Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Our Wedding: Getting Ready!

Wedding morning arrived and I was oh so happy to see no rain in the forecast! Since I had a small wedding party and first look photos started at 2 pm, hair and make-up didn't start until 10:30 which resulted in a very leisurely wedding day morning. Hair and make-up for nearly every wedding I've been in (and I've been in 10, well 11 if you include my own - ha!) has started early in the day, but I loved the fact that we didn't have to get together super early that morning.

That said, I was up bright and early with excitement so my sister Abby and I went for a run! We did a 4 mile loop and ran mostly along the Mississippi.  Abby had never ran in this area so it was fun to show her around.  We stopped for a selfie in front of the church where I'd be getting married later that day!!

And we stopped for a photo on the Stone Arch Bridge which overlooks the St. Anthony Main falls.I used to live in a condo with a view of this area.

It was a COLD morning so I was a little chilly in my t-shirt but I warmed up pretty quickly. It was so wonderful to spend time with my sister that morning, doing something we both love! After our run, we grabbed breakfast at Starbucks and then I headed back to my room to lay down for a bit before showering. I did not fall back asleep but it was still nice to 'rest my eyes'.

The hair and make-up girls came to my suite to do hair and make-up and I ordered salads for everyone from my favorite local salad place. Our order was under the minimum for delivery but they made an exception since it was my wedding day!  The salads were delivered to my room by the owner of the restaurant and they included a card with signatures from all the employees! I was blown away by their service and will continue to spend money at their restaurant!

Taryn, the girl who did my hair, has been doing my hair for 10 years so she is like a good friend. She brought a friend along to do our make-up and they did such an amazing job. Taryn and her friend nicknamed me "Bridechilla" since I was so relaxed that morning!

I love the robe I wore when getting ready. I gave robes to my sisters, too, as part of their bridesmaid gift but we forgot to take a picture in them!
In the background, you can see the flowers that Amber and Kyria picked up from my friend who did our flowers for the wedding!
The suite I stayed in was so perfect for getting ready as it was a bi-level suite. The make-up artist loved doing our make-up in front of that huge window as she said working in natural light is ideal!

Before I knew it, the photographer, Jamie, arrived. By this time, my sisters had left to get their dresses and other things together. So it was just me, my mom, and the photographers (my main photographer brought a second shooter - they were both awesome to work with!). Jamie took some detail photos before I got dressed.

My mom holding my maternal grandmother's wedding ring, which was my "something borrowed"

Then it was time to slip into my beautiful wedding gown. I absolutely loved my dress so much. I didn't talk much about dress shopping, but I went to 2 different places and ended up loving a lot of the dresses at the 2nd place but this one stood out among the others, especially because of its train, which you'll see in my ceremony photos!

Jamie snapped some photos of my mom and me...

And then it was time to go meet my groom for our first look photos!!!


Charbelle said...

I love love love that Y'all got a run in before the prep started for the day!!! I think that was just such a perfect beginning particularly with where you ran! Your hair and makeup were absolutely perfect!!! I have a suite for August and that's where we will be getting ready. I have been thinking about robes for the girls and I've seen a few that I really like! Your dress is stunning!!! It was made for you!!! I tried on so many dresses this time. I loved one but it was too formal for a 2:30 wedding. Then I tried on a white and silver gown that was gorgeous! I loved it! It was HUGE though, bigger than the one I already had that doesn't fit. It fit beautifully and I loved it but I kept thinking about how hot I would probably be. Then I tried on my dress and the first thing I said was "you see me" and I put the one Donna liked back on, then I put the white and silver one back on and then I put my dress back on and I knew. It's true you really do know your dress when you have it. I love looking at your pictures because it feels like we're there all over again!!!

J and A said...

Gorgeous!!! Love everything about this post. I thin it's awesome you went for a run on your wedding day and was so chill! The robes are so pretty and you look stunning.

Marlys said...

Another fun recap! It brings back the memories so brilliantly!
Yes, your dress was you! I loved it, too!

Alli said...

That is so awesome about the salad place. I love that!

I am so glad that you had a very similar experience to what I had on your wedding day. I had slightly more people (me, 3 bridesmaids, both moms) getting hair and makeup done, but we only started at 8:30 or 9am which I also thought was reasonable since I'm not a late sleeper. We had oj and mimosas, coffee for the coffee drinkers, muffins, cereal, hard boiled eggs and fruit, so people could leisurely grab food when they were hungry and not try and rush to go get breakfast. The atmosphere was just calm and loving and fun. I was also super relaxed except for a few moments of overwhelming, "OMG it's my wedding day!" excitement. My mom's hairdresser who I have known for years and love did all of our hair and the makeup artist, who was on the list of recommended vendors from the venue and who I'd done a trial with, was not only great in her work, she also had a great personality. Having so many fun, happy personalities around me definitely contributed to the great atmosphere in the suite. Someone I worked with passed on advice that had been given to her which was to make sure you didn't just like your vendors work, but also their personalities since you would be spending lots of time with them on a day when you are potentially feeling really nervous. This is obviously very true about your photographer, but also hair and makeup people.

You looking stunning on your wedding day. The hair and makeup were so perfect and paired with your dress the whole look just made me think "old Hollywood glamour."

Jeanie said...

I love every photo but that one of you in the kimono and with your dress? Wow! You looked marvelous -- even on the run! Just aglow!

Amber said...

Ahh love recapping the day through your posts. You were SUCH a beautiful bride and I love these getting ready photos. Your makeup + hair + dress was perfect and you were an absolutely stunning bride. I also really loved the lipstick you ended up buying for the day. I remember wishing I didn't have to start my hair soooo early on our wedding day, but it was necessary with 6 of us plus my mom and grandma and 2 flower girls! So nice you were able to start later and have time to go for a run though!

Caroline said...

I love that you were able to have a relaxing morning and get a run in! That sounds like a perfect start to the day! Can't wait to read the rest of your recaps :)

Vanessa Meads said...

Your dress was so beautiful! Also, "Bridechilla"? Too funny. I'm glad you were able to have such a great start to your day!

Abby said...

Your wedding morning could not have gone more smooth and special!! I LOVE the photos your photographers got of you and Mom getting ready. So precious.

Our run was perfect and was a nice way to shake out the excitement and get some quality time together!! A memory I will hold near and dear in my heart!

San said...

I can't believe you had the peace of mind to go for a run on your wedding day... that is so awesome! And I love that you had a photographer there documenting you "getting ready". These are things I have no photos of (probably didn't even think about much back then... I feel I know so much more about weddings now than when I was planning my own wedding! LOL).

Your dress is absolutely beautiful!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Okay, that's so cool that you went for a run on the morning of your wedding! That must have started your day off perfectly.

The salad company is awesome!! Excellent service indeed!

I love, love, love your dress, and you made such a beautiful bride :-)