Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My 4th Fix

When I got back from my San Francisco trip (which was over 3 weeks ago! Where has the time gone?), I had another Stitch Fix waiting for me.  In this fix, I had asked for some fall items and I specifically requested a denim jacket.  Here is what they sent!

Item #1 - Dark Green Fitted Pants

I am all about colored pants so when I saw these in the box I was excited!

They are a dark green color, which is a color of pants I don't own and they go great with the new boots I bought this fall so my verdict was to keep them.

Item #2 - Cropped Sweater

When I pulled this next item out of the box I thought, "ooooh, a sweater!"  Then I saw that it was sort of a sheer knit material with a cropped front and I thought - "oh, not my style."

And trying it on confirmed it.  I do not care for cropped sweaters, or sweaters with different lengths in the front and back (at least on me, I think they look better on those with a shorter torso) and I really didn't like the sheer knit fabric so my verdict was to send it back.

Item # 3 - Jean Jacket

I had specifically asked my stylist to send a jean jacket so I was glad she sent one!

The color of the denim was different than what I had envisioned as it's sort of a gray denim but I liked the fit and loved how soft and comfortable the denim was.  I sent it to a friend for her opinion on the color of the denim and she liked it so my verdict was to keep it!

Item #4 - Pencil skirt

I had asked my stylist to also send a pencil skirt and instantly knew I'd like it when I pulled it out of the box.  It's hard to tell in this photo but little geographical shapes create the stripes.

I tried it on and loved it so my verdict was to keep it!  I actually ended up wearing it to work the next day and got some compliments on it.

Item #5 - Green Blouse

The last item in my box was a silky green blouse.  I have more than enough bottoms in my closet but don't have enough tops so I was hoping to like this.

Unfortunately I did not care for it.  It felt a little bit too billowy and I didn't like how it look when it was tucked or un-tucked.  Plus I did not care for the green color so my verdict was to send it back.

So in total, I kept 3 pieces and sent back 2.  Each fix does seem to get better so it's good to see that they are incorporating my feedback.  I will get another fix later this month and I asked my stylist to include a dress for the wedding we'll attend in Jamaica so hopefully I like what she sends.  After that fix I am going to take a break for the rest of the year as I want to cut back on my spending as the holiday season approaches.

Have you added any fall pieces to your wardrobe recently?  Besides the 3 items I kept out of this fix, I also bought brown boots, a brown leather purse and skinny jeans in September.  

The thoughts in this review are my own and I was not compensated by Stitch Fix to post this review.  However, I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up for Stitch Fix using the referral link included in this post. 


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I love that jean jacket! I just got one a few months ago too and I've been wearing it a lot in the fall though now it's almost getting too cold here, I need fleece! Boo.

I added two Old Navy dresses, one gray and one blue and orange stripes to my wardrobe this fall. I also just ordered gray leggings and a new pair of black pants because I currently have not a single pair that I like. I've been wearing dresses and leggings every day to work, but not sure how long I can keep this up! haha

Becky said...

Oooh those pants and that jacket - LOVE! Love reading these stitch posts!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I really like that skirt! I probably would not have picked it out if there were several to choose from, but more because I am boring and I usually pick solid colors. However, I think it looks great! I guess that's the bonus of having someone else pick your clothes; they pick things that you wouldn't pick yourself, but that look great!

Marlys said...

I think you looked great in all the clothes and I really did like the green shirt, although maybe not that color? That skirt is really cute and you are so lucky you can pull off wearing horizontal stripes! Also really like the jacket & jeans! The one I didn't care for was the sweater for the same reasons you described!

missris said...

LOVE those pants--super cute! And not to sound too weird or whatever but you are looking great these days! :)

katielookingforward said...

I love that skirt!!! I do like sweaters that are longer in the back (but I do have a short torso) but that particular one doesn't look long enough for me. I like to wear them with leggings, so the back part needs to cover most of my butt.

J and A said...

Those pants are made for you! They looks awesome!! Totally agree on all your keeps! They look great on you!

Nora said...

I just picked up some wide leg pants in gray, black and a black/white tweed for the winter months. They were BOGO so it was a great deal. I also picked up some blouses at JCrew/Banana, and one has Eiffel Towers on it, which made me think of you. Double bonus: I had a gift card from a work thing so I didn't have to use any of "my," money for this which made it all the more fun to shop!

I need new jeans & boots and then my fall/winter looks will be complete.

Love the jean jacket, skirt & pants you kept! You're so trim!

Amber said...

Yup I would agree the pants, jean jacket and skirt were all big wins and the other two were meh! I especially like that skirt. I'm glad you got a jean jacket you love. I spent a decent amount on my jean jacket (over $100) but I wear it ALL the time and it's such good quality. Even after several washes it hasn't lost it's shape so I know it was a good investment!

Linda said...

I love your keeps! LOVE them.

Caroline said...

Nice! I love your keeps! This is fun to see the progression of your fixes :)

Stephany said...

Ooh, I really love that skirt! Such fun colors! :)

I'm on the hunt for a jean jacket. Fall/winter is so weird in Florida and I hate buying wintery clothes for 2 months out of the year, but I know I need to invest in some nice fall/winter clothes so I can stop feeling so frumpy when it gets cold!

Cherry Blossoms said...

The jean jacket sounds cute. I love mine from Jcrew that I got last year. I actually think the blouse looked nice on you. Green is a good color on you. I am also not a fan of the cropped sweater and it seems they are everywhere this season.

Charis Faith said...

I love these posts! I have a girl at work who also uses stitch fix. She had pieces that she sends back and pieces she keeps. I keep going through and letting go of clothes so right now I have way more going out than much purchasing happening. I do desperately need new running shoes though! I agreed with your assessments of the clothes! I also think you look fantastic!

Abby said...

Fun! You look great in everything! Love that jean jacket. I need to get a jean jacket....as that's a practical "winter jacket" in Tucson....

Not a fan of cropped anything either! (except pants. I like cropped pants. But I don't care for the shirts and sweaters)

You did well on this 'fix'!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love, love, love those green pant!! The jean jacket is fab too!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

That sweater is special. Your fix was great! I LOVE that jean jacket and those pants!

Shoshanah said...

I love the pencil skirt! It just fits you so well, and more than that it just feels like you. I also always love your boxes, and your posts always make me want to start using stitch fix ASAP