Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going Bananas!

I came home on Monday night, opened my mail, and had a package!

Oo, a package - really, is there anything more fabulous that getting an unexpected package in the mail? The package was from Mandy of Knowing the Difference - she had sent me this:

I can't tell you how excited I was! I see this book at Target each week and have had the toughest time resisting the urge to purchase it! I am such a huge fan of this game, I knew I'd love this little book of puzzles!

Let me tell you, it has made my bus commutes fly by! Plus, I had been struggling to stay awake on my bus rides in so then I would get to work and feel all groggy. Not anymore! These puzzles require so much concentration, I no longer feel like I could fall asleep standing up when I arrive at work.

At the beginning of the book, there are some fun, interesting, and somewhat shocking facts about bananas. I just had to share a couple of them. I mean, who doesn't love fun, random facts!

  • Bananas are technically classified as berries
  • Contrary to popular belief, bananas do not grow on trees. They're actually the fruit of a giant herb plant which can grow to be 20 feet high
  • Americans eat an average of 28 POUNDS of bananas per person each year. That breaks down to about 112 bananas for every person!
So thanks again, Mandy! It was incredibly sweet of you to send this book to me!! I hope we can eventually meet up and play Bananagrams!!

Oh, and if you want to hear me talk about something besides banana, check out Mandy's blog - I am guess posting over there today!

Ok, were you as shocked about the 28 pounds statistic as I was? When they broke it down to 112 bananas/person/year, it sounds pretty reasonable. But initially I was like - holy. cannasta.


Kelly said...

lol WOW, that is a lot of bananas!

I'm sorry to hear about your knee. I hope rest will help it, you don't want to end up like me!

I'maNolaGirl said...

Fun facts are the best aren't they! I have made the best dessert with bananas if you're interested...

Carolina John said...

i can believe the 112 bananas. i eat one every day with breakfast. oatmeal with rasins and bananas.

unexpected packages are such fun!

J said...

last year my track coach sent out a letter about all the benefits of bananas! They are pretty amazing fruits!

Nora said...

1. Phew! I literally had that book in my hand to send to you for your birthday... but figured that you may have already gotten it. I'm *so* glad I didn't send it to you but *so* glad that Mandy did.

2. I miss eating bananas. They are literally a forbidden fruit for me =(

3. When we get together we need to play this game. I'm sure I'll be bad at it, but it sounds so fun! =)

Leakster said...

That's crazy how many bananas one person eats each year! I didn't think it would be nearly that high.

I love unexpected packages!

Lauren/Lo/Sassy said...

yes, the manfriend got this book for xmas. I have to say I'm not good at any of the games yet. I suppose I should try, try again. We both felt kind of stupid when we tried to do a few of them. Ha. Good to have something fun to do on your bus commute!

Lauren/Lo/Sassy said...

PS-I just read your guest post! Great stuff. It doesn't look like comments are open. BUt I just wanted to say that you should do that trip to Paris NOW rather than later. After all, it sounds like you already know that. Renting a flat in Paris sounds absolutely fabulous. Do it during the summer or whenever your "down time" is in the office. I always think that while I'm not going after all of my dreams, money is there to be spent on the things you truly want. I'm not saying that people should not save, I'm just saying that once in a while living wrecklessly is worth it! Great post, Lisa.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

That is A LOT of bananas. I eat 0.5-1 banana every day though so I suppose I could see it. I think I'm most surprised to find out that banana's are a BERRY! That shocked me!

Heading over to the guest post now :D

Jess said...

I seriously need to play that game!!

And, I guess I am mildly surprised about how many bananas are consumed, but on the other hand, I myself eat quite a lot of them, so maybe it's not really that surprising?!

Katie said...

Hahaha! Holy cannasta! I love that, I am totally stealing it.

Isn't Mandy the best? How fun are those?

Anais said...

Woah... the facts definitely had me shocked!!!