Friday, May 21, 2021


Happy Friday! It's a rainy morning here but we really needed the rain so I can't complain. I just hope it's not too rainy this weekend so we can be outside as much as possible! Here is how my week shaped up!

The book I'm reading is Mergers and Acquisitions by Cate Doty. This is a memoir written by a columnist for the NY Times wedding section. It's all about what she learned over the years covering weddings. The wedding of a good friend of mine from NY was in the Times Sunday Vows section and I was in the print version as they included a photo of the couple and me! So that was pretty cool! I love books like this and it felt timely to start this on our 4th anniversary. 

The high of my week was going to a friend's mother blessing last Sunday, which is a mom-centric alternative to a baby shower (super cool idea!). This was the first social event I've been to since last September when we saw a group of Phil's HS friends. It was also the first time I've been away from both boys on a weekend for more than 40 minutes!!! We all sat outside and it was just so lovely to see people in person and celebrate this amazing mom-to-be. These kind of events are what I missed most during the pandemic. I don't miss restaurants or concerts or things like that. Take-out suffices and we aren't in a stage of life where it's easy/super desirable to go to concerts and such. But give me the in-person social gatherings! 

The low of my week was still feeling sick and Will getting sick with our cold. Bleh. I can't wait for us to all be healthy. It was a head cold for Phil and me but a chest cold for the boys. On Thursday morning, he coughed after I fed him at 4am and then projectile spit up everything he ate... Oy. On top of feeling under the weather, Paul has had a tough week of challenging behavior. I see what people mean when they say 3 is a tough age. That has definitely been the case for us!

A recipe I made was seared ahi tuna steaks with Asian rice pilaf and grilled asparagus. No picture because both kids were really tired/not in great moods by the time we sat down to eat. Phil got the Ahi tuna steaks at Aldi and they were so good! It's such a fast, easy meal so we'll have this again when he sees those steaks at Aldi next. I was glad I could come up with a rice side with things we had on hand and I threw some frozen peas in at the end which was a great addition. 

A show we are watching is Halston on Netflix. Even though this is about a fashion designer, it's something Phil and I both find interesting. Phil actually suggested we watch it after seeing it featured on the CBS Sunday morning show last weekend. One episode takes place at Versailles (not sure it was filmed there but it sure looked like Versailles!) so brought back memories of my visit to Paris and Versailles. Major content warnings on this one for drugs, sex, etc! 

For workouts I went for walks Sunday through Tuesday because that was all I had the energy for while battling a cold. On Wednesday I did the beach body upper body fix workout, on Thursday I did the lower body fix workout and this afternoon I plan to run with my neighbor. She's training for a half marathon but is happy to have company on shorter runs even though I am limited to walk/run intervals. I'm hoping to do another beach body workout on Saturday morning and a run on Sunday morning. Feels good to be back to a much more active state (even though it pales in comparison to what I considered "active" pre-kids!). 

The best money spent was on a couple of lattes. I treated myself to lattes on days I did drop-off as it's sort of on the way home from school!

My plans this weekend include seeing my MIL on Saturday afternoon for a pre-birthday dinner celebration at our house - her birthday is on Monday. Then on Sunday 3 college girlfriends are coming over for brunch so they can finally meet baby Will! I haven't seen them in person since the fall!

Bonus Paul and Will photos!

Will has discovered his feet! I'm sure they'll end up in his mouth pretty soon!

Pablo "reading" to Will

Happiest baby! Will is almost 6 months and is a really happy/content stage. He's getting his bottom teeth and has a cold but he's still so smiley and easy going!

How was your week? What was the high and low of your week? Did you cook anything interesting?


katielookingforward said...

The book your reading sounds right up my alley, and I'll need to check out Halston. I love CBS Sunday morning, I think it does a great job of introducing so many different things. Bummer about the colds. Hopefully as it gets nicer some of those germs will stop spreading quite as much.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you are finally able to see friends and hope you are all feeling fully healthy soon. Halston is on my watch list, too. That Sunday Morning piece was a fascinating one.

Stephany said...

Oh man, I hope you guys get over all your sickness soon! May was not a very healthy month for your family, so I hope June is MUCH better.

Hooray for being able to see friends and do more get-togethers. That must feel so good.

I'm also glad you treated yourself to lattes after doing daycare drop-off! Yes, girl!

The high of my weekend (since it's Monday, lol), was kayaking at a local preserve. It was so much fun and I definitely plan on doing this regularly. I don't know if I had a low point of the weekend - it was a pretty good one for me!

San said...

Ugh, I am so sorry you're all sick. That sucks. I haven't been sick in a long time and I don't miss it.

I love that you treated yourself to some lattes.... it's the little things!

I am still in the middle of a ten-day smoothie cleanse, so my cooking schedule is off right now, but I did make a very yummy salad with tuna the other day for dinner.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Oh no, that's terrible that you all got the darn cold.

We love to add peas to rice - definitely a fave around here.

I think we watched Halsten too, but that was a while ago, so I don't remember it much.