Friday, November 13, 2020


TGIF! I'm off work today so yesterday was kind of my Friday. I realized I hadn't taken a day off work since our August vacation so felt like I needed one day off when Paul is in school before the baby arrives! I don't really have any plans for the day besides taking it really easy. In pre-Covid times I would be getting a massage but that just seems like a bad idea for a high risk person like me. But I will find other ways to relax/treat myself.

The book I'm reading is Beach Read by Emily Henry, which is another romance novel. I have read more romance novels than ever this year because I have craved light, happy books during this heavy, challenging year. I've heard great things about this book so am sure I will enjoy it!  I used to kind of turn my nose up at romance novels, but I've change my mind this year. There are great romance writers and it's not the 'ripping bodices' plotlines you might picture on Harlequin novels. There's great character development and strong female characters. And sometimes a person just wants a guaranteed happy ending (if there isn't a happy ending, it's not a romance). 

The high of my week was that the baby looked good during all of the monitoring at my 36 week appointment. They did a growth ultrasound and he's measuring about where Paul did at this point (I also had a lot of ultrasounds/monitoring with him) so I'm guessing he'll be similarly sized? We'll see! To be honest, I do wish at every appointment that they will see something minor that will require moving up my c section. Obviously I want baby to be healthy but the sooner this pregnancy is over, the better, given how challenging these final weeks have been. 

The low of my week was pregnancy stuff. I'm in a bad stretch of RA flares so ended up getting 2 steroid injections on Tuesday. I haven't had any this pregnancy since it's been hard to get in with a PA due to reduced staffing, but I was able to get in this week thank goodness, as these flares did not seem to be going anywhere. The other low was finding out I needed to have a CT scan of my chest. Phil pushed me to email my OB to let her know I've been having trouble getting deep breaths. I didn't have this problem with my last pregnancy but I chalked it up to the baby restricting my lung capacity. But since I have a history of blood clots (I had a massive one at 34 weeks with Paul), my OB said I had to have a CT scan to rule out a pulmonary embolism. We knew it was incredibly unlikely since I've been on blood thinner injections since 6 weeks but better safe than sorry. The scans came back clear but it wasn't fun to spend about 2.5 hours at a hospital getting a scan/waiting around for results. December 3rd can NOT come fast enough!

A recipe I made was loaded Italian Sausages with asparagus and bake potatoes. We have a lot of turkey sausages in the freezer so this was a good low-carb way to use a package of them. Even though my baked potato was small, I got a slightly high blood sugar from this meal. But I'm just accepting that I am going to have 1-2 highs/week - my endo is ok with that. 

A show we are watching is the 2nd season of Fargo. This show is a bit too dark for my taste but it's interesting enough to keep me watching. We aren't liking it as much as the first season but decided to stick with it. I'm looking forward to the new season of "The Crown" which comes out on Sunday as that is a show we both love!

The best money spent was on lattes! I did get a suggestion for a vanilla creamer that is diabetes/keto friendly, though, so I might have Phil try to find that to me so I don't keep spending $5/day on coffee. But we'll see - with less than 3 weeks left of pregnancy, I feel like coffees might be worth the splurge.

My plans this weekend include crickets. We have no plans. The weather won't be terrible but it's not 'have an outdoor play date' kind of weather either. I'm sure we'll go for walks and find ways to fill the days but we don't have anything specific planned. Such is covid life in the winter! If I don't have any bad flares this weekend, I think we will put up our Christmas tree. This is extremely early for me to do that, but I feel like the warm glow of a tree would be nice and cheery! 

How was your week?


Stephany said...

I'm glad you gave yourself a day off yesterday! It was probably so nice to just take it easy. <3 I'm sorry your RA has been giving you soooo much trouble. Ugh. It must make this pregnancy seem longer than usual!

You know I'm all about a good romance novel. They probably make up at least half of my reading life, if not more! They just make me happy and satisfied. :)

My week was weird, since Wednesday was filled with weather alerts about storm surge and tornado warnings with then-Hurricane Eta headed our way. I was worried I was going to have to evacuate quickly, but the storm turned north overnight and we were fine! It was super windy and rainy on Wednesday and Thursday, but I didn't lose power so that was a relief!

Grateful Kae said...

Yay for days off with no kids home. I used to do that regularly when the boys were little. I still try to, periodically. I would time them very carefully to make sure I had NO appointments or other obligations of any kind that would eat into my free time. :) I'm glad you had a relaxing day!!

Let me just say, other people's pregnancies just fly by for me! hahaha. I'm sorry. I know it's not even funny- and that it's certainly not flying by for you. But I really can't believe you're 36 weeks! Wow. Like I said, when other people are pregnant it always seems to go so fast (to me). I know it is definitely NOT going fast for you. (When I was pregnant it didn't seem to go so fast, either!) Sucks so much that you've had so many troubles with your RA. UGH UGH UGH. Will keep thinking happy thoughts for you and wishing the next weeks fly by for you, too. Maybe your delivery will need to get bumped up by one day and our boys can share a birthday! (Dec 2nd). :)

Jeanie said...

I hope you're decking the halls as we speak. Write. I'm "at home," baking. Speaking of, do you read Jan's "Low Carb Diabetic" or something similar to that? She has some recipes that sound pretty good!

Take care. It will be time soon!

Carola Bartz said...

I'm quite surprised that you still go to work at 36 weeks! I lived in Germany for more than 40 years, and our naternity leave starts six weeks before the due date. I couldn't have done what you do, especially with all the added difficulties you have to deal with. I hope everything works out well and you will have a healthy baby.
Will you let us know how you liked the booked when you're finished? I always look for book recommendations. I understand your desire for lighter reads in this strange year.
Those sausages look delicious - I saved the recipe. Thank you for posting the link.

katielookingforward said...

I say keep splurging on the coffee, unless the weather is going to get in the way of being able to go get them! I'm glad you had a day off, I will have a couple extra days to use in december that I always save just in case I get sick, but with working from home, i haven't used them. here's hoping this time passes quickly!

dailycandy said...

I know youre almost there...but another good coffee idea is adding heavy whipping cream with some skinny syrups!

Gracie said...

Girl - get the lattes. It's the least you can do to cheer yourself up with all you have to deal with!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I'm glad the CT scan was all good, but what a pain to have to worry about that with everything else you've had going on. I can't even imagine how ready you are to meet your little guy.

I started watching The Crown while I practice my drum rudiments on a drum pad. I'm three episodes into the first season :-)