Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Baby Paul's Baptism

Baby Paul was baptized this past weekend. We had planned the baptism for April 15th before he was even born. At the time we were hoping that the weather would be nice enough for our guests to hang out on the back deck. Our house is pretty small and we were expecting 15+ people so the extra outdoor space would make things more comfortable.

Well, that did not happen because we got the 12th biggest snow storm in Minneapolis's history on Saturday-Sunday.

Our back deck on Saturday in the early afternoon
Luckily my parents and sister and her family that were traveling from North Dakota/NW Minnesota made it. I did not expect either of them to make it but they lucked out and were able to arrive in the Twin Cities before the snow really started to fall.

My mom came over on Saturday afternoon to help with the meal prep. I tried to keep it as easy as possible. I was only about 6 weeks post partum so I didn't want to overdo it but I also wanted a special and delicious meal for our guests. We made 2 egg bakes and a spiced coffee cake. A couple of weeks earlier I made a couple of batches of homemade granola which we served with vanilla yogurt and fresh berries. Phil's mom provided a fruit salad. Unfortunately she was not able to make it as she hadn't been dug out by Sunday morning and the roads were still awful.  :(

On Saturday afternoon my mom and I got were pretty busy in the kitchen. Phil was running errands and doing other things around the house, so I put Paul in the K-Tan carrier so I could have both hands free to help out in the kitchen. In the past he has hated being in the carrier but he now likes it! Score!

My mom was planning to go back to my brothers that night since they have a roomy suburban home, but we ended up getting about 15" of snow that day and it was still snowing in the evening so she ended up staying with us. Luckily she had left her bags in the car when she came over on Saturday so she had everything she needed! I don't think she minded getting stranded at our house as she got lots of extra cuddles from Paul!

The baptism was on Sunday morning after mass. I bought an outfit for Paul when he was just over a week old. At that point I thought he would be in 0-3 month clothes so that is the size I bought for him. Everyone always says that babies are barely in newborn clothes...  turns out that is NOT the case for us as he'll be in that size for at least 2 months since he is such a peanut! So his outfit was pretty big on him but we just went with it because I had nothing else to dress him in.

Paul's expression = how he feels about wearing something besides sleepers
The baptism was really nice. He was baptized by one of the priests who officiated at our wedding. It's pretty crazy that he was performing this sacrament just under 11 months after he married us! We ended up baptizing Paul at a church 2 blocks from our house instead of the church we got married at. We both prefer the church where we got married but convenience rules right now (the other church is downtown so not a super convenient location to get to). We were VERY glad we only had to drive 2 blocks (we would normally walk but that was out of the question with the amount of snow we received - plus it was STILL snowing on Sunday morning).

With Father Park

Paul's Godparents - my brother Kevin and SIL Julie

With grandma and grandpa
After the baptis, everyone came back to our house. We ended up having 11 guests in addition to Phil and me. Phil's mom was snowed in and he told his aunt and cousins who were planning to come to stay home and meet Paul another time since the road conditions were so bad.

I was too busy to take any pictures of the food, besides the cake that we ordered from a local grocery store. In hindsight we could have skipped dessert as not many people ate cake but oh well. My sister-in-law made homemade vanilla ice cream and I enjoyed a large serving of that as her ice cream is so good (the cake was not GF - GF cake sucks so I just ordered a regular cake).

Paul got to meet 3 more of his cousins! As you can see, we quickly changed him out of his fancy outfit and into a cozy sleeper!

Evelyn, my youngest niece

Charlie and Paul

My Godson James and Paul

After brunch everyone headed out. It was still snowing so the out-of-towners wanted to hit the road so they'd have plenty of time to get back home.

By the end of Sunday, we had about 20" of snow, I think.

It's soooo depressing to look out our window in mid-April and see all this snow. I know it will melt fast but it's just insane that we have so much snow on the ground. This snowstorm was the 12th biggest snowstorm Minneapolis has ever experience. Additionally, it set a record for the biggest April snowstorm on record and made this the snowiest April on record. It also made this season the 10th snowiest winter ever, and 1/3 of the seasonal snowfall happpened in the last 2 weeks. :....(

We tried to get out for a walk today as I *thought* that sidewalks would be shoveled by now (you are required by law to shovel your sidewalks within a day or 2 of a storm). I tried walking along a road that is lined with commercial businesses as I thought for sure the sidewalks would be clear. NOPE.

But I guess this weather is what makes us midwesterners so hearty. And it really makes us appreciate beautiful summer and fall days. I'm just ready for those beautiful days to be here!

Nonetheless, Paul's baptism was a very special event, even with the terrible weather and the missing family members!


Charbelle said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! I can't even imagine!!! You look so pretty with your family!!!! What a special day!!! I ADORED his baptism outfit!!! He looked super duper handsome!!! I'm glad your mom was able to fit in the extra snuggles!!! This weather is just crazy!!!

Jeanie said...

I love every photo, Lisa. It sounds beautiful and you all looked so wonderful. Paul was darling! And so glad your parents could make it. We dodged your snowstorm but I'm so sorry it bungled up things a bit. Still, you pulled it off with great aplomb!Bravo!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Everyone looks so great in the pictures, especially you Mom! I'm sure you are, but you don't look tired at all! Glad at least some family members could make it to the baptism! Hoping for good weather to melt all the snow this week!

Gracie said...

Wow, what weather. That's insane. But I am happy you had a joyous family celebration anyway! Midwesterners are indeed a hearty lot - but I think you have had your fair share at this point. Time to send that nasty weather away! C'mon, spring!

missris said...

It snowed all day yesterday in Pittsburgh--when will this winter ever end?! But anyway, you all look so happy in these pictures. My heart is so full for you and your little family. And, I don't usually comment on people's appearances but I have to say you look fabulous! Motherhood agrees with you <3

Marlys said...

It was a beautiful day, spiritually anyway! And for family to celebrate such a special event together, despite missing some important people due to the weather, made it even better.
I enjoyed our day together, and to spend time snuggling Paul. He is such a cuddle bum! The day flew by and it was fortunate that I could spend the night as I know you needed help in the morning while Phil was moving snow so we could get to and out of the garage!

San said...

Oh goodness, I am so sorry you were snowed in. I mean, you'd think that a baptism in April should provide some spring weather. It sounds like you made the best of it though and look at cute little Paul in his grown up clothes (that don't quite fit yet) ;) How could you have known he would still be such a peanut?

Carolina John said...

God bless Paul. Those photos are wonderful, so glad you posted more. And that snow is unbelievable!

katielookingforward said...

I'm so glad almost everyone was able to make it!! I stayed over at my grandparents house last weekend, it was fun to be snowed in with them and drink hot cocoa.

Stephany said...

Gosh, you really would never think with an April 15th baptism date, you'd have to worry about an epic snowstorm! How crazy! I really hope spring is on its way to you Minnesotans. This is just nuts.

Baby Paul's baptism day looked beautiful, nonetheless. If anything, I'm glad your mom got extra baby snuggles and you got another pair of helping hands.

Amber said...

So sorry that the weather was SO AWFUL but it's amazing that so many of your family members basically moved heaven and earth to be there!! Paul looked soooo cute in his baptism outfit, I love the teal pants and I also love the expression of him not wearing comfy clothes!!! ha ha

Leigh said...

You guys got so much snow! Glad most of your family was able to make it and that it went well :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

We pretty much had the same winters. Everything you guys got, we got at the same time. That's too bad that Phil's mom couldn't make the baptism, but better to be safe at home in those conditions.

Glad you're finally have Spring weather there!!!