Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fueling a Fantasy

Last night, I was waiting for my bus in downtown Minneapolis, and I saw my dream guy.

He was waiting for his bus too, and was reading a book that appeared to be checked out from a library. Or purchased from a used bookstore. I tried to sneakily see what he was reading... Josh Grisham? Something by Stephen Crane?

I couldn't tell. I would have had to get really close and pretty much crouch down to see what he was reading... So I am going to guess he was reading something by James Patterson.

Regardless of what he was reading, he caught my eye. It's pretty uncommon to see a guy reading a book while waiting for the bus... at least in my city. There are lots of men on their crackberry or reading the WSJ or something like that, but not many novel readers. Oh, and he was good looking and well-dressed (yes Heidi, he was wearing nice shoes).

I thought - this guy must be really into reading! So am I! We would be perfect for each other.

I was also reading a book (My Life in France by Julia Child) as I waited for my bus. I stood a little in front of him & off to the side. I was wishfully thinking that he might notice that I was also reading. And would maybe notice my cloth bookbag from a bookstore in Paris. And maybe he would take notice of me.

But he didn't notice me. And unfortunately, I am too much of a chicken to walk up to a stranger and strike up a conversation.

He got on the 156 and I got on the 578 and we went our separate ways.

But for those 5 minutes when we were both waiting for our buses, he fueled a fantasy of mine. The fantasy of meeting a guy who loves to read. We'd go on dates to Barnes & Noble, sip espresso, and peer over the top of our books, exchanging flirtatious looks.

He's out there. Somewhere.


Ashley said...

He does sound amazing!! I can definitely understand why he was a part of your fantasy!

Amber said...

You're SO freaking cute, omg. I was drinking water and almost choked at this line: "This guy must be really into reading. So am I! We'd be perfect for each other."

Hahaha, that's SOOOO funny! You should have approached him!! Next time you see a guy that intrigues you like that you HAVE to approach him, what's the worst that can happen? If he blows you off you'll never see him again, no big deal!!

I often have weird imaginary fantasies about random people I see when I'm waiting for the bus or something too.

Lady Jane said...

Awwww...that was just tooo cute:)) I am sooo with you about a guy that reads.. Yum

qwerkyqook said...

Lisa, did you know there is a book club each month at bryant lake bowl? I bet some singles go there, I always think it would be fun to go. I look up the books, and then look at my gigantic textbook of whatever, and sigh!!!

Abby said...

Reading of your encounter at the bus stop was compelling as though I was reading a book!! Maybe fate will make you guys run into each other again. It'd be like "Serendipity"!

I also had to laugh about the difference between Tucson, AZ and Minneapolis, MN. At your bus have people reading WSJ, messing with their blackberry, reading books: educated, humans who contribute to this society of ours.........

In TUCSON. A normal human would not even think of coming within 10 ft of a bus stop. It is croweded at the hot street corners with homeless heroine-addicted Vet's, 17 year old pregnant girls in halter tops smoking, and illegal immigrants.

So hearing about Mnpls was a fantasy for me in itself :)

aimee said...

you should have asked him what book he was reading!!! who am i kidding, i would have been too scared to do that. maybe you'll see him again! then you have to break the ice for sure!!

Ashley said...

Oh I have soooo many thoughts on Grey's!! But just be warned, I get a bit opinionated!!!

I'm so disappointed with how the writers did it. It's like they coasted through the season at a good pace and then at the end they just threw everything together and didn't really worry about the end result.

Clearly they've been ready to get rid of Katherine Heigl because, let's face it, it's kinda making fun of her to have her character seeing and having sex with dead people. But to attempt to make a last-ditch effort at making George a hero? No.....sorry, maybe if they spent more than 1/8th of an episode on him making that decision, but they didn't. And to me, if Izzie is dying either way, I'd rather see her die on the table after that tear-inducing talk with Alex about the DNR. There could be some Mer-Der drama between them afterwards as well as guilt on Derek's part because he already had recent "I'm a murderer" drama that they could have built off of. Top that, Alex sneaks into the viewing room over the OR and is watching it, sees her code, sees them not attempting to revive her, runs down, breaks into the OR and starts CPR himself, resulting in a tearful break-down that leaves everyone loving Alex more than we've already come to love him.

I just feel like they took storylines from the past episodes and tried to make a puzzle resembling a finale out of them. The guy wanting his leg cut off reminded me of the guy who took the chainsaw and cut a limb off, Izzie's resetting memory......remember the woman in the wreck whose memory reset like every 30 seconds? Yes, that was done before, too. George coming in unrecognizable reminds me of the Jane Doe with the Ferry....sorry, forgot what her name ended up being....It just all felt too done before.

Give us something new that hasn't already tugged at our heartstrings.

I think Izzie is dead and gone because that will lead to more character development with Alex and we can see the inner turmoil he'll go through, but as far as George, I'd be surprised if he doesn't survive, get a face-transplant, and come back as a new character. But then again, I could be wrong because it would lead to good storylines for Callie, Lexie, and even Alex to deal with the fallout of their emotions towards George. Let's face it, Alex will be going through enough after losing Izzie, but then for Izzie's best friend to die, too, and to know how he NEVER treated him well...Alex might have a lot to face if they writers took it in that direction.

All in all, I'm looking forward to next season, but if they writers don't start pulling something new out of their hat....I think next season should be their final season.