Friday, November 20, 2009

Giving Thanks: Day 4

I am thankful for casual Fridays!

Happy Friday everyone! I love Fridays for many, many reasons but one that stands out is the fact that I can wear jeans to work! The dress code at my new job is so much more formal than my last job. I pretty much wear a dress, suit, or a jacket/blazer Monday - Thursday. I have really had to invest in my wardrobe in the last couple of months. Here's just some of the suits/jackets I now own:

Might not look like much, but it felt like a lot when I had to swipe my debit card. Ouch. I just kept saying, "it's an investment, Lisa." I have always been a firm believer in dressing for the job you want, not the one you have, and have also thought that when I dress nicely, I feel better, and I then perform better. So, for the most part, I don't mind dressing up every day. It's nice to leave the house feeling polished and put together!

But I love it when Friday rolls around and I can put on some jeans or a casual sweater dress/tights combo. I feel like more of my personality & personal style shines through on Friday.

And I can wear the fun shoes that just don't go with the more formal suits/dresses! I love fun shoes that are a little different! Like these plaid ones below that I plan on wearing with a sweater dress and brown tights tomorrow!

There are so many little things in life, like casual Fridays, that makes me so happy.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! The 10 days of Thanksgiving posts will continue so check back on Saturday and Sunday!


J said...

Cute shoes! the dress code at my work is pretty informal but i still only wear jeans on fridays because I like to have "work" only clothes and then play clothes. Happy weekend!

Mama Nastase said...

LOVE your shoes!! I'd like to see a picture of the complete outfit.

Today I'm thankful for my mom, who sent a giant box of inspiration for a birthday party I am throwing Tuesday. We are very close and it's little things like that (sending the box) that makes the miles seem so much closer.

I'm also thankful to have a mom who is such a good role mother for motherhood. My mom was a stay-at-home mom and she always made extra effort to do special things for us for birthdays and holidays. As a mom now, and a grandma, I depend on her advice and perspective on so many aspects of my life.

Becky said...

Ohhhh I miss casual Fridays! We have that at the office I'm based out of, but since I sit on-site with the client of our contract I can't wear jeans. Granted, it compensates for itself - my commute is half the time, and I actually get more days off by following the holiday schedule of the client but there's no better way to start a Friday than to put on some jeans and head to work.

I'maNolaGirl said...

Very cute shoes!!! I love to add a little spice to my work wear with a fun pair of shoes!!

Emily Jane said...

Lovely shoes! Would love to see the outfit; we only have "Jeans Fridays" once a month so I don't get to wear my sweater dresses and tights :(

Interesting thought on dressing for the job you want and not the one you have - I've always wanted to be able to dress up for work with a blazer or something but I'm totally not in that kind of position and I'd be worried I'd get laughed at :(

Anonymous said...

Amen to this! I made a casual Friday for myself today as we have no one in the office really and it's great. As much as I work well when I'm in my power clothes, I sometimes work even better when I'm comfortable! =)

Little Fish said...

Happy Friday!

I'm grateful that I live in the city in America that probably has the best bargain shopping so I can look cute and get good quality clothes at lower prices. Tourists complain that NYC is so expensive (hint: don't go to "tourist places"), but NYers know and love a bargain!

Nicole said...
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Sarah said...

Oh my God! I LOVE those shoes! They are sooooooo cute. Great, now I have shoe envy.
I totally agree with what you said about performing better when you dress better because you feel better - I do too. Even if all I'm doing is studying at home, I like to dress nicely - pjs don't work for me. Unless I'm watching a dvd.

Amber said...

Those shoes are ADORABLE! Love them.

We are pretty business-casual at my office but I am only allowed to wear jeans on Friday's so I DEFINITELY enjoy that!

You have a ton of suit jackets!

Today I'm thankful for laughter and good friends. I went to an amateur comedy night with my friends last night and laughed my ass off - like literally had tears streaming down my face (he was making cat jokes and it reminded me of Webster, hehe) and it just felt SO good to laugh that hard. Laughter really is the best medecine :)

Have a great Friday/weekend, dear! I will definitely check back in for more Giving Thanks posts over the weekend!

Abby said...

I agree about dressing nicely, and dressing the part! From the looks of your closet--you are definitely doing that. (I am quite envious of your collection of formal business apparel).

Your shoes are adorable!!

I love sweater dresses! I don't think I could pull them off. (haven't tried, however) I feel I would look like a 7-year-old Catholic-School attendee on her first day of school. Maybe in a few years.......

Lisa-Marie said...

Hurrah for casual Friday!

I wear a jeans-t-shirt-jumper/cradigan combination to work! No point dressing up if you are going to end up covered in child stuff!

Mandy said...

We can wear jeans on Friday too and I love it. I would love it even more if I had to wear suits and dresses every day like you do. (We are very much business casual so I am incredibly thankful for that.) Those shoes are fabulous!