Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Superfood Sunday

Greetings and happy Tuesday.  4 days until my vacation starts!  :)  Woo hip!  With a vacation in sight, there isn't anything that can bring me down!  Add in the fact that I am going to see "Roman Holiday" on Thursday with The Running Historian, and well, this week is shaping up to be awesome!

You know what else is awesome?  Some of the foods I've been eating lately - especially this past Sunday.  I find that the more active I am, the more my body craves foods that are good for me.  That was definitely the case this past weekend.

Between my gluten intolerance and the fact that I try to avoid dairy most days (I have it about once a week), people often ask, "what DO you eat?"  So I thought I'd share some of what I ate this past Sunday.

1.  Morning Snack:  I used my new magic bullet (purchased with a gift card I've been hoarding for 18 months) to make a smoothie with fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana, OJ, and ice.

2.  Post-yoga snack: A diced avocado with salt and pepper.  This is one of my favorite snacks. Yes, avocados are a higher calorie/fat snack, but I feel justified in snacking on these given the number of calories I am burning!  Plus, it's a 'good' fat that your body needs!

3.  Late Lunch:  I grilled salmon for the first time and it turned out great!  I rubbed it with a little olive oil, and added salt and pepper, capers, fresh lemon juice, and a couple of lemon slices, wrapped it in foil, and grilled it on each side for about 3-5 minutes.  It turned out perfect!

The filet was a generous portion so I saved half of it for a dinner later in the week, and pair the salmon with some grilled zucchini.  

In addition to the food shown above, I also had toast with peanut butter, coffee, chips & guacamole, and a lot of pickles!!

So there you have it - some great gluten free + dairy free foods that are healthy and satisfying! 

Do you tend to eat more healthy foods when you are more active?  Have you made any new, healthy recipes lately?  I am hoping to try a few new recipes when I am at my parents' lake home over the 4th!


jillconyers said...

Have you noticed that avocado seems to be big in the media this year? I don't think a week ever goes by without me trying a new recipe.

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Kelly said...

Yay vacation!!!
I tend to eat more healthy (or at least more interesting foods usually healthier) when I have more time. Since I know I will be eating not as great on vacation I'm really trying to cook a lot this week and get some good nutrients in. I was going to cook fish tonight (Eric fished with his friend yesterday so it's super fresh!) and nowi think I'll grill it!

Gracie said...

Avocado is one of my favorite snacks, too, especially with lemon and kosher salt.

missris said...

I LOVE avocado--pairing it with black beans is a go-to lunch for me. Isn't it great that grilling season is here? I love how easy and delicious grilled food is!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

All your foods look so darn good! I'd probably combine the avocado with the chips and salsa ... and make homemade guacamole (avocado + salsa, nothing else!). =)

One of my new favorite meals is quinoa salad. I make quinoa in chicken stock (for added taste) and add as many roasted (or grilled!) vegetables that I can. Lately, it's been roasted peppers and asparagus. Then, I'll add some feta cheese and top it off with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette. It's sooooo good and I make enough to be able to "grab and go" for lunch all week!

Marlys said...

That salmon & grilled zucchini look so good, and healthy! I love avocado, too. I remember when they used to tell us that it was an unhealthy food, and now it's the opposite! Now I just have to convince your Dad that it's good! He doesn't agree!

San said...

Your salmon looks so yummy! I loved grilled/baked salmon!

I tried a few new recipes lately and I love the tomato soup that I posted. It's pretty healthy (if you leave out the sour cream, which you can totally do without losing much of the awesome taste!).

Alli said...

Yum! Everything looks so good. I really need to get a Magic Bullet, everyone I know swears by them.

Carolina John said...

i tend to eat less healthy foods when i am more active. Ironman training means I can eat all the chicken wings I want, right?

LOVING the fruit detox mondays.

Amber said...

YUM! I never thought of adding salt and pepper to an avocado and eating it as a snack like that. Good idea! I love avocadoes but mostly ON things. Eric eats plain ones all the time though.

I tend to eat healthier a) during the work week and b) when I'm doing lots of yoga. When I did that 30 day yoga challenge last year I ate SO clean because yoga makes me crave clean food, but when I'm running lots I crave carbs and cheese! I also tend to eat worse when my days aren't structured (holidays and weekends) but I definitely FEEL better when I'm eating healthy and clean. Following WW has really helped because I've been eating SO many fruits and veggies lately!

Stephany said...

I find myself wanting to eat better when I'm exercising more because it just goes together, you know? And if I'm eating terribly, I just don't FEEL like exercising. Which is the mode I've found myself in lately.

I've never tried avocado. Is that weird? Maybe I should!

The fish looks yummy, yummy! I haven't been in a "fish mood" lately, but maybe I just need to grill some up sometime soon. :)

Abby said...

Yum - I love salmon!!! Did you know that if you experience something depressing, stressful, or grief-inducing...the Omega 3-6 fatty acids will bind to help reduce that? Just another reason to eat it!

I definitely eat better being more healthy - because I crave food that will give me energy! This weekend with all the exerise that went down -- I was eating extremely efficiently! I started putting a scoop of protein powder in my oatmeal. Unfortunately, you can't do this -- but I would consider trying it with quinoa with some bananas!!

Jeanie said...

Happy Vacation! That all looks wonderful. I try to eat more healthy -- but then I just see something evil and delicious and so much for that! Happy vacation -- how wonderful in every way!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I eat so much better when my husband isn't home or cooking haha. I made lettuce wraps the other day for lunch and Isla and I both loved them! I did onions, black beans (umm is there gluten in them? i dont know ha) celery, red peppers and some seasonings and then topped it with tomato and i added sour cream and cheese but they were super yummy.

J said...

Yum! Love the avocado snack. I do that too - I know its more fat but it is good fat! I have started having smoothies for breakfast and I really like how i feel when I eat them. PLus I use coconut milk and I think that stuff really helps me hair, nails and skin!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I usually eat a lot healthier when I am more active. And when I have more time on my hands.

Melissa said...

I am totally craving a diced avocado now, that looks delicious! It's one of my favorite snacks too & it's so good for you! Salmon is one of my fave meals & it sounds like you made it perfect!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

All of that looks so good. And I just ate! But I am going to go and have a pickle now! :)

I totally eat healthier when I am active. I mean, I eat pretty healthy no matter what, but I tend to crave mostly fresh food. I did go to town on a bag of cheetoes the other day though, but I didn't buy it; my friend did and then I ate it. That is why I try to keep healthy snacks on hand!

I don't really eat that much gluten anyway, but I would be unhappy without dairy!