Thursday, June 11, 2009

Apple must love me

I adore Apple products. I already purchased a 120G iPod earlier this year. You would think that I was done buying iPods for quite awhile.

But I just couldn't stop there. I love the 120G iPod, but it's not small. And it's not light. So it's not exactly something you want to strap onto your arm when heading out for a run. I already have a nano, but it's reaching the end of its useful life. I got it as a gift back in 2006. A Valentine's Day gift, by the way. Quite the gift, huh? The nano has lasted exponentially longer than that relationship! Ha! Actually the 24-pack of Michelob Golden Light that I stocked my fridge with for said boyfriend lasted longer than that relationship...

I digress. Anywho. I kept telling myself that I didn't really need a new Nano... but the old one would quit on me at times. So, on Sunday, I bought this little addition to the iPod family.

Meet Sophie. Another iPod, another name. I made a new running playlist on Sunday night, and it appears to have helped me speed up my mile splits... Turns out I run to the beat of the music, so running to Jack Johnson wasn't exactly helping my speed!

And the June-athon is going good. I've ran 10 out of 11 days. I know I said I'd shoot for doing 30 days, but I've decided that a day off each week is probably necessary.

So I am slowly, but surely, getting back into shape. I'm fighting off feelings of impatience - I keep reminding myself that I spent the last 3 years getting out of shape, so I can't expect to get back into shape in 30 days. But I'm making progress.

Now I am trying to figure out if I need a new Garmin or not... I have the Forerunner 101, which runs on batteries... I'm thinking about upgrading to a model that has a heart rate monitor and a re-chargeable battery... Part of me says - treat yourself, this is something you'll use nearly every day, so if you depreciate the cost over the # of times you'll use it, it's actually inexpensive (yes, I work in finance). The other part says - you can get by w/ the 101. We'll see which part of me wins out...


Amber said...

I've been REALLY seriously considering getting a garmin 305. It would be a splurge but I know I would use it SOO much because I'm starting to get annoyed with just mapping my runs out on mapmyrun and then averaging my pace, I really want to know my splits too. If you decide to get one you'll have to let me know what you think!!!

Kelli said...

FYI, I have the new nike+ipod and I love it. It doesn't have a heart rate monitor, but it figures out miles run, calories burned, and time. It even tells you over your ipod headphones your distance, speed, time, etc if you just hit the center button. It is only like $29 and then you have to buy a little pouch so that you can attach the sensor to your shoelaces (or you can buy the $130 Nike shoes built for the sensor). I have the lower priced option as the pouch only costs about $10. I love it and it is very motivating.