Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is why I live here

This winter/spring, I sometimes often complained about the weather. The snow and subzero temps put me in a really bad mood and I was starting to think to myself: "why exactly do I live here?"

Well, there are many reasons, but these two are at the top of that list!

Today was my sister-in-law's Birthday so my brother asked me to come over and watch Andrew & Matthew so he could take her out for lunch & some shopping. I, of course, was more than happy to come over for the afternoon. These 2 are so easy to watch!

Andrew will be 4 in just under a month. He cracks me up. He has a little bit of a tough time telling me & my sister Abby apart. Back in February, Abby flew in late the night before my Grandpa's funeral. So when the boys woke up in the morning, Abby was there and probably sort of appeared out of thin air for them. Andrew was sitting on the couch with this confused smile on his face. He kept looking at Abby & then looking at me. After doing this a few times, he leaned over and whispered: "Why are there two Lisa's here?" I honestly don't think we look that much alike, but I guess we must. What do you think? Here's a pic of us from February (a terrible pic, by the way, but the most recent pic I have)

Anyways, now when I come over, he asked my brother is BOTH Lisas will be there. Today was no exception. After Kevin & Julie left, Andrew asked - "So are you the real Lisa?" I said yes and tried to explain that Abby was in AZ. I don't think he really, completely believed me!

I think Andrew might be a future chef. I gave him some strawberries and grapes for part of his lunch and he told me about Ratatouille's (great Pixar movie) perfect bite and proceeded to eat a strawberry & a grape at the same time - and then would throw up his arms as if to say "Delicious".

After explaining the "perfect bite" concept, he tabled all future conversation by saying, "Lisa, I can't talk and eat at the same time."

I had such a great time with the boys. So, as much as I hate winter/spring in Minnesota, I don't think I could ever leave this state. I love being 30 minutes from these 2, and driving distance from my other 2 nephews.

And with Memorial Day weekend fastly approaching, soon enough I'll spend my weekends hanging with my nephews and enjoying this view....


Amber said...

If there's one thing I've learned from moving so far away is that being near family is very important to me. So as much as I love the sun and warmth of being down south, when I really settle down I think it will be near family!

Your nephews are adorable. That's so funny they think you and your sister look alike! Haha!!

Jess said...

I totally understand where you're coming from! I live across the country from most of my family and I hate it! I can't wait to get finished school so I can move back to be close to my niece!

The "why are there two Lisas here?" just cracked me up!

aimee said...

they are so cute!! my family is the only reason why i have never moved out of WI because i really don't like it here. i'm so jealous that you have nephews though..we haven't gotten to that point in my family yet!!

Abby said...

I laughed out loud about the "two Lisa's" story! I wish "both Lisa's" could be there!!! :( How cute!! I agree that Andrew has a future of being a chef in store for him! How cute!!