Friday, April 19, 2024

Checking In

When I last left off, I was heading to New Jersey for a work trip. I was supposed to fly back late Thursday night (6:45EST flight out of Newark) but the sales person I was traveling with told me I absolutely needed to change my flight and fly back mid-day on Thursday since I have things going on back home with my grandma’s passing. I felt some guilt because that meant I missed a lunch on Thursday that I was supposed to help with/speak at, but in the grand scheme of things, getting back at a decent time yesterday (mid-afternoon) was more important than meeting with another batch of financial advisors. 

My trip was overall good/fine. I felt so discombobulated since I was on vacation last week and then jumped right back into travel while working through feeling of grief over my grandma’s passing. Note to self: do not travel the week after being on vacation. I had a very tenuous grasp on what meetings we were doing while I was in NJ. I'm kind of along for the ride on these trips as the sales people are planning everything but I usually have a better idea of who we are meeting with/what the cadence of meetings will be, etc. I came into the trip really exhausted because I saw the text about my grandma passing away at 12:30 am on Sunday night and then laid awake for over 2 hours, so that did not help matters.

But the meetings went well and people were generally really engaged and asked a lot of great questions, which is what I prefer. Plus a couple of the events were "women in finance" events and it's kind of nice to be in a room with women only since that's a rarity in the finance industry. The low of the week was when I had a call with an advisor who wanted to sell one of our funds and he told me and the other female sales person: "equities are like men - they are straight forward and easy to understand. Bonds are like women - they are so confusing and have 17 different emotions and just don't make sense." It was a good thing we were on the phone and not on zoom - otherwise he may have seen smoke coming out of my ears. 

When I got back on Thursday, both boys were coming down with colds - so much for the healthy stretch we had enjoyed. My grandma's funeral is tomorrow afternoon so Paul and I will drive up tomorrow morning if he’s feeling well enough. We decided to have Taco stay behind with Phil, even before he started to come down with a cold. He gets tired so easily and getting off his schedule is tough. And I know I won't be able to be "present" at the funeral if he's there because, well, toddlers... A couple of my older nieces are wonderful with Paul and Paul is just so easy to have around. He's so excited to see his cousins, too, so hopefully his cold symptoms improve. All of us siblings will be together for the first time since January 2020 so there is a silver lining to celebrating the passing of a loved one. 

Today I have about 6 hours of meetings so it will be far from a ‘light’ Friday. But in a couple of weeks, I have a lovely shouldless day to look forward to, and it’s coming on the tails of 3 weeks straight of work travel so is so very necessary! Hat tip to myself for scheduling that. I am trying to schedule them quarterly. 

How was your week?


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Ha! I think besides being sexist, your advisor friend is wrong!! Equities are so volatile and they are all over the place and are NOT predictable, and bonds are steady Eddie most of the time. He was just trying to make a point, but was wrong on both counts.

It will be nice to see everyone this weekend, even though it is not in the best circumstances. I am sure that your grandma would love to think of all of you together again after so much time though! I hope that everyone gets over their colds in time to enjoy themselves.

Nicole said...

OMG the sexism that is still in the industry. Arggghhhhh. I remember when I first started, the guys on the trade floor would often go for beers after work AT THE STRIP CLUB. I mean, honestly. The trader I worked for soon put a stop to that, and I was grateful. I was so young then and I remember the feeling of being left behind.
I'm so glad you will be able to be with all your siblings, albeit for a sad reason. Safe travels this weekend, Lisa. xoxo

Jenny said...

Oof. Your week sounds hard- I'm starting to feel guilty, after reading your and Kae's posts, that my week has been pretty easy! Yes, it sounds hard, traveling for work right after a vacation. And then to go straight from that to a funeral... you must be exhausted. I hope Paul feels well enough to go with you, and I hope you enjoy gathering with your family even though the circumstances are sad.
Yay- I'm glad you have a "shouldless" day to look forward to!

NGS said...

Oh, so much traveling! I imagine it's impossible to find a rhythm.

I hope your family time brings you all the peace you need.

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Three weeks straight of travel is A Lot. And traveling after a vacation and while you are grieving sounds really challenging. I hope the funeral is a wonderful celebration of your grandmother and that you enjoy spending time with family you don't see often.

Stephany said...

Oof, that sexist comment. Hate that!!

Going from traveling for fun, finding out your grandma has passed, to then work travel is a LOT. I'm glad you were able to come home earlier than planned. Six hours of meetings on a Friday should be illegal, though! Ack.

I hope the funeral is healing for your family. <3

Birchwood Pie said...

Oh geez...just when you think that all of the dinosaurs are finally extinct you run into someone like that advisor. I hope that the six hours of meetings go by quickly.

Enjoy your time with your family this weekend, even if the occasion is sad. And here is to more shouldless days!

San said...

Oof, this sounds like an exhausting week but I am glad the person you traveled with insisted that you get at least home a little earlier than originally planned because of your grandma's passing.
I am glad it was a good week though with lots of women around... what a nice change!
That advisor, however, should get a warning... don't you guys have ethics training? Wow.

Diane C. said...

That sexist comment - wow. Just wow.
It sound like such a complex week for you. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. How lucky you were to have her, and she to have you.
I haven't been to many funerals, but every time I go, it is very much like a family reunion. And we all think, "Why do we wait for funerals to get together??" Of course then life gets busy again and people keep on drifting.

Coco said...

can you please explain why bonds are difficult to understand? In addition to the sexist comment, I wonder about the question, I never thought it is the case Bonds are attached to government finances, policy rates, and country's risk profile. Equity seems more complex to predict.
sorry about your right-back-to travel after vacation and having to deal with grieving at the same time. that must have been emotional and physically hard to deal with. And on top of that kids getting sick, not a pleasant situation overall. hopefully you get some rest and not get sick, having time and space to digest everything.

Mom of Children said...

Can I punch that guy in the face? Who says that these days? 😑
Enjoy your time with family, glad the colds has passed.

Sarah said...

I'm with Daria re: the guy on zoom. OMG. I hope the funeral was peaceful, and everyone stays healthy-ish.

Ernie said...

That advisor! Shame on him. I was a business major but probably a good think I didn't build a career there. I think I would've lost my mind.

Hope the boys are feeling better. Hope the funeral was a beautiful sendoff full of wonderful memories and warm thoughts.

You juggle a lot between motherhood and your job . . . including travel. I'm glad you schedule should-less days for yourself.

Ernie said...

*meant to tell you - I read your post while traveling over the weekend and my dang phone would not let me comment. I copied my comment into my text messages, so I could come back and comment and remember what the heck I wanted to say.