Friday, June 2, 2017

I'm Back + Sneak Peak of Wedding Photos

Hey hey!  Look who's back after a 3-week break!  The last 3 weeks were truly the most amazing weeks of my life. My wedding day was an absolutely dream come true and I can honestly say that I would not change a single thing... ok, except maybe the cost because DAAAAANG weddings are expensive!  :P  That said, I still think it was worth it! 

We totally lucked out and did not have a single drop of rain on our wedding day.  We got so lucky as that was the only day that week when it didn't rain and it all-out POURED the day after the wedding. So God was definitely smiling down on us on our wedding day.  It was pretty cold, though. I was definitely shivering when we took our outdoor photos as it was in the 40-50s. I was envious of Phil's warm suit!  But I did absolutely love my dress so it was worth all the shivering. 

I will be sharing some more detailed posts about the wedding day once I have the professional photos back. The day was such a blur and went by so incredibly fast.  I can't wait to get the photos back so I can re-live the day and see all the different details!

However, I know some of you are anxious to see some photos, so here are some of my favorites that some of my blog friends took!  Most of the credit for these go to Becky! Having Becky at your wedding is like having another shooter because she takes and shares soooo many photos!  So if you are friends with her on social media, you probably felt like you were there!  Becky, thank you so much for all of the photos! 

This was one of the "sneak peek" photos shared by our photographer!

Phil and I with my parents!

Walking down the aisle with my dad to marry my one true love
Surprisingly, I did not cry on my wedding day but I came close when I hugged my dad!
Not the most flattering photo but this is my "oh my gosh we are getting married" face!
This is another sneak peek from the photographer that she took on our walk from the church to the reception! The "oh my gosh we are married" look on my face was a common expression that day!

Me and the many bloggers that traveled far distances (Iowa, New York, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, British Columbia, California, Illinois, North Carolina, and St. Louis!!) to be there on our special day!

There aren't adequate words to describe how magical our wedding day was.  From the guests to the speeches (which were so amazing!) to the food (especially our amazing dessert table which included macarons) to the conversations - it was an amazing day from start to finish. I even got called "Bride-chilla" by the hair and make-up ladies because I was so relaxed on the morning of my wedding.  I will say that the afternoon/evening before the wedding was NOT relaxing and I was kind of stressed and sort of lost my mind/couldn't keep track of what I needed to do very well, but I'll tell you more about that in another post.  I can laugh about it now but it was not my favorite day! But I am glad I got that out of the way before the wedding so I could truly enjoy my wedding day and not worry about a single thing!  I did not spend a single minute stressing or worrying about anything on the wedding day - all thanks to my amazing day-of coordinator who took care of every single detail.

Since I won't have wedding photos until later this summer, my first series of posts will focus on the honeymoon (which was AMAZING - best trip EVER!).  I'll start to share those posts in the next week or so.

But for now, I'm basking in being a newlywed. And I'm so glad I decided to take yesterday and today off to get our house back in order.  My to do list is OUT OF CONTROL but it feels good to get our life back in order!

What's new with you?  


Abby said...

1 word.


You were the most beautiful bride. And the say was perfect. You and Phil are so clearly meant to be!

Look forward to more photos, more recaps, and your honeymoon recap!!!

I didnt cRY AT ALL my wedding day - but watching the video makes me cry every time and I cried when you walked down the aisle. Funny how emotion comes out?!

Shoshanah said...

Welcome back!!! Your photos are so gorgeous! I can't wait to see more and hear more about it. Congrats and much love!

Erin said...

Love these pics! Love that I was part of this wonderful day! Love that you feel so happy with how things went. That is the best way to feel!

Lisa--you are truly one of the greatest people I've ever met in my life. It was fun to talk to others over your wedding weekend who also feel the exact same way! It is such a testament to who you are--that so many of us very much wanted to take time off work, leave our families, and come celebrate YOU (and Phil!)

Your wedding is one of my all-time favorites :) It was beautiful in a million different ways.

Love you very much and as I've said a thousand times, I couldn't be happier for you and Phil!!!

Gracie said...

Welcome back! You look like a million bucks! Can't wait to hear more details.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Awwwwwe Lisa, I am SO happy for you!! Glad to hear that you had no rain, and that everything turned out perfectly. I love the speeches at weddings; they are probably my favourite part.

Everyone watches the bride when she walks down the aisle, but I love to keep an eye on the groom, to catch his expression when he first sees her. I hope someone caught a photo of that for you, because I bet it's priceless, as you look stunning!

Jeanie said...

Lisa, I am so elated and thrilled for you. Thrilled about the weather, all the beautiful touches and that all went without a hitch. You look just radiant and your gown is fabulous! I know there were gasps when you came down the aisle. And the bloggie photo is great! I can only imagine how happy everyone present was for you both! Cheers!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

What a great day! I am sure you have a million and one things to do now but don't forget to relax a little and keep savoring the little moments (like Phil's speech for instance)! I am so glad that the rain held off and that everything went off without a hitch like I knew it would (you are allowed your day-before brain farts)! I can't wait to hear all about your honeymoon!

Amber said...

Your wedding was so amazing and so YOU and so perfect. You looked STUNNING and you were so so calm cool and collected. So glad I was there to see you marry Phil. can't wait for the recaps! I need to get working on mine too :)

J and A said...

I love those photos!! I can't wait to see more and hear all about it!! I am so glad it was the best day ever. So many bloggers there, that's so cool!

Stephany said...

You look so beautiful, Lisa! Absolutely glowing. I can't wait for more recaps, and I'm so, so happy that your wedding day was perfection. <3

Sandra Bond said...

You looked so beautiful, Lisa! I love your dress... and I am so glad your wedding day was all that you wanted it to be! Can't wait to hear more about it!! <3

Charbelle4 said...

I prayed that the rain would stay away. I'm so thankful for that yes to a prayer! What Erin said is true, it's a testament to who you are and how wonderful you are that everyone wanted to be there to watch your dream coming true! All the details were just incredible! I was laughing on the dock with Michael about the story Phil's mom told about the zoo trip and the pet Mole, his speech was also awesome! I know the to do list is long so I'm glad you had time to savor the moments before coming back to reality!

Leigh said...

I saw the pictures your photographer posted on FB and they were beautiful! You made a stunning bride and looked so happy!

Jenny said...

Marriage becomes you! You look amazing and everyone looks so happy :) I can't wait to see more photos!