Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Currently: August

We've hit the point of summer where I'm just kind of over it! It's been an extremely hot and humid summer here. We've had 25 days above 90 - our average is 15. Plus it's been really humid and we've barely had any rain. The creek that we run/walk along is bone dry in many spots. I am really glad I gave up my garden plot this year (I gave it up since it's too hard to get over there with 2 young kids). I would have had to water it nearly daily for much of the summer so I don't think it would have survived! Here is what's currently on my mind!

Reading: Seven Days in June, which is a buzzy romance that I heard about on multiple podcasts. I'm reading that on my kindle. I also started The Plot - I have the physical book from the library. I've found I can read 2 books at the same time when they are in different formats and have very different plots. I always have to have a kindle book going as I like to read on my phone when I nurse Will.

Loving: Will's stage! He is such a happy, smiley guy. His motto must be "always be smiling!" We get a lot of comments about how content and easy-going he is. He rarely cries. He's so content, though, that he doesn't seem to feel the need to move. So he is nowhere near crawling! This makes our life easier but I'm surprised he doesn't want to try to move so he can (try to) keep up with his brother! Sometimes it's hard for me to accept that kids do things on their own schedule. In my mind I'm thinking, "Paul crawled at 8 months so you should have crawled at that point or sooner!" I guess my kids like to teach me that I'm not in control. Oof, you should have seen my internet search history when Paul was between 12 to 16 months. He did not walk until he was 16.5 months because of his giant 90th+ percentile head on his 4th percentile body. His pediatrician told us 16 months was the earlier he would walk because he was such a bobble head but I still researched the heck out of what to do/is this normal/etc. 

Feeling: ready for some cooler fall temps. As I mentioned above, I'm kind of over the heat and humidity. We've had a lot of days when the weather is too hot/humid to have the boys outside. We put up with horrible winters so I expect nicer summers! I am actually glad I was on maternity leave Dec-Apr because it was actually easier to be outside then than it would be now! It helps that we had a very mild winter, though!

Anticipating: my 10 mile race in October! My training is going pretty well. I am pretty slow compared to pre-kids Lisa but I'm just happy to be out there and have enjoyed training with my neighbor. They will be moving to a new house next summer which is a bummer! But I will enjoy having a training partner across the street who runs a similar pace while I have her! I'm trying not to think about the logistics of race morning too much!  I know I'm going to have to pump before I leave so I'll have an extra early morning but I'm sure it will all work out. I'm hoping for cool, crisp fall weather on race morning!

Struggling: with threenager behavior at times. There are fun aspects of Paul being 3 but the big feelings and sudden changes of behavior are HARD. I'm trying to employ techniques I've learned about on various parenting podcasts but it can be hard in the moment!

Grateful: that I was able to get my 3rd dose of Pfizer. I was eligible for a booster shot since I am immune compromised. Delta is really circulating and while things are pretty good here in Minnesota, I don't trust it will stay like this so I am glad I got some extra protection! Similar to the last 2 shots, I had little to no side effects. My arm was more sore this time but that's about it.

Working: on finding a bed for Paul. The bed we were hoping to get is sold out at Ikea so we need to go a different direction. Paul is almost 3.5 and does not seem to mind his crib. He has never tried to crawl out. But he's probably getting to an age where he should move into a bed so we need to find one this fall!

Listening: to my usual podcasts which is a mix of parenting, reading, and other slice of life content. During dinner, we have been listening to songs by Elmo on our Echo as that content is always a hit with Paul. And if Paul is happy then Will is happy! They also get a kick out of mom's dance moves. 

Watching: the new season of Modern Love on Prime. They dramatize Modern Love columns from the NYT. It's the second season and I just love the series so much. It's not Phil's thing so I watch it when he's not around. I also made sure to watch Golden while we had a peacock subscription for the Olympics. It's a documentary about making the gymnastics Olympic team. I LOVE gymnastics so really enjoyed that. Phil and I are between shows but hopefully we find something we both like soon.

for a nice, long, mild fall! Fall can be so beautiful here in Minnesota. Or it can snow in October like it did last year! I'm hoping it stays beautiful through Thanksgiving!! We have family photos on October 15th and I'm really hoping we still have leaves on our trees at that point. With how dry it's been, I fear the leaves will drop very early this year. Some of the trees have the saddest, droopy leaves. Paul will now comment on how sad the trees look on walks. 

Bonus Paul and Will Photos:

Visiting Nana Joan

What is in this fishbowl?? This is his favorite toy!

Pablo's first day in his new classroom. He had a weird rash on his face so it's not the best picture of him, but oh well. Gotta love that he wants to be a T. Rex when he grows up! Ha!

What are you anticipating, loving and watching?


Jeanie said...

What a great, newsy catch-up. I think we are finally getting your 90s. I have to be home from the lake this week, much to my chagrin! The boys are looking great. I'll email you a photo of what you can expect in the future if my two toddlers are any indication. It sound good Lisa -- and I'm glad you got your booster. I'm hoping I can get mine soon.

katielookingforward said...

Hooray for the 3rd shot! I am so glad that the people who need it are getting it (I will get it when it is offered, but I'm not due yet).

Grateful Kae said...

LOL about Paul's bobble head! That's a funny visual! :-) I feel like Asher had kind of a big head, too.

I hear you on the weather. I like hot days because I love the warm evenings, but I usually reach a point around the end of August that I feel sort of 'over it" all too. I feel like when it's super hot there are BEES everywhere, my landscaping and plants are all overgrown and my flower pots (which my BIL did not do the greatest job of watering while we were away...) are looking fairly pathetic and dried out. I feel sort of ready to just get out the trimmer an take it all down! hahaha.

Good luck on the bed hunt! We just ordered Ethan a new bedroom set finally from Ashley Furniture earlier this summer, but it still hasn't arrived. I think it will be in soon, though, supposedly. His current set was his original one from his nursery! (minus the crib, of course!) It doesn't look especially "nursery like", but probably looks more youthful than "teenager", and it has always annoyed me that the headboard he has doesn't match the rest of the set. The new set will have a matching bookcase headboard, and we are going down to just 1 dresser instead of 2, but will buy a desk for his room. (Thinking ahead here into high school...will be nice to have a private place to do homework and stuff where he can close the door.)

Stephany said...

I'm so glad you were able to get a booster shot! That's great news. And even better that you had very little side effects. Woohoo! I am hoping I won't have as severe a reaction to the booster when I'm eligible to get it.

I really hope you get the most SENSATIONAL fall to make up for the hot and humid summer you've had. That's no bueno, especially since summer is usually a great time of year in MN.

I'm currently anticipating the long weekend, loving that it's almost football season, and watching The Crown.

San said...

I am so excited that you'll finally be running a race again in October. I hope it's going to be a nice fall with moderate temperatures ;)

I am also so glad you got your booster shot already.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That's great that you already got your booster! Quite a while ago too! We only became eligible on Monday, so hopefully, over the holidays we can get both the booster and our flu shots.

Will is such a cutie!!! I love how smiley he is - adorable :-)