Friday, November 17, 2017


Hello, Friday! This week flew by for me. Here's a TGIF-style recap of my week!

The high of my week was getting our listing photos back. I'm really happy with how they turned out. It feels so good to have the photos taken care of so we don't have to deal with having them taken once we have a baby!

The low of my week was my painful flare and steroid injection. I'm so over these weekly flares. They just wipe me out and make it so hard to do basic tasks like cooking and cleaning.

The book I am reading is It's Okay to Laugh by Nora McInerny Purmort. This is a re-read for me. I don't often re-read books, but it's our December book club book so I wanted the book to be fresh in my mind so I could contribute to the discussion.

Recipes I made were this instant pot chicken enchilada soup. Our verdict was that it was 'just ok.' It just didn't have as much flavor as we like. Last night I made baked chicken parmesan (but skipped the melted cheese on top as we didn't have mozzarella on hand) on top of GF pasta with puttanesca sauce. It was really good!

The best money I spent was on these warming mittens. They are supposed to help with arthritis. Who knows if they will help my RA but I figure it's worth a shot!

My plans this weekend include going out to dinner tonight with some girls from book club and then attending a live taping of the podcast, Terrible, Thanks for Asking. We are reading the book by the host of the podcast (Nora McInerny Purmort) for our December meeting so it will be fun to see her live before our book club meeting! On Saturday, my SIL and I are going to shop for the family we are sponsoring for Christmas. Starting last year, instead of giving our parents a Christmas gift, we use the money we would have spent to sponsor a family in need. I don't have any specific plans for Sunday besides grocery shopping/preparing for Thanksgiving. I'm hosting my family for a lasagna dinner the day after Thanksgiving. I'm making 2 lasagnas - one veggie and one meat. I am planning to make one of the lasagnas on Sunday. It will be nice to get one of the lasagnas made/froze ahead of time!

What was the high of your week? Did you make any recipes this week (either new-to-you or tried and true)?


Charbelle said...

Your dinner looks so yummy! Sounds like such a fun weekend! I hope the gloves help!!! I'm pretty excited at all the extra I've been able to do this year for Christmas. I ordered from the Amazon wish list for Crossnore, I have my Compassion child and his family (I do this each year but this year I was also able to gift the family), we're having a Christmas Boutique that I'm volunteering for the 2nd year (last year it was the day you texted me that you got engaged, LOVE) and this year I was also able to gift towards that. I'm sure there will be a few more opportunities pop up to give and I still have to get my family gifts, eeks!

Marlys said...

I love those mittens! What color did you get?
That dinner looks so good! I didn't cook much this week as we had leftover spaghetti two nights and I made a chicken noodle casserole, so your Dad was in heaven - he loves pasta dishes!
Have a fun evening and a great weekend! Get some rest, too!

Hi, I'm Marty said...

Re-reading is not my thing either but I'm glad you're kind enough to do it to contribute in the discussions. I hope you enjoy the book as much as you did the first time.

Also the soup you made sounds amazing!

Have a good weekend!
The Fitness Bro

Jeanie said...

Apart from the flares and shot it sounds like a good week with a fun weekend coming up.

The high of my week was spending two evenings with a violinist from Russia (and Chicago now) and his pianist at two events -- one, a donor event where he did a little mini-concert and the other, dinner at Rick's where Ilya played violin with Rick and his buddy playing guitar and flute. I wish I could have gone to the concert but by then I felt too sick and besides, I got the best end of the deal!

New recipes? Yes -- Susan Branch's almond coconut macaroons. Very tasty!

Amber said...

Is the author of that book the host from TTFA?? I will have to add that book to my to read list! I bet it's good. Man I am having trouble coming up with a high from my last week, it's been a bit of a rough week and I really didn't do much of anything. Last Monday I did go to a super fun Christmas craft night with some friends and made a Christmas centrepiece for our dining room table so that was a high.

I made this buffalo chicken casserole to freeze for when baby comes, I hope it's good!

Stephany said...

I have had that baked chicken parm recipe bookmarked for... years, I think. I need to give it a go! It scares me a little for some reason, haha.

The high of my week(end) was shopping for Thanksgiving dinner with my mom. We went all around our city to get stuff and it was a ton of fun to spend time with her.

katielookingforward said...

OMG!!! I was at Ttfa live and thought i saw you in the crowd. I should have been super annoying and just introduced myself to the stranger. I'm more than likely re-reading its okay to laugh tomorrow morning because its been on my mind lately.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That lasagna dinner sounds fun! It's a meal that I think everyone loves. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Phil!!!

I am checking out those mittens. I am not a fan of winter, and hate being outside in the winter, so anything that helps me to be warm makes me happy.

We made a few recipes this week that were all tried and true, and we planned a couple for next week that are new to us.