Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Highlights

Christmas has come and gone. Am I the only one who is a little bit glad to have the holiday behind us? I do really love Christmas, but the excess (calories, gifts, wrapping paper, etc) gets to be a lot for me as I tend toward the minimalist side. Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful holiday, but it's kind of nice to get back to normal life again!

Here are some Christmas highlights from the last several days!

Friday:  Phil went to his Christmas party and I had a quiet night at home with Paul as I wasn't feeling well. I was in bed early.
Playing with the felt tree from Nana Joan
Saturday: Paul was up at 5 (yawn!). We had our last swimming lesson of the term. No one else came so Paul had a one-on-one lesson, which wore him out! The weather was mild that day so we went for a family walk. Paul loves seeing the ducks at the creek by our house.

Sunday: Phil went out to his mom's for a good chunk of the day to help with some things around her house. Paul and I had a quiet day at home. The weather was mild again so we went for a long walk.
He loves lining up his little people. No idea what I was watching on tv while he was playing!

Monday: Daycare was closed Monday/Tuesday so I had the days off. Paul was up at 5 again. Yaaawn. We went for an extra long walk to the library and played there for awhile. Nana Joan came in the late afternoon to spend a couple of days with us for Christmas. We ordered pizza for dinner which Paul was excited about as he loves pizza!

Talking on his "hello" while playing with toys. He's learned to multi-task!

Walking along the creek!

The little people are by far his favorite toy these days.

Tuesday:  Phil worked from home since the market was closed mid-day. I worked on some meal prep, including making the GF cinnamon rolls for Christmas Day. I had never made rolls before so I had to call my mom 3 times for advice/reassurance. They were not pretty but GF dough is extremely difficult to work with as it's not stretchy like glutenous dough is! On Christmas Eve, we went to mass with Phil's cousin and his family and then over to their house. We had to get to church 30 min early. Paul did not make it through much of mass as he said "all done" about 5 minutes after mass started. I can't blame him - it's a long time to sit still. We had a really wonderful time with Phil's extended family. Paul got tons of attentions and way too many presents! We stayed until 8:45 so Paul went to bed about 2 hours later than usual. We paid for it a bit the next day but we figure it's ok to go off schedule once in awhile.

Wednesday: Paul "slept in" until 7. I was up at 6, go figure. We got him a train table and some trains off Facebook market place and 4 books for his stocking. He doesn't quite understand how to use the train tracks yet but he'll figure it out eventually. He loved his books! We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast - they looked better once they were baked and frosted and tasted delicious. This was my firs time hosting a holiday and it went pretty well. Everything was pretty much ready at the same time and I made gravy for the first time. Paul napped while we ate (he had an early lunch) and opened presents and then he opened presents when he woke up. Everyone left around 4 so we had the evening to declutter and tidy up. By the end of the night, I felt how Oscar looked in the last picture.

Paul is back at daycare today and I'm back at work - and not mad about it. It was nice to be home with Paul for 5 full days, but I was ready to return to work and normalcy today!

If you celebrate Christmas, how was your holiday? 


Stephany said...

Haha, I'm ready to take down all my holiday decorations and put my apartment back to order already! I try to wait until Jan. 1st to do that but usually, once Christmas is over, I'm ready to put all the decorations away!

My Christmas was good! Nothing special, haha, but it was fine. It was fun to see how excited my younger nephew got for presents. He's four so he's really understanding the concept of Santa and presents now!

Gracie said...

What a sweet holiday with your little guy! Good for you for hosting. It's a big undertaking, but I wish I'd get that assignment...I love hosting, but family politics disallow it. Instead, an aunt who HATES CHRISTMAS hosts. She doesn't decorate/put up a tree etc and it ends up being a late-night, dark, depressing gathering. I fully plan on being first in line to take over when she relinquishes the right/duty/responsibility!

Marlys said...

Our Christmas was very low key, but so enjoyable! I'm gearing up for a weekend snowstorm, so I should get the final wrapping done. Being we are celebrating our Christmas after New Years, I didn't wrap all the gifts so have that to look forward to. And I plan on catching up on some relaxation, so all is looking good.
I loved the recap photos of your Christmas - it's apparent that Paul loves his "hello"! It's so cute how they copy adults!
Can't wait to celebrate with you next week!

Jeanie said...

It sounds wonderful, Lisa. All good things. (Those rolls look great, too!) Loved Oscar's photo and of course always the Paul pix. Ours was good, fun with the Toddler Twosome. We have one more gathering tonight, then I can pack away the wrapping (even though I'll be connecting with one friend after the new year. All good.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

It sounds like such a nice Christmas, and a wonderful time spent with family. Your cinnamon rolls look great! I totally understand that you were ready to get back to normalcy. We were go-go-going for the past few days, seeing so many people, visiting, eating, etc., and now it is so nice to be at home and not have anywhere to go, and to just "be" for a while. Christopher goes back to work tomorrow, but I am off until the 6th and plan on doing a lot of reading and a whole lot of nothing during that time.

Amber said...

So late commenting on this but looks like such a wonderful holiday! I was feeling really burnt out after the Christmas week, but I'm feeling better after this last week which was slightly more low key (though still fairly busy) and I'm 100% ready to get back to routine! Paul looks so cute in his jeans and little plaid shirt. Olivia LOVED opening presents this year. The excess is a bit much but I did a huge clean out of Olivia's toybox on Christmas Eve so it actually has been kind of nice to have some new toys for her to play with as they seem to be keeping her entertained a bit better. And luckily everything my mom and dad got her stays at my moms house!!