Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hate spray sunscreen...

So I have this spray-on sunscreen that I use when I go for runs. I've been using it all summer, and it has been serving me well - no burns so far. Then today I sprayed some on before heading outside to sit in an Adirondack chair & read Anna Karenina (only about 125 pages left - the end is in sight!!). When I sprayed it on, it felt like maybe it 'spit' a little more than it sprayed, if that makes any sense... But being the impatient person that I am, I just assumed it was fine, and headed out into the sun.

I got back home to Minneapolis this evening, looked in the mirror and saw this...

What in God's name happened to me. The picture doesn't really give it justice. I seriously look like I have some sort of skin disease or something. It's reminiscent of the time my father slapped sunscreen on his back, but didn't bother to ask anyone to help him rub it in - which resulted in hand prints on his back...

Obviously the sunscreen worked on one side because this is what both shoulders look like:

See? One side is not burned and does not have odd shaped blotches of white skin.

Lovely. The whole reason I went to sit in the sun was to try to get rid of the faint tan lines from the shirts I wear when I run. - which were completely unnoticeable according to my mom. You see, my sister is getting married on August 8th, and I will be wearing a halter style dress and I want to be a good bridesmaid who doesn't have any funky tan lines. Now I look like I have leprosy or something.

Ok, I am exaggerating, but still. It's kind of weird looking. Luckily it's an extremely mild burn so will probably fade within the next couple of days. Hopefully the sun will make its appearance next week at the cabin so I can fix what I did today. I certainly won't be using this stupid spray on stuff again.

Aside from my bizarre sunburn, I had a great weekend! I went to my hometown to visit my Grandma on Saturday. She made the cutest little lunch for me and even found Gluten Free crackers to serve - can't believe she found some in the small town where she shops!! It was my first time going to their house since my Grandpa's funeral. I wasn't sure how I would feel, but it went really well. I grew up down the road from my Grandparents, so saw them on a very regular basis growing up - practically daily before I went to school. I miss having them close by.

She talked about my Grandpa quite a bit - they were married for nearly 63 years and had this amazing marriage. She said she saw my Grandpa get mad a few times - but he never got mad AT her. Isn't that amazing? She also said that every day, he complimented her cooking, even if she was making the simplest dish. He was certainly a one-of-a-kind man - and he definitely made sure that everyone knew how much he loved and adored Grandma. Abby's wedding next month will be the first big family event since his passing and he will be greatly missed.

Alright, time to go throw out that stupid spray sunscreen and re-apply some lotion to my lovely little burn.


hjr said...

That stinks about the spray sunscreen. I don't care for the spray stuff either. I think it gives poor coverage. You may want to use a body scrub to help with the spots!

Katie said...

Boo to that sunscreen. Things like that seem to always happen to me too. So I hope you won't hate me if I laugh a little. Because I totally would if it were me.

My favorite brand of sunscreen is Neutrogena non-greasy. It is awesome. And if you get the scented it smells amazing.

(Ooh I love Anna Karenina, which translation are you reading?)

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I had the SAME problem this weekend!! SPF 50 but I'm still red as a lobster right now. Stupid spray sunscreen making the burn all splotchy!

I'm glad to hear you had a fabulous weekend though!

You should try Neutrogena build-a-tan. It works really well!

Abby and Ryan said...

Oh, Lisa, I am so sorry about the sunscreen catastrophe!! I am sure it was all blend out in no time!! I am surprised it did that! You poor thing!!! :(

That is so great that you got to spend time with Grandma and spend some good quality time with her!

Hope you had a fun weekend at the lakes. I hope your burn gets better you poor thing! :( it will clear up in no time I am sure!

Lisa-Marie said...

Ouch! That looks painful! I hope it fades quickly!

I am so glad you had a good weekend otherwise! x

Lady Jane said...

That is soooo cute about your grandparents!!!

As far as the spray sunscreen...thats what I have always been nervous about...because that is exactly something that would happen to me!

Alissa Thompson said...

Lisa - Barnaby and I did the same thing! We were spraying ourselves every 30 minutes over the 4th thinking we were protecting our skin. Little did we only covered 45% of our legs! I still have blotchy spots! No more spray sunscreen for this gal!

aimee said...

oh man, that really stinks!! i'm sure you'll be able to even it our before your sister's wedding. sounds like you had a good weekend, minus the spray sunscreen mishap! have a good week!!!

Anais said...

!! That's crazy!! I had no idea it would do that, although it sort of makes sense! I rub mine in (even the sprayable one), so maybe that might help. I also need to get rid of some icky tan lines (think: farmer's tan from LAST YEAR which still won't go away).

I also recently visited my family after my grandmother passed away and wasn't sure how it was going to go...but of course it was nice to see everyone and I shouldn't have been worried :)