Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Baby Paul: 7 Months

Our little guy is another month older! Each month with our little guy keeps getting better and better. There are challenges, for sure, like the chronic ear infections he's had and the resultant lack of sleep for Phil and I, but overall he's such a wonderful, happy, sweet baby.


- We tried solids this month with no success. He is just not ready so we have decided to take a break until he shows more interest. Our doctor said some babies just aren't ready for solids until they are as old as 8-9 months. We did get a lot of laughs out of his reactions to the things he tried, though!

Vanilla yogurt
Sweet potato
I gave him a piece of lettuce  with dressing on it from my salad one day - he was not impressed

 - We took him on his first hike this past weekend. It was pretty chilly - in the 40s - so we dressed him in a warm hat and mittens. He honestly did not love the hike. He was happy for about 2/3 of it maybe? I think he got too hot as we had a heavier coat over his outfit. And then at the end I think he was just tired. But we'll keep taking him on hikes but I don't think we'll go on another one until the spring as the weather has really turned here.

First family hike! This was toward the end so he was pretty tired and not in the mood to smile.

No pictures, mom! (He's sleeping in this photo)
- He also got his first tooth in mid-September and has a 2nd one coming in. The 2nd one seems to be bothering him more than the first tooth but it's hard to tell if his fussiness at night is from his teeth or his ears.

- We had Paul's ears re-checked on Friday and he has another ear infection. I had a feeling he did because he's been waking up more often and would cry when we laid him down after feeding him during the night. We got a referral to an ENT and he will likely get tubes put in. It's not ideal to have him undergo a procedure that requires him to be put under but he's basically had an ear infection since the 2nd week of August. The 2nd round of antibiotics was more effective and he's back on that drug but it's SO HARD on his little tummy. :( Despite being sick so much, he's been a pretty happy, smiley baby.


- He weighs 15 pounds and is up to 4th percentile for weight. Woo hoo!
- He's still in 3-6 month clothes. I guess one upside to his slow growth trajectory is that we get a lot of use out of every outfit we own!


- Ugh. Sleep. It's been a huge challenge and I don't see it improving until he is feeling better. :( I'm not comfortable letting him cry at night when he's sick as I hate the thought of him being in pain and being ignored. This past weekend he was up every 2 hours so Phil and I are feeling pretty bleary eyed. Hopefully his sleep starts to improve soon.


- Rolling around, jumping in the jumper, practicing sitting up, being read to and smiling at anyone and everyone he meets! He's such a happy little guy and he's in such a fun stage. Dad is still his favorite person!

Playing in his jumper

Working on sitting up - he's getting better but can't quite sit up unassisted.

Hanging out with his favorite person!

I think each month is just going to get better and better! I love seeing more and more of his personality coming through as he gets older. We are lucky to have such a sweet, smiley baby.


Marlys said...

I can't wait to see him next weekend! I hope all goes as plans so we can spend some quality time with all of you! It's been awhile, so Grandma is excited.
I love his food dislike pictures - he's so funny!
And I sure hope our weather warms up some - miss having beautiful fall weather.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

Oh Poor Paul! Ear infections are the devil. I really think the sooner he gets the tubes in the better. For a speech perspective and health perspective!! I also cannot relate to his hate of food. Maybe he needs nachos, cuz I mean WHO CAN HATE NACHOS????

Gracie said...

What a happy baby, even when sick! I hope if he has tubes that the procedure is simple and he gets a lot of relief.

Stephany said...

Oh baby Paul! Those food reactions are so funny! :) I think it's a good idea to hold off for now on feeding him solids. He is not a fan so far!

Those chronic ear infections must be hell on all of you! I think the tubes will be SO helpful and seems necessary at this point. And the upside is he'll start feeling better and hopefully sleeping better, too! That's good news for everyone. <3

katielookingforward said...

Those food faces, so funny!! What a bummer that he might need tubes, but if it makes him feel better. Hooray for the first family hike!!

Amber said...

Those food faces are HILARIOUS! In the sitting up photo on the floor (where his eyes look so bright and blue) he looks so much like Phil to me!! I really hope you guys find a solution for the ear infections asap, so tough on all of you!

Lori Honeycutt said...

I've LOVED seeing his faces as he's tried different foods!!! I'm sure he will eventually really enjoy hiking with his mom and dad! I'm so sorry about the ear infections! He definitely has so much personality!!! I am often holding my phone up while scrolling IG and saying, LOOK isn't he so cute!!!

suki said...

Those hiking photos are great! :) And his reaction to different foods, lol. Hopefully the ear infections let up. :/ Ouch!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That's awful that he keeps getting ear infections :-( Poor little sweetie.

The solid food photos are seriously the best - too funny! He is so expressive, and I love his smile; he definitely looks a lot like Phil.

The lack of sleep must be so hard. I think I would feel like I was in a zombie-like state all the time. At least the sleeping situation will get better with time, but right now it must be absolutely draining.

Sandra Bond said...

Haha, those food faces are the best. If we all made funny faces when we learned to love food?