Monday, October 10, 2016

Scenes from the Weekend

Happy Monday, friends!  This is a short, 2-day week for me as we leave for Oregon on Wednesday morning. The weather forecast is looking pretty craptastic (rain and high winds) so I'm pretty bummed about that but I know that we'll have a great trip even in the weather isn't optimal. I am just hoping and praying that the rain holds off long enough for us to get at least 1 decent hike in!

Luckily, the weather was gorgeous here this weekend. The temperatures have definitely cooled off but we've had lots of sunshine and mild temperatures during the day.  Since I know that our nice days are numbered, I tried to spend as much time outdoors as I could.  Here's how I spent my weekend!

On Friday night, we had a card night with friends so I made this apple crisp recipe for dessert. It is not light in calories or sugar but sometimes you need an indulgent treat! While I was assembling the apple crisp, my sous chef Oscar kept me company. As I said in my photo caption on Instagram, I know some people are probably appalled that we let Oscar on the kitchen counter, but she stays away from the food and likes to be able to observe what is going on. And who can say no to this sweet face?

My sweet shadow
Saturday was a super full day. On Saturday morning, I had my sock knitting class at 10:30 am but before that I swung by the Farmer's Market to pick up the half-share of meat from a local organic farm that we'll be sharing with another friend. I feel good about the source of most of my food but meat was one area that I didn't feel great about, so I am glad we found a reasonably priced farm to purchase meat from!

The knitting class I went to was great. It's very tricky to knit 2 socks at the same time on 2 circular needles, so I am glad the class was small as the instructor was able to spend time getting each of us started. After the class, I went home and Phil instructed me to sit down and relax while he made lunch for us.  I followed his orders.  :)  The rest of Saturday afternoon was filled with things like cleaning out my garden, doing my running intervals, and going to church.

On Saturday evening, I made a special carb-loading meal for Phil since he was running a 10 mile race the next day. Since he loves loves (and I do, too!) I made this simple Pasta Puttanesca recipe (but left out the anchovy paste because I just can't get on board with anchovies). I served the pasta with a salad with more olives and other goodies like cucumbers from my garden and pepperoncini.

We were up bright and early on Sunday morning as Phil's race started at 7 am. I dropped him and his friend off at the start and then met up with my friend Amber. The marathon and 10 mile race end in St. Paul, so we biked over to St. Paul and had breakfast at French Meadow and did some planning for our trip to Spain! We got quite a bit of planning done before heading over to the 23.5 mile area of the marathon course on Summit Avenue. My friend Grace, who I know through blogging, was running the marathon. It was fun to cheer her on.  She looked great when we saw her and ran a super strong race, finishing in 3:12!!  I am in awe of people like her who can maintain that kind of pace (7:20 min/mile) for 26.2 miles!!  Unbelievable!!

After that, we biked back along the mighty Mississippi.  It was a cool morning but the skies were blue. I love biking along this stretch of the Mississippi as it's so picturesque with the skyline of Minneapolis in the background.

The leaves haven't changed as much as they normally would at this time of year, but you can see peaks of orange and red in the photos below.

Sunday afternoon was more slow-paced for me, which was such what I needed. I relaxed on the couch and did some reading. Later in the day, I picked up Grace and we grabbed coffee. I'm really glad we got a chance to chat in person after reading each others' blogs for many years. Plus, she had the same hip surgery as I did so it was nice to talk to someone who has been through the same surgery and has fully recovered.

On Sunday evening, Phil and I watched the debate together. Like all of the debates, it was kind of a train wreck in that it was painful to watch but I just couldn't look away. After that, we headed to bed as I was exhausted from my busy weekend and Phil was exhausted since he ran a strong race on Sunday morning (he finished the 10 mile race in 1:18!).

After my busy weekend, I'm sure glad I have a vacation to look forward to this week!  I'll be back with a vacation recap next week!

How did you fill your weekend? 


Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Mmmmm, that pasta!! With extra olives on the side too - YES!!! We had a pretty great weekend, and since today is a holiday we're staying in and cooking/ baking all day :-)

Abby said...

You had an excellent weekend!! Oscar looks so sweet! Love it

That pasta dish looks amazing. I have got to make that. Someone recently "filed a complaint" that I never ever ever make pasta ;) lol

Our weekend was pretty low key actually! Friday night we planted our garden and grilled salmon and zucchini. Saturday we did a 10 mile run together, went out for breakfast, and did yard work, went downtown and Ryan worked on homework and I worked on Grad school applications! Sunday we did MORE yard work and had friends over for dinner!

The scenes from your bike ride were breathtaking!!!!

Charbelle4 said...

It's funny with pets because there are things you swore you would never do and yet you find yourself allowing things that a few years ago you never would have considered. I let Jack sleep with me sometimes and previous to having a dog I wouldn't have ever thought this possible.

Those race times are amazing!!! I'm always in awe of fast runners! I've been fully cleared but even still I know I'm not completely free and clear and I'm still running intervals instead of full running because it hurts and intervals are less painful. I'm slowly building my way back.

Excited that y'all were able to plan for the trip! I know it's going to be amazing!!!

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend! I made apple crisp, too! Tis the season. I love how Oscar helps! I like to think my cats never got/get on counters but I think it's more like they never got on counters when I was around. Once when I was coming home from Rick's I saw Gypsy staring out the window by the kitchen sink. So much for that one! Hey, that's what clorox wipes are for!

I think you might have a different experience with anchovy paste. It adds a bit of salty flavor but without the fishy taste and texture (and visual) of the regular anchovies. Worth a try sometime in a sauce. It's very different.

It all looks delicious and sounds so much fun. You must be running to stay in place prepping for your trip. Have a wonderful time!

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

Congrats to Phil for a great run, and to your friend, Grace! That was an awesome time! Your bike ride sounds and looked beautiful! The leaves are changing here but some trees are just turning brown - no color. :(
We did lots of outside work and I got a bunch of windows cleaned so felt productive! I love clean windows!
Have a great trip and I pray the weather isn't too nasty for you!

Carolina John said...

Phil did the 10 miler or the marathon? Hope he did well. Have to admit I was wishing I was up there again this year to run TC. Saw a ton of pictures - my friend Carly ran the full this year.

That is a beautiful bike ride over to St Paul. We're not seeing any leaves changing colors yet, but it's close.

Have a great trip to Bend!

Amber said...

That is such a full weekend but also sounds so awesome and full of so many good things! I am also a huge olive lover so I am going to have to check out that pasta recipe. I've always liked olives but got really into them during Whole 30!

Fingers crossed the weather turns around for your trip!!

katielookingforward said...

I was up north at Camp Coco, loved all the hiking, but was overwhelmed by all the alcohol, I paced myself and had a good time while not feeling terrible with a hangover, which cannot be said of everyone.

Gracie said...

Thank you so much for 1. Spectating - seeing you was a big pick-me-up late in the race, and I'm impressed you picked me out of the crowd! and 2. Spending part of your busy weekend with me! Hopefully I wasn't too dull of company post-race. Sometimes I think I spend the rest of race day practically delirious.
It was definitely a pleasure to meet in person and share notes on our hips - and I'm so glad you've turned the corner. I know it will keep steadily improving now and hey, maybe you'll be running the marathon again next time!
Give my congratulations to Phil on his race - that is an impressive ten-mile time.

Stephany said...

Fingers crossed that the weather clears up for your Oregon trip! I know how much you like being outside and being active during your trips, so that's a bummer if you can't do that!

Apple crisp sounds DELISH! Mmm!

Sandra Bond said...

What a fun weekend. I am glad you were able to enjoy the nice weather. I took my parents up to Lake Tahoe that weekend and we were crazy lucky with sunshine and blue skies, too :)

P.S. If I had an Oscar, I would totally let her sit on the kitchen counter :)

Linda said...

That carb loading meal looks DELISH.

You inspired me to get off my butt and start cooking dinner right after I finish this comment to you.

My weekend was fine. I picked up Sugarface from airport Saturday night (he had a work trip). I had dim sum Saturday morning with with of my besties I haven't seen in a while. Sunday I took a free spin class!