Thursday, May 24, 2018

Currently: May

Hey, hey, it's already the last week of May! This month has been a little bit less busy for us as we have far fewer doctor appointments (yea!). But the month has still gone by fast! Next month is my last full month of maternity leave so I am hoping it goes a little bit more slowly! Here's what's currently going on in my world.

Reading: Love and Ruin by Paula McLain. This author wrote "The Paris Wife" which was about Ernest Hemingway's first marriage. Her latest novel is about his 3rd marriage. I was excited to check it out since I loved The Paris Wife but I'm not loving this one as much. It's worth finishing but not as great as her other book.

Loving:  how smiley Paul is! Someone once compared the early stages of infancy to having a "high maintenance gold fish" meaning that you do lots for them and don't get a whole lot back. But now that I'm getting smiles from him often it makes him seem a bit more interactive. Plus there's nothing quite like having your baby lock eyes with you and give you a big smile!

Feeling: pretty tired. Paul started waking up more often a couple of weeks ago so I'm getting less sleep as a result. He eats quite a bit when he wakes up during the night so I know those wake-ups are necessary at this point. But I'm hoping he goes back to waking up just once a night when I return to work. Otherwise I feel like I might be a bit of a zombie when I return to work!

Anticipating: this upcoming long weekend. Weekends don't necessarily feel all that different for me since my "boss" Paul doesn't give me weekends off. ;) But having Phil around makes a huge difference as it's nice to have another set of hands to help out! Plus Phil tends to get up with Paul at least one day of the weekend so I can stay in bed and get a bit more sleep.

Watching: Season 2 of The Crown. We only have one episode left. I'll be so sad when it's over as it's something that both Phil and I enjoy. It has given me a new level of respect for Queen Elizabeth II. I always thought of her as a stiff and unfriendly person but now that I understand her path to the throne and how long she's been queen (I didn't realize she was so young when she became queen) I hav ea new level of respect and compassion for her. I would not want her life! I'm glad that another season will be coming out in December!

Grateful: that we have air conditioning. It's going to be in the 90s for next several days so we will need to run the air conditioner. Before we had Paul we would often tough it out and deal with the heat as Phil and I aren't huge fans of air conditioning. But now that we have a baby, we run the air so that he will sleep ok at night. He gets hot so easily and needs to sleep in a swaddle sleep sack, which is pretty warm, so air conditioning is mandatory during these hot stretches!

Working: on Paul's sleep habits. Up until this past week we've always had to sway or bounce him to sleep but starting this week, I've been putting him down to sleep when he is drowsy but still awake. It's important for babies to learn how to put themselves to sleep so they aren't completely reliant on their parents. Plus it's jarring for a baby to fall asleep in mom or dad's arms and then wake up in a bassinet. I've read that it would be like me falling asleep in bed and waking up in the front yard. ;) So far he's done really well with falling asleep on his own.

Listening: to the podcast, "In the Dark," This is the 2nd season of this podcast. The first season focused on the abduction and murder of Jacob Wetterling. This season is about a man who has been tried for a crime 6 times. It's really fascinating so far - and disturbing. It makes you realize how shady police work can be. 

Wishing: for a night of uninterrupted sleep.  I know this is not likely to happen for quite awhile but a girl can dream!

What are you anticipating, grateful for and listening to?


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I don't blame you for wishing for an uninterrupted night of sleep- definitely the hardest part about the baby phase. Awesome that you are able to put him down still awake though! His smiles are just SO cute. I remember loving the smiles and interaction in the 3-6 month time, even though I still felt like that time was really hard.

Lori Honeycutt said...

Love all his smiles!!! He's just so precious!!! I'm still reading the Courtesan, when I'm home in the evening it's such a short window and Michael feels left out if I'm reading so I end up watching something on tv with him. We go to bed pretty early so I just don't read as much, however... pool time has returned so I know I will read lots of books this summer!!! I do like the book I'm reading I just need an uninterrupted stretch to finish it! I've been listening to History Chicks, they're so good that I've gone back and picked up all the episodes. I hope that you are able to really enjoy June and being with Paul and that you won't feel like a zombie when you go back to work!!!

Stephany said...

I hope June is a lot more slow-paced than the past few months have been! And that Paul starts sleeping better soon because I can only imagine how hard it would be to have to work while dealing with interrupted sleep. Ah!

Love the comparison to a "high-maintenance goldfish" - HA.

Leigh said...

I feel the same way as you about air conditioning. We had it installed in our new house and it’s been worth it. Especially since we’ve had warm weather already! I’d like time to slow down as well. Why does it have to go so fast?!

katielookingforward said...

I feel like Paul has always been a smiling baby, but thats just based on the pictures! I agree, with this weather you gotta have a little air conditioning! I like it cold to sleep, but I just have a little portable a/c. It does enough, but isn't quite as strong as I would like.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Love those little smiles! He looks so sweet! I can't imagine how hard it is to function on such little sleep. I think that is something I'd definitely have the hardest time with if I had a baby. I hope you get a full nights sleep soon!!

I can't believe how hot it was there! Isn't that crazy how we had such brutally cold winters, and now we're having the nicest, earliest springs? I've been trying to get outside as much as possible to take full advantage of the beautiful days.

Sandra Bond said...

I think not getting non-interrupted sleep must be the "worst", thank God Paul is cute ;)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I am anticipating my day date next weekend with my husband. We are going kayaking on a local river together. I'm also grateful to said husband since he made it possible for me to quit my job. And I'm listening to a ton of podcasts. I'm so far backed up on podcasts!

Amber said...

Those smiles are the best thing about that age for sure!!! And they just get better. And hopefully for Paul sleep does too, as you know that was not the case for Olivia sadly. But it is much better now thank goodness.

I just finished Season 1 of The Crown last night! It's a bit slower than the type of shows I usually watch, but I'm really really interested in the Royal Family and finding the historical aspect of it fascinating. I also did not know that Queen Elizabeth has been Queen for sooo long. I cannot even imagine having that responsibility piled on me at that young age. Very interesting! My brother told me season 2 is way better than season 1 so I'm excited to start it soon.