Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I need this...

Ok, so I probably don't need this little clutch, but I certainly really, really want it. When I was in college, I lived with my best friend Heidi for one semester and we often had these 'want v. need' conversations. Our conversations would go like this:

Heidi: I really need ______ (insert something fun & fabulous).

Me: Really? Do you need it? Or just really want it?

Heidi: Um, I need it.

Me: Well, you need things like water, food, and a place to lay your head. But you probably don't need _______.

So if I employ that interpretation of want v. need, I really don't need this clutch. It's so springy, though, and would be the perfect accessory for a springy Easter outfit.

Image found via this blog, and could be purchased here... if it wasn't already sold out!!


aimee said...

that is SO cute! i also need it!!

Marlys said...

It can't cost that much, so why not buy yourself a little treat!

Amber said...

Very very cute. I want lots of things, I NEED nothing... *sigh*