Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Baby Will at 2.5 Months

With Paul, I did updates on a monthly basis but I am finding that Will is making that difficult since he does not like to be set down much during the day. He will tolerate being set down for short periods as you'll see from the likes section, but he will only sleep during the day when being held. I hoping this improves soon! He's still in that "4th trimester" phase so I'm going with the flow until he's a bit older. The other moms in my mom's group are going through the same thing with their babies so at least I'm not alone!

Here's what is going on his/our world these days!

Growth: We had his 2 month appointment last week. He weighed 11lb 4oz, which is 14th percentile and he’s 24” long, which is 96th percentile! The doctor was not surprised to see his weight percentile drop quite a bit from birth as she knows we have smaller kiddos since Paul was slower to gain weight. She was happy with his growth and developmental milestones. 


Being bounced. We spend so much time bouncing. Most days my FitBit thinks that I have been on the elliptical! It has gotten better in the last couple of weeks but we still spend a good amount of time bouncing when he is fussing. I easily get 10k steps/day, even when we don't leave the house. During the fussiest 6-8 week stretch I would get more than 20k in!

A particularly difficult day full of bouncing!

Burrowing into mom when napping. I don't know how this is comfortable for him but he loves to do this while napping. I promise he can breathe!

He likes to be read bright-colored books.

One place I can reliably set him down is the bouncer seat, especially if I bounce it with my foot. In this picture, Paul is giving him some love. He often wants to climb in on top of William - still working on teaching him not to smother his brother!

He likes to lay on this boppy lounger and smile/have cooing conversations with mom. It's so sweet!

He likes to lay on his activity mat and look at himself in the mirror. 

Dislikes: baths, although he doesn't scream through the whole thing like he previously did. He is starting to like dad more but he has a harder time getting him calmed down than I do. At least things are improving on that front, though! He also hates his car seat/being in the car. Paul was the same way! I know some people’s kids love the car but it seems like our kids don’t! 

Firsts:  He started to smile and coo a couple of weeks ago which is so fun! He also got his first round of vaccinations at his 2 month appointment on Friday.

Feeding: Breastfeeding continues to go well. I've started to pump after his morning feed so I can create a stash of pumped milk in the freezer. Occasionally I keep some in the fridge so Phil can give him a bottle, especially on days when I'm away at an appointment. I've heard of others whose kids refused to drink a bottle at daycare so I want to avoid that!

Sleeping: is so much better! Once he hit 2 months things really improved. He is up about twice a night usually and typically goes back to sleep easily. As I mentioned above, daytime sleep is a different story as he will not sleep laying in the swing or snoo. Hopefully this improves soon!

Mama: I was feeling ready to add in some real workouts but then my c-section pain returned a couple of weeks ago - I think from some of the vigorous bouncing I was doing. So I am working on some core exercises to see if that will help and am going to try to see a pelvic floor PT to have her assess my abs and see if ab separation is the culprit or what is going on. So for now I am sticking to walks, but the weather has made them impossible lately as it's been soooo cold lately - like highs around 0 or even colder. 

I'm halfway through my maternity leave which is crazy! It is going by pretty fast. It can be a little isolating since we don't see people indoors and outdoor walks with friends are out of the question until it warms up. But all in all, I am enjoying my leave. 

Pablo: I think the "honeymoon" phase of becoming a big brother is over and we've started to see some jealousy surface. I know this is totally normal, though, so we are both trying to spend one-on-one time with Pablo each weekend. He really loves his little brother but is still learning about 'gentle touch.' We've definitely seen some challenging behavior from Pablo but it's hard to separate whether that's related to becoming a big brother or just part of being almost 3! But all in all, he is handling the adjustment as well as can be expected!


Jeanie said...

Such a beautiful smile and such a handsome, sweet looking baby! It sounds pretty good, apart from the not putting him down part. But nice to know that's a kind of normal thing! Big happy!

Grateful Kae said...

Awww, he's so cute!!! I remember liking this "size" baby- they aren't quite as tiny and fragile as new newborns, but aren't the big lunkers yet either to lug around. ;) I am sure this weather must have you pulling your hair out....I feel so cooped up without being able to get out for walks/etc. and I AM still getting out a little bit, at least (to take boys to school, etc.). I'm sure being indoors all the time with no respite or way to get out feels a bit stifling. I'm glad everything else is going so well though! Sounds like little Will is doing awesome. That's so awesome too that you have such a long maternity leave. Does your company pay the extended time? At my job we couldn't really take beyond 12 weeks (and even that, I had to use vacation/sick time- and my boys were so close together that for my second baby, the bulk of it had to be unpaid!! Boooo...). I was grateful to have 12 weeks off with each though. So many people go back at 6 weeks. One of our female surgeons was back operating at like 2 weeks postpartum!! I couldn't believe it. Yikes! No thank you.

Sam said...

He's adorable! Reading this makes me remember when my daughter was this small. Glad to hear your maternity leave is going well, even if you're feeling a bit cooped up.

Stephany said...

He's just so cute! I'm glad he's sleeping a bit better at night. That has to help your mental health a lot!

It has to be so hard to be cooped up right now! Our local meteorologist posted something funny yesterday about how everyone in the country must hate FL right now because we're having pretty nice weather (highs in the low 80s, even!). I would gladly send you 20-30 degrees!

Gracie said...

Well, if he isn't just the cutest! I'm sorry about this miserable cold winter - not fun if you're stuck inside.
I have had some lower back pain over the last year because I have a rather large abdominal gap that didn't close. I knew I was at high risk for diastasis recti and I did everything right - but it didn't help. One of the guys in my running group is dating a pelvic floor PT and she gave me two exercises to do.
1. Legs down: lie on your back; suck your belly button to the spine; alternate lowering one leg to the ground and then the other.
2. Basic crunches: feet flat on the ground, suck your belly button to your spine, knees up, crunch up using your core.
BUT the big key is that both of these are done using a long towel or a blanket wrapped around your waste and cinched to close the abdominal gap. So you lie on the blanket, cross the ends over your abs, and hold one end in each hand. Then tighten it.
I'm doing 20 reps of each a day and I do think I've seen a difference, but obviously check if that kind of pressure is ok post C-section!

Marlys said...

I so love seeing pictures of the boys as it’s been almost three months since we’ve seen them in person! I’m so thankful for FaceTime so we can interact. We also love it when you send texts withWill cooing and smiling. He’s so darn sweet!
I look forward to playing games with Pablo again, and hope it’s soon!

Sonia said...

Hello Lisa, Glad to see the pictures of kids! Have a great day!

Abby said...

He is such a beautiful baby - I cant get enough of that smile!!!

Not being able to put him down all day makes it tricky for mama. Maddy doesn't love her bassinet during the day either. And she really doesn't like the swing.

Pablo is in a big transition - so I am sure it is stressful on him but I am sure each day will get better. Now that I am caring for a newborn, I have a massively increased respect for you balancing both an almost 3 year old and newborn!!! I can hardly take care of myself right now lol.

San said...

Glad things are going so well with Will and Paul... I think it's totally normal that there is a bit of an adjustment phase, especially while Will is still so young and needs a lot more attention from you.