Monday, April 9, 2018

Maternity Leave Goals

At the start of 2018, I decided not to set any goals for 2018 since I wasn't sure what life with an infant would like for us. Now that we've been parents for almost 6 weeks, I feel ready to set a few goals for my maternity leave. I know it might not be wise to set goals for my maternity leave as I know I should be enjoying it and soaking up time with Paul. But I'm the kind of person that does best when I have goals I am striving for. Plus caring for an infant kind of feels like Ground Hog's Day so I am thinking that having some goals will give me some purpose and push me to be more productive (occasionally).

Here are some things I'm hoping to accomplish before I return to work on July 10th!

1. Swap out maternity clothes for pre-pregnancy clothes.  I've been hesitant to pack up my maternity clothes as I figure there are some tops I might want to wear since I don't quite fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. That said, it's been 6 weeks and I have yet to wear any maternity tops so I think I should swap them out soon and get my pre-pregnancy clothes back in the closet.

2. Lose my maternity weight. This might be an unrealistic goal, but I'd love to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time I return to work in July. I didn't put on all that much weight during the pregnancy so this seems pretty doable. I know my body will probably never look like it did pre-pregnancy but I'd like to be able to fit into some or most of my pre-pregnancy work clothes as I hate the thought of buying a whole new wardrobe! I think if I pay a little closer attention to what I am eating and find ways to move my body every day, I can get back or close to my pre-pregnancy weight. If I'm struggling to lose the weight, I will probably join Weight Watchers in June as I've always had success with that program.

3. Clean out the rest of our kitchen cupboards.  In January, I started to clean out the cupboards in our kitchen. Then the pain of my blood clot set in and derailed that project. I only have our bottom cupboards left so this is a pretty manageable task!

So there you have - 3 things I'd like to accomplish in the next 3 months. 2 seem achievable, one (losing my maternity weight) is a bit of a stretch goal. If I don't accomplish all 3 then so be it, but at least this will give me some things to work towards!

Are there any goals that you are working towards right now?


Charbelle said...

I think these goals are totally "do-able"! I contemplated WW again this year but ultimately started tracking my food and signed up for the mile challenge. I'm actively moving 6 out of 7 days. I am planning for the Charlotte half in November so this gives me plenty of time to slowly build mileage! I heard about Les Mills GRIT from a friend of mine who is an instructor, they have virtual workouts that you might be interested in. Hopefully the weather warms up ASAP and y'all can get outside for lots of walks!

Jeanie said...

All good goals and ones I think someone as well directed as you will accomplish. I continue on my regular goals of cleaning/purging the basement first, then other rooms. One day at a time.

Stephany said...

I think these are very doable goals, and I’m glad you’re not putting too much pressure on yourself to lose all of the baby weight by the time your maternity leave ends. I think it makes sense to try to move your body and eat well, but also realize that you just birthed a human (!) and it may take a while for your body to return to that pre-pregnancy weight.

katielookingforward said...

I love those goals! it seemed like you wore your regular work clothes for quite a while, so if anything I would start with the last "normal" clothes you wore as your "first" this go-around.

Amber said...

Love this!! I too have a big goal of doing a BIG closet clean out before I go back to work in November. Even if/when I lose my pregnancy weight I know my body will be so different, I can already tell my mid section will regularly be "wider" now, which I don't love. I think I will have to add some more looser flowing tops to my wardrobe as that wasn't really a style I wore lots before. I think I will do one or two frock boxes (like stitch fix but in Canada) before I return to work.

San said...

I think it's great that you didn't feel like putting a lot of pressure on yourself and I definitely think you're goals are very achievable.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

My current goal is to read more, and this summer I'd like to learn to play the drums; Christopher is going to give me lessons, as he used to teach drum lessons!!

All my other goals are pretty long term ... but I too need to have goals, as they keep me feeling productive and motivated. Honestly, I'm missing being a student, so I might find myself working towards another degree at some point.

suki said...

You've got this! :D

My current goal is to blog more. Twice this week already - YAAAAH!