Monday, April 26, 2021

Baptism Weekend + Return To Work

Woo, I am coming at you on Monday of my first full week of work! I'm feeling pretty exhausted and imagine I'm only going to feel more tired as the week progresses but that's infant mom life for you! 

I returned to work on Thursday! My parents came on Wednesday night so they could watch Will for the first 2 days. It was nice to be able to visit him throughout the day and see how he did with bottles before sending him to daycare. He didn't eat great on Thursday but Friday was a much better day so hopefully he eats plenty today. Fingers crossed. I know it's a big adjustment to go from breastfeeding to bottles. We did give the occasional bottle when I was home with him, but not often enough for them to feel familiar to him.

I somehow did not take a single picture of my parents holding Will! Whoops! But they got lots of time with him on Thursday and Friday! I logged off at 3 on Friday since work was quiet and I was missing my boy! It's been a very gradual return to work as it takes time to get plugged back in to all that is going on at work. 

Reading up on bedtime routines!

We had the baptism on Sunday morning so Saturday was a very busy day as we had lots to do to prepare for the post-baptism meal. I soaked up snuggles with Will in the between all the prep work!

Pablo helped Nana make some chocolate chip cookies. Excuse the mess in our kitchen! 

And Pablo got a long overdue haircut so he's looked extra snazzy for baptism photos.

So much love between these 2 already. Will LOVES to watch Pablo!

The baptism was after mass on Sunday morning. Paul did really well during mass and not so well during the baptism (you can see him trying to squirm away from Phil in this photo). But he exceeded my expectations for mass so I can't really blame him for being rambunctious during the baptism.

The baptism attendance was capped at 10 due to covid precautions, so we just had the grandparents and Godparents. The baptism was really nice and Will handled the water pretty well and just squawked a tiny bit. 

He missed his nap that morning was fell asleep in my arms after the baptism.

We got home and took photos before Will went down for a nap. This is actually our first family photo since Will was born. It's not "great" as I'm the only one who is smiling but it's as good as it gets when you have 2 young kids, both of which were ready for naps at this point! 

We had a yummy lunch of burgers, brats, fruit salad, potato salad, and chips with corn and bean salsa. It was nothing fancy but it tasted good which is all that matters! I was glad it didn't rain while Phil was grilling! After everyone left, it briefly snowed! Minnesota springs just kind of suck. I had to wear a different outfit than I planned as it was too cold to have bare legs that morning. So it goes!

I was completely exhausted that afternoon but was able to lay down for an hour while Will napped. Paul has been waking up extra early and then I think he wakes William when he yells for us so it's time to get an 'ok to wake' alarm clock... He was up even earlier today ven though we pushed back his bedtime last night - he was up yelling for us at 5:30 am.. I thought the 6am wake-ups this weekend were bad enough so need to nip these early waking in the bud. 

How was your weekend? Is the weather spring-like where you are? It will warm up this week, thank goodness. I'm over these cold temps!


Gracie said...

Congratulations on Will's baptism! Dominic was actually baptized this weekend, too (thanks, COVID). His grandfather (a deacon) baptized him and since it was only our family in the church we were even able to go mask-free. Continued prayers for your work return - may it continue to be smooth for your family!

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a wonderful, if exhausting, weekend! I love that photo of the two boys together -- so precious. And I'm glad you finally have a photo of the four of you! It sounds like it went off without a hitch, except for sleepy-cranky and that's just the way it is! I hope your work return goes well and glad it went well with the parents!

Grateful Kae said...

Great pics!! I love the one of the boys together. That is just so sweet.... love it. I also love the family picture! So typical, hahah! I feel like I'm always the one saying, ok everyone SMILE! And then everyone else blinks or frowns. Haha! It sounds like a really nice time. Perfect, under the circumstances. I'm so glad you were able to get a baptism in! At this time last year, it wouldn't have even been possible, I'm sure. I feel so bad for the many people that had to miss baptisms, weddings, etc in this last year. So disappointing! That also sounds like the perfect return to work. Smart idea to return on a Thursday. I can only imagine that it will be SO much nicer working from home and returning to work, too. Just totally cutting out the whole getting ready/ commute rush must be a life saver.

Stephany said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful baptism for Will! It's a breath of fresh air that you were able to get together with family after such a long, hard year. Yay!

I can't believe you guys went from grilling weather to snow in the same day! Crazy Minnesota.

San said...

Congratulations on Will's baptism. I love the photo of the four of you!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Your weather sounds so similar to ours in Saskatchewan. We had like 4 winters this year, ha! It's really nice now and the trees are starting to get little buds. I love Spring 💜