Friday, July 23, 2021


Happy Friday from the land of heat and humidity!! It's been another HOT week and I'm feeling pretty over it to be quite honest... 

So here's another TGIF post. I have ideas for posts buzzing around in my head but haven't been great about actually writing them! Hopefully someday soon. But for now, here's what is going on in our world! 

The book I'm reading is The Paper Palace but I just started it as I just finished Great Circle, which took over a week for me read. Great Circle was so long - 627 pages. I liked it but am not sure it warranted the length. I've heard great things about The Paper Palace so hopefully I enjoy it!

The high of my week was bringing lunch and cut-up watermelon to a friend who had a baby in July! Cut up fruit was one of the best things people brought us when we had Paul. Ain't nobody got time to cut up fruit when you have a newborn. ;) It was great to see her and her husband and meet their sweet daughter.

The low of my week was sleep training Will. It's just not fun to hear your baby cry, but it was necessary as he got back into waking twice a night - after sleeping through the night a couple of times last week. It actually only took one bad night with one long stretch of crying. He will wake and cry for a few minutes randomly during the night and has been waking around 5 and crying for a bit but falls back asleep. So that is a HUGE improvement. It's good timing to get him to sleep through the night as we'll be sharing a bedroom with him in August when we are at my parents' lake home.

A recipe I made was a corn soup from Christopher Kimball's Milk Street Kitchen IP cookbook. Yep, second week in a row of making something from this cookbook. It's such a great cookbook! This recipe has you cut corn off the cob and then put the cobs in while the soup cook which gives even more corn flavor to the soup. It's so not soup season, but we eat soup year round.

A show we are watching is still Last Chance U on Netflix. But we will start watching the Olympics this weekend! I'm excited even though it will be a weird environment with no fans! I just hope the athletes stay healthy so things aren't interrupted. I'm most excited for gymnastics, track and field, swimming, and diving.

For workouts I went for 2 family walks on Sunday, ran on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and did a lower body strength training workout on Tuesday. Today I will go for a walk and tomorrow I'm planning to run 5 miles with my neighbor.

The best money spent was on several things! First, my registration for the Twin Cities 10 mile race in October! I'm super pumped for this - it's my favorite race! I'm trying not to stress about race-morning logistics (oh the challenges of breastfeeding and having your kid not take a bottle from daddy). Second, the lunch I brought to my friend and her husband. Lastly, our local PBS station was canvassing our neighborhood for donations, so I signed us up for a monthly donation. When they knocked on our door, Paul ran out and said "PBS Kids!!" because he recognized the words/logo on the canvassers' buttons. How could I NOT donate when there is brand recognition by the 3 year old? He loves so many PBS shows and it's money well-spent to support that organization.

A podcast I listened to was the Mom Hour's episode about being chronically annoyed. Sometimes it's fun to hear others vent about their frustrations, plus they talked about what helps get them through those annoyances! They touched on the enneagram framework and what makes the different types angry/how they express anger. I am such a 1 and this description of an angry 1 was so spot-on for me:  "When Ones are angry they get tense, critical, grit their teeth, clench their fists and try to repress their rising feelings of fury." That is totally me when Paul is acting up... Lots of teeth clenching happening!

My plans this weekend include next to nothing again, which I am fine with! I'm running with my neighbor tomorrow morning and will take Paul to swimming lessons on Sunday morning but that is it for plans. It's going to be HOT and HUMID so we will probably take the boys to the wading pool at our local park if it's not too hot for Will. We took them after nap last Sunday and they both loved it! It took a bit for Will to adjust to the cold water, but once he adjusted, he had so much fun splashing and kicking his legs! Sunday looks like the better day so hopefully that works out. I think Phil might take Paul to his mom's after nap on Saturday as she is feeling a bit better (recovery from her back surgery has been rough). 

Bonus Paul and Will photos!

Chef Pablo! He still plays with the kitchen toys my sister got him for his birthday!

Working on sitting independently! He's doing better, but will tip over when reaching for toys. Our boys sit up late thanks to their large heads. ;) 

swimming at the wading pool! 

I love the look on his face in this photo. Such a sweet baby!

Brothers! Paul wanted to hold him, but that is tough now that Will is bigger and wigglier!

How was your week? Are you looking forward to the Olympics? What is your favorite sport to watch?


Jeanie said...

Thank you for donating to PBS!!!

The cut-up fruit idea is brilliant for a new mom or for anyone who might be ill or needing a delivery of some sort. I never thought about that!

Stephany said...

Oh, I'm so glad sleep-training Will went well! It must be so nice not to wake up so much with him! Fingers crossed he stays sleeping through the night!

Excited about the race! Wahoo!

I also love the story about Paul recognizing the PBS truck outside! He's a smart cookie, that one. :)

I can already guess how 9's show their anger: internalizing it! That's how I deal with it and sometimes, I just have to completely leave the room/home when I'm getting especially angry.

I'm so excited for the Olympics! I love gymnastics most, but I'm also enjoying swimming and can't wait for the track and field competitions!