so it will be a lot better next year (fingers crossed!!!) I hope to get in some skiing next year, as I cannot really afford to take a whole weekend away while I am studying, but I miss things like that! I am glad that your January was not as cold this year as it was in the past.

I am reading three books! One for book club at work called Dark Money which is a bit of a slog and not really the kind of book I would have picked while concurrently studying. I am reading A Book of Longings on eBook, but have not gotten very far due to book club / study. However, I like the author and it seems good so far! On Audiobook I am reading When No One is Watching, which is entertaining and is good for runs and working around the house, i.e. doesn't take much concentration to follow it!

P.S. I can't believe you are almost 40. I know I sound like an auntie right now, but I remember when you went to Paris for your 30th! Has it really been that long!?

katielookingforward said...

Good for you for tackling photos, I'm always trying to attempt, but get overwhelmed and give up. Which isn't exactly helpful. January really did fly by this year, and I am super impressed with your reading! I have the tv on while I am working, so technically I watch a lot of tv....but I'm fine with it.

Stephany said...

13 books! That's amazing! You're outreading me! Haha.

Do you think your return to work won't be as hard as last time since you'll be at home? I imagine the whole stressful morning/evening routine was part of the reason why it was so hard!

I had to laugh at the duplicate photos things because the same is true for getting a good picture of my cats! I have soooo many duplicates. I try to go through and delete photos once a week.

I bought the AirPod Pros with my first stimulus check and they are a game-changer for me. I couldn't wear the regular AirPods because I also have tiny ear canals and they just never fit right. I had to buy specialty ear tips, though, because the ones that came with my earbuds made the earbuds slip out from time to time. But since I got those, they've been perfection!

I hope your parents are able to get the vaccine soon! What a relief that will be. I'm grateful my mom is not in a high-risk group so she'll be waiting until summer along with me, haha. I follow someone on Instagram who has a chronic illness but since she's in her 30s, she's definitely not on any kind of priority list, which just sucks. Her disease is respiratory, which means she's had to be especially careful because covid could be deadly for her.

January is one of the most pleasant months of weather in Florida, haha. I've been loving our mix of cold days and warmer days. I've even had to turn on my heat for some cold nights! I am currently reading Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, loving that my friend's baby had a super-easy time during her second chemo cycle, and grateful for really excellent TV shows :)

Amber said...

I HATTTEEE January. I was just complaining about how it was my least favourite month ever and it just drags on and on and on!

If you are looking for a great show I really loved Sweet Magnolias on Netflix. Eric loved the Queens Gambit so I need to try it after we're done Brooklyn 99. We are halfway through Season 7 right now and I am soooo sad about it ending. I love it so much!

Sam said...

We've started playing chess since watching the Queen's Gambit, and we've gotten really into it :)

Anne said...

Your reading is impressive! Wow. Although I do hope that you are getting more sleep. Fingers crossed Will starts to figure out that dark = sleep...

And I'm really envious of your photo curation. Sigh. I need to do that with photos, emails, etc. etc. They're out of control. And the longer I wait, of course, the worse it gets! Good for you for tackling it in an organized manner.

So glad you've been able to get outside - although I imagine that the snow (and now, coming cold) has impeded that a bit.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

We love the Queen's Gambit! We have 1 episode left. Christopher knows how to play chess and taught me, and I'm starting to get the hang of it, but it's a tough game. January was pretty mild for weather here, and I was able to get outside for an hour walk each day. We are in a vicious cold snap (about -50) right now, so we're stuck inside, and I'm itching to move more.

San said...

So sweet to see Paul and William together. I hope that they'll turn out to be best buddies.

Hoping that your parents are getting their vaccine too... and then eventually, all of us! ;) I have high hopes that this will help get things back to normal.

January was ... not as much of a fresh start as expected, so I am glad we're already into February.