Friday, June 4, 2010

Music, Books, Miles, and Looks of May

Happy Friday, everyone!

Each month, I usually do a monthly re-cap post that I borrowed from Nora. It's time to switch it up, though. Going forward, my re-cap post theme will "Music, Book, Miles, and Looks". Those are 4 elements of my life that are very important to me!

I'm a bit late on posting a re-cap, June just came upon us way too fast!


I'm loving Crystal Ball by Pink - favorite phrases are:
- Love just needs a witness, and a little forgiveness, and a halo of patience, and a less sporadic pace, and I'm learning to be brave in my beautiful mistakes.
- Oh I've felt that fire and I've been burned, but I wouldn't trade the pain for what I've learned.

Also loving Set Down Your Glass by Snow Patrol. It has fabulous lyric, like - "I'm shaken, then I'm still. When your eyes meet mine, I lose simple skills. Like to tell you all I want is now.

The whole album (A Hundred Million Stars) is fantastic.


May was a good reading month for me. I read:

- The Piano Shop on the Left Bank by Thaddeus Carhart - Loved it, book review can be found here.

- Cooking for Mr. Latte by Amanda Hesser - Total waste of time and money. Hesser is a pretensious name-dropper in my opinion. It's so awesome that she's on first name basis with Jeffrey Steingarten (obnoxious judge on Iron Chef). So awesome that she seemed to bring him up as much as possible. And gasp! How awful that her boyfriend ordered lattes after dinner. Apparently this is a faux pas in the food review circle. Not in my world.

- American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld - Fabulous book. You can read my thoughts here!

- Paris Time Eight by Deirdre Kelly - Meh. The editing of this book was so pour, I am tempted to contact the publisher to point out the numerous spelling and gramatical errors.

- Swimming by Nicola Keegan - This book fell a bit flat for me. I might just not be 'deep enough' to appreciate it, though. Who knows.


Total miles ran = 74

That's pretty mediocre, but I purposely gave myself some extra days off because I know when marathon training commences on Monday, I will only get one day off each week. So I gave myself permission to slack!


I'm coveting this top by Anthropologie... but not enough to shell out $88. I think it'd look great paired with my skinny jeans & a pair of flats.

Even though the wedding wasn't quite a smashing success, my dress for the wedding was definitely my favorite outfit for the month of May!

I plan to brush the dust of an evening with the exes off this dress, and get some use out of it again this summer!

Any great music, books, or looks you'd like to share with me?


Kelly said...

Both of those songs are great- I usually am not a huge fan of Pink but I think I like that song a lot better than her more popular ones...or maybe that one is popular too and I just didn't know it :)
I love how many books you managed to read in the month of May- I read 2! American Wife and South of Broad...both were great, I can't seem to get myself geared up to start a new book yet even without tv and internet at home right now haha

Becky said...

Hahaha, I'm sorry, how is running 74 miles not very impressive? Think again friend!

Love that this will be a re-occuring post - and wow, mega reading for May!!!

Charbelle said...

I love that top from Anthropologie! It is just too cute! Maybe it will go on sale and you can snag it, or maybe Marshalls or TJ Maxx will have something similar.
Your dress is just too fabulous not to wear this summer!!
I'm with Becky, 74 miles is impressive! I know what you're saying but it's impressive!!

Gracie said...

I think 74 miles on a non-training month is pretty nice!
I am so on-board about the name-dropping books. Whenever I read one I just want to reach through the pages and slap the writer. So immature and so boring to read! The best/worst part is when they continuously use nicknames for celebrities when it's totally unnecessary.

I'maNolaGirl said...

If you add up every mile I have ever run, it might total 7. Wow - 74 miles! I am in awe of the discipline of runners! Go you!

And I have had my eye on that top, but in person I didn't like it as much. Hmmm...

Mandy said...

You ONLY ran 74 miles? Lisa!! Thats incredibly impressive. I havent started Swimming yet, hopefully its a quick read. I've read some good books too this past month, I'm currently reading Home the Julie Andrews autobiography, I'm loving it.

Emily Jane said...

74 MILES IS AWESOME. Just like YOU. :D

Abby said...

Way to go on 74 miles, Lisa! Despite taking a trip to Tucson, being sick a couple days, and preparing for marathon training - that is pretty darn good!

When I 1st say the "Pink" song, my initial thought was, "Really, Lisa?" THen I actually listened, and I was quite impressed! I like her acoustic!

You have read more books this month than I have in the past 2 days. Never cease to amaze. I hope when I finish school that I will read more!

Love love love that Anthropologie shirt.

Nora said...

74 miles seems like a lot to me =)

My favorite song right now is "Empire State of Mind," by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. I guess the idea that all dreams can be a reality and that inspiration is everywhere is a message I really need right now.

Marlys said...

I would be happy if I had WALKED 74 miles! Awesome, my dear! Hope you are feeling better, too! And I can't believe you read that many books this past month! I'm lucky to get a half book read each month! You are amazing!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

my favorite songs right now are country.. ass in the sand .. and the new one by kenny chesney but i never pay attention to names!

i am reading the perfect wife (laura bush) and it kind of sucks.

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

I'll need to check out those songs. That top would definitely be cute summery top with skinny jeans!

Amber said...

Ha - 74! I ran.... 24? miles in May. I think!! I plan on redeeming myself in June!!

I love that Pink song too!

Emily said...

Fun post! This'll be a great monthly post to read.

Have you read Stone's Fall by Ian Pears or The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood yet? I just finished Stone's Fall and am almost done with Charlie St. Cloud. Stone's Fall was slow to start but really intriguing once it got going, and Charlie St. Cloud is a quick read that's poignant and oddly heartwarming, given the subject matter.

This is one of my first times commenting so I also wanted to say - really fun blog! I look forward to clicking on your link in my Favorites list every morning :)

J said...

I need to get to the Library asap and get some more books!! My list of to read is so long!! You did great on your may mileage! 74 miles is great!

Kyla Roma said...

*ahem* HOW IS 74 MILES MEDIOCRE?! Lisa!! Come on!! You're clearly a rock star! lol

I love the Antho top, it's amazing! I want to own something from them one day =)

andrea said...

I'm loving "The Omnivore's Dilemma" right now - it's so interesting, and an amazing look at our food and ourselves. It's so well written, that even the stats are interesting.
and 74 miles? Good lord. Bravo.

Lisa-Marie said...

You have been BUSY this month. If you like Snow Patrol, you may also like Athlete, check them out and let me know what you think.

I am definitely going to read The Piano Shop!

Your dress is V swank, I'd say it needs a few more wears!

Sarah said...

I like the fact that you're tempted to email the publishers of 'Paris Time Eight' (not something I've read or am likely to now) to correct the grammatical and spelling mistakes - that's soooo the kind of thing that I'd do! lol.

74 miles running in one month? Hmm, how many miles do you think you run in a year? Being a bit nerdy, I'd love to know what that distance would be in real terms...