Saturday, February 7, 2009

Birthday Review

So the big 2-8 has come and gone. For the last couple weeks, if anyone has asked how old I am, I've said 28, so turning 28 yesterday didn't really 'feel' different. Not that you ever really feel older on a Birthday.

I had a wonderful Birthday weekend! I started the festivities a little early by having dinner at my brother's house on Thursday night. I love that they live 30 minutes away from me and would love it if I lived even closer!

January was such a busy month for me, I barely saw Kevin, Julie, and their boys. I feel like they changed so much in the last month. Especially Matthew - he's now 10 months! He's Speedy Gonzales when it comes to crawling and loves walking along furniture. He also has mastered the "so big" trick, claps on command, and will do the "wheels on the bus" rotation with his little hands. Hopefully I can catch these little tricks on film when I see them again next weekend!

Andrew never ceases to amaze me with his computer skills. He also knows how to browse movies on Netflix, watch the previews, and add them to their queue if it looks good to him! In this picture, he's hard at work, typing my name!

Before he went to bed, he made my own little "bed" on the couch downstairs. Then he was quite upset when he realized I wasn't spending the night - he even teared up a bit! It was the sweetest thing! Luckily we reached a compromise - I'll be spending the night on Valentine's Day. I can't imagine a better way to spend that night. Yes, I often rant & rave about being single, but if I wasn't single, I most likely wouldn't spend nearly as much time w/ the boys as I do, and I certainly wouldn't have been spending the night w/ them on V-Day! So yea for being single!

After the boys were both in bed, Kevin set to work on making Stir fry. He has made that every year for my birthday for the last 3-4 years, I think. It is so so so delicious. I ate until I hurt, basically. Healthy? Probably not. But I figured I earned a meal of over-indulgence! And really - check out this photo - who can blame me!!

Friday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day. I decided to buy some flowers for myself and dang, that was the best $12 I've spent in months. I think I bought Tulips, but one of my male co-workers thinks they were daffodils or something? They were pink and pretty, and that is all I cared about!
They brightened my day so much, I've decided to start a tradition of "First Friday Fresh Flowers." I figure the $10-15 spent each month will be more than worth it.

Friday night didn't exactly go as planned - Brooke & I got to the theater an hour early to get tickets & the show was already sold out... We re-grouped and decided to go out for dinner instead so hopped over to "Crave" at Galleria. It actually worked out better as we were able to get caught up on what us 7 girls have all been up to since we last got together.

I did go to "He's Just Not That Into You" this afternoon - it was a really good movie. Definitely a tear jerker (IMO) but had a good message and plenty of scenes that made me laugh. So it's definitely worth checking out.

This is the first Saturday I've spent at home in 6 weeks, and I won't have free Saturday for another 6 weeks, so I am definitely enjoying a quiet night at home!!

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