Friday, June 8, 2012

I'd Rather

Greetings readers!  My mind is still a bit numb from the exam last weekend, so I thought I'd do a lighter "I'd Rather" post. 

I'd rather...

- spend my money on vacations than on a nice car.
- go into work early than stay late.
- run in the rain than run in gusting winds.
- work for a male boss than a female boss.
- fly than drive.
- take a train than drive.
- be a passenger in someone else's car than drive (can you tell I hate driving?)
- have an appetizer with my meal than dessert.
- live in a condo building with a balcony than a home with a backyard (I may change my mind on this someday, but I am not sure...)
- drink wine than beer.
- go to the Summer Olympics than the Winter Olympics (although it'd be awesome to attend either, I am just more of a Summer Olympics kind of girl).

 Your turn!  What's your "I'd Rather"?  

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  I have a post-CFA celebration with girlfriends tonight, and a family wedding tomorrow night!  SO much fun stuff to look forward to.  It is wonderful to have my life back.  :) 


Kelly said...

I completely agree with you on all of these especially number one, I love to spend any spare money I have on trips haha. I could go either way on wine or beer, I like them both and drink them at different occasions :)

Caroline said...

I agree! Money spent on vacations is money well spent! I'd also much rather work earlier than later and for a male boss.

Stephany said...

Fun post idea! I agree with most of these, although not on the male v female boss. Maybe because my female boss is SO laid-back and fun and easy to get along with & my male boss is uptight, moody, and scary. HA. Different experiences, I guess! I think I just lucked out with my female boss now. :)

And yes. Summer Olympics > Winter Olympics. ALWAYS.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Ooooh, what a fun post. I'm more of a road trip girl myself, but I don't mind planes or trains, either. So long as I'm taking a trip, that's what matters. =) Here's one I think you'll agree with... I'd rather be single into my 30s and get married for all the right reasons than get married in my mid-20s because I thought that's what I was supposed to do and live a life of regret.

Marlys said...

Fun post! I have to agree with Stephany on the male / female boss as when I was a nurse [eons ago], I had a wonderful head nurse for a boss! But I know that some women bosses can be extremely difficult, and I also know you have had that experience! I think road trips are okay if you don't have to drive long distances in a short time but can stop along the way and enjoy the sights! At least I think they would be enjoyable but I haven't taken many in my lifetime!

Unknown said...

A good boss is key. I've had good and bad in both genders.
I'd rather go fishing with our daughter today than the work I'm supposed to get done!

Carolina John said...

I'd rather take a nap than, well, do anything else.

Abby said...

I love this! I'd do it too, but being I haven't blogged in months, so now it's hard to come out with an "I'm still here" post ;)

I am with you on the male boss instead of female boss. I am not with you on the backyard thing.

I would rather eat Sour Patch Kids than any type of dessert.

I would rather deal with 110 degrees than -10 degrees (I finally came to this conclusion)

Raquelita said...

I've only ever had bad experiences with male bosses so I have to disagree with you on that one. Unfortunately, I haven't had as many female bosses, so it's not exactly a fair test, though. I'm sorry you have had bad experiences with women in the work place, but I'm afraid that it's this kind of mindset that hinders so many of us from finding success in our careers, and the odds are already stacked against women, as a recent study just showed that men who are in traditional marriages consistently rate men higher than women when given resumes with the exact same qualifications.

Summer Olympics FTW!

Amy said...

I'd rather have dessert than...anything, haha. I'd rather spend money on trips than have a closet full of new clothes.

BakingSuit said...

Mine are posted...but I love yours!

Melissa said...

I can't even IMAGINE how liberating it must be to do whatever you want after such intense studying! Sounds like you've got great plans for the weekend. Enjoy!

I would rather...
a hot summer day over a cold winter one. Is that one obvious? I don't think everyone necessarily loves those HOT summer days, but I reallyyyy do!

Amber said...

Fun post!

I would rather have coffee over tea.

I would rather text or email over talking on the phone (though long skype catch-up sessions are awesome. Just don't phone me if you only have 1 question to ask!)

I would also rather come into work early over staying late!

I have only ever had female bosses and both of my bosses have been FABULOUS so I think I'd rather have a female boss BUT I've also never had a male boss to compare :)

Shoshanah said...

I would definitely rather ride in a car than drive. And would love to go to the Olympics either way but would enjoy the summer more than the Olympics.

And technically I did get to go to the L.A. summer Olympics in 1984. The one catch... my mom was pregnant with me at the time, so I'm not sure it really counts. Ha!

AndreaClaire said...

I'm totally with you on the vacation and the train (although I really enjoy driving and do love the idea of road trips).

But I have to go with Winter Olympics. I'm Canadian. Hockey And Curling at one sporting event? Sold!


Becky said...

Oh I totally agree about the vacations vs. nice car! But I'm a winter olympics girl all the way - the hockey, the figure skating, the skiing - I love it! I mean, I don't mind the summer olympics - in fact gymnastics is my favorite and that's a summer sport - but there's just something about the winter olympics that pulls me in!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I'd rather go out on the lake than the ocean.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I think I agree with all of these. Except the condo one. I want a house with a backyard in the city. Can I please have a million dollars so I can have one?

I would rather walk than take the bus/drive. I would rather run than walk. I would rather have dinner in than dinner out. I would rather get up early than stay up late.

Jeanie said...

I know your celebration with friends must have been wonderful. As for rathering -- I'm not sure. Right now I'm doing exactly what I want -- checking in on you!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I agree with you about that car thing ... I can't understand people who buy really expensive vehicles. Baffles me. Cars are not an investment.