Monday, April 5, 2021

Easter 2021

 Happy Monday! We had a really nice Easter weekend. My MIL Joan was here for Easter, making this the first holiday since Christmas of 2019 that we spent with family. Yay! It was a full weekend for us as we also tackled potty training Paul - which I am happy to say was a success! Here is how we filled our 3-day weekend!

Phil was off work on Friday for the holiday, so we started potty training that day. We had tried potty training Paul last March using the "Oh Crap" 3-day method and it was an EPIC FAIL. He's had some success at school so this time around, we had him wear underwear (they don't wear anything on their bottoms when you do the Oh Crap method). He had 2 accidents on Friday morning and then did well for the rest of the day! It was a LOOONNGGGG day but I was so glad that things went well after those first 2 accidents. We just kept him off our rugs that day and had him mostly sit on towels while playing.

I'm glad we waited until Will was out of his fussy stage to focus on potty training. We have noticed a big difference in his temperament the last 2-3 weeks. He's so much happier! Potty training during his fussier stage would have been so hard as it was tough to set him down for very long. Plus Paul wanted me to help him go potty so I had a big role in potty training. 

On Saturday morning, Paul and I decorated Easter eggs. I learned this "egg in a whisk" trick from my sister-in-law years ago. It's way easier for little hands than those tiny little egg holders (that even I have trouble using!). 

Will was happy to lay on a blanket and play while we decorated eggs! We got this beautiful blanket from my friend Mandy's mom. She made beautiful quilts for both of our boys and they have gotten so much use! Will is drooling a ton so I am thinking he may get his first tooth earlier than Paul. Paul got his first one at 6.5 months. 

Paul was doing really well with training so we put pants on him and headed outside after his nap. It was 70 and gorgeous outside! He had fun playing with chalk - which he got all over his face! Thank goodness for non-toxic chalk - ha!

Sunday morning got off to a bit of a rough start as Will has an explosive poop that required a bath. Paul woke up around that time but I was able to keep him upstairs with us until the bath was over. When he got downstairs he was excited to look through his Easter basket!

The only candy he likes are m&ms so we put some in a few of his eggs. We put stickers in his other eggs. I let him have a few m&ms right away. 

My MIL got there mid-morning and worked on a bunny hat project with Paul.

The adults enjoyed a dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and asparagus. Paul will not eat any of this so he had his own little meal of banana pancakes, cottage cheese and applesauce. I know it's frowned upon to give kids their own meal but he is very stubborn and would not eat any of what we had for Easter. I can't believe he doesn't like mashed potatoes - hopefully he gets past this pickiness some day!

We didn't have the Easter Bunny hide eggs - instead Phil hid them when Paul woke up from his nap. We learned last year that you can't hide them too far in advance of the egg hunt because our aggressive squirrels will break into the eggs! Paul was super into the egg hunt this year! My MIL has filled the eggs with little cars and toys. She put little chocolate bunnies in some eggs but he tried one and - no surprise - he did not like it. He just does not seem to like chocolate which is odd as he loves chocolate chips. 

Paul made it through the day with no accidents so I think we can consider him fully potty trained! We had told him he'd get a tee ball set if he could make it through the day with no accidents so I will be heading to Target to buy that today! He's VERY into baseball and will make any toy into a baseball bat so I think he'll love having an actual bat! It's going to be almost 80 here today (!!!) so he'll get to try it out after school today!

And that was a wrap on our Easter weekend! I'll be back later this week with my March reads and maybe a 4-month Will post if I can get my act together!

How was your weekend? Did you have beautiful weather like we did?


Jeanie said...

It sounds like a terrific weekend and well done with the potty training. We did, too. And we had one egg stolen (or at least moved) by a squirell who was probably pretty distressed when all he found was Candy. he would have done better with the goldfish eggs!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

We actually peopled for 3 straight days! We had my sil/bil and kids over for an impromptu outdoor happy hour play date on Friday afternoon since it was so gorgeous. They only live 3 miles away now the kids had all been out of school for 7 days and the adults are all half vaccinated so we were like yesssss let's do this. Saturday we went over to their house for chicken wings and playing outside. Then Sunday we went to my inlaws for the holiday and all 6 cousins got together for the first time since our outdoor Christmas get together. My parents got back from Florida yesterday so they stopped by today for play time with the kids since today is the last day of our spring break. It rained a little this morning but it was already warming up by noon. Temp wise this week looks good.

dailycandy said...

Yay, congrats Pablo!!! So glad he nailed. Sometimes they just arent ready and obviously he was ready now. Potty training can be so daunting--I think the key is to do potty with every transition of the day :)

I got a kick hearing about your squirrels.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Oh good - the potty training went well!

It is totally spring here, so our Easter weekend was lovely. We didn't do anything Eastery or have a traditional meal or anything, but I did get to spend some time with my mom.

Our Spring came very early this year (like last year), and today is going to be +20 celcius! Not bad at all for early April.

Stephany said...

That whisk method for eggs is genius! I kinda loathe the process of dying eggs because it's just kinda boring to me, haha, but maybe I would enjoy it more if I used a whisk!

It's full on summer weather around here, although we're getting some nice upper-60s/low-70s weather from time to time.

katielookingforward said...

Way to go Paul! And hooray for having a visitor for a holiday! Things are looking up!