Friday, September 24, 2021


Ugh, this week was a no good very bad week in the health department. The boys and I got leveled by a nasty upper respiratory virus. I ended up taking 1.5 days off because I felt so terrible and desperately needed to nap. I napped for 3 hours one day and for 2 hours the other day. Will was also home with us on Thursday and is home again with us today due to low grade fevers at night. He had the start of this virus at his 9m appointment last week and his doctor assured me it was NOT covid due to how it was presenting (very productive cough, lots of mucus). I took Paul to the doctor on Thursday to rule out an ear infection as he was complaining about his ear hurting (no infection thank goodness - the doctor thinks the pain is from the tube that hasn't quite fallen out the). Both boys were up during the night for several days in a row. Zzzzzzz. I will be well rested again some day?

The book I'm reading is Deacon King Kong which is my book club's September selection. I was the one who picked it so will be the host. I decided to read this book very close to the book club meeting, which is next Wednesday, because I wanted it to be very fresh in my mind! I've heard pretty good things about it but have heard there are a ton of characters to keep track of so I am going to try to use my bullet journal to help me make sense of things!

The high of my week was um.... nothing? Is that bad? Some weeks just don't have a high, especially when 3 of us were sick! Phil has avoided it so far, but he had a week+ long horrible case of pink eye earlier this month so hasn't exactly had the healthiest month either.

The low of my week was all the illness. I think I have used at least 2 boxes of kleenexes this week. I am not exaggerating. This is a nasty virus. Paul is not great about wiping his nose so has this lovely rash on his cheek. Poor kid. We've been putting aquaphor on it, but I doubt it will clear up until his nose stops running.

Post-bath brother photo. They have so much fun taking baths together, especially now that Will doesn't have to sit in the infant tub. 

A recipe I made was corn and potato chowder from the Milk Street Kitchen Instant Pot cook book that I've raved about before. It's great to eat it during prime corn season!

A show we are watching is another 9/11 documentary, this time on Hulu. On my own, I'm watching season 2 of Making the Cut on Amazon Prime. I love Tim Gunn so much so will be sad when I finish this season!

For workouts I did nothing. I didn't even go for walks - that's how horrible I felt. I plan to do a long run on Saturday but may cut it short depending on how I feel. The 10 mile race is a week from Sunday and I know I'm ready. I would like to run at least 6-7 miles to give myself some confidence before the race but I will see how I feel.

The best money spent was on lots of things related to getting Paul a big boy bed! I bought a mattress, a pillow, pillow cases, a mattress protector and an extra set of sheets! My cousin handed down some dinosaur bedding to us but I know we will need an extra set of everything (honestly probably need 2 extra sets of sheets (3 sets total) but will see if we can get by with 2). Paul still wears a pull-up at night and even if we have him go to the bathroom before bed, he still will out-pee the pull-up at times. 

I'm a little nervous about this transition but I know it's time. Especially this past week when he was up 2-3 times and did not want to go back to sleep. I was wishing I could lay down with him to calm him down a bit. But that is not possible in his mini-crib! We are going to start off by having the mattress on the floor until he gets used to that and then we'll order a bed frame. The one we wanted at Ikea is back-ordered so we need to go a different direction so I'm going to give ourselves some time to find the right one.

My plans this weekend include nothing besides the training run on Saturday morning. We are all exhausted so I'm hoping for good naps and better nights of sleep (please, God, please!) for all of us.

Bonus Will photos (Paul refuses to get his picture taken most days)!

Working on his standing skills along the ottoman.

Ready to hit the links in his Masters onesie. His Godfather went to the Masters in April and brought back a onesie for him. 

Enjoying full access to all the toys when he was home with mom and dad this week. Paul is loving all the 'baby' toys we've pulled out for Will and is not the best at sharing.

How was your week? Are you staying healthy? I've heard from friends locally that so many people have this nasty cold virus, and have talked to co-workers in other parts of the country who've been hit hard, too. 


Jeanie said...

It sounds like an awful week. I'm so glad they didn't bring home Covid. But you must all feel fried. I like your weekend plans and think they are the smartest thing ever! You take care and I hope your whole tribe is back to normal soon!

Stephany said...

I'm sorry you guys had such a rough week. I hope this week is a much more healthy one for your household! It must be so difficult to get an upper respiratory infection and have to take care of two kiddos who are ALSO not feeling their best. Oof.

I still have yet to get any sort of sickness since the pandemic hit. I consider myself so very fortunate that not even a cold has struck me. I just never want to stop wearing masks while I'm in public, lol. It's probably the #1 reason I haven't been sick!

San said...

Ugh, I am so sorry you were all sick. No wonder this week didn't have many highlights. I hope you feel much better and were able to go for your run!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

We have been very fortunate to not get sick at all during the pandemic so far - no colds - nothing. Teaching older kids, I am able to stay away from their germs a bit better than I think I could if they were kindergartners or pre-schoolers, so I think that has helped.