Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blog Love

The fabulous Anais of Through Green Eyes graced me with Beautiful Blogger award back in December! She recently traveled to Geneva to visit her parents for Christmas and fit in a trip to Paris for 4 days - isn't that fantastic? I might be a bit green with envy - I am head-over-heels in love with Paris!! I wish she could have packed me in her suitcase!! My heart definitely belongs to Paris!!

I also received this award from pinkflipflops last week! I wish we lived closer so we could meet up over a glass of wine and chat about books! She is the brains behind the Blogger Book Club and keeps it going with posts through out the week! Want to weigh in on what we read this month? Hop over to her blog - the voting buttons are up! I am rooting for Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier because I keep hearing great things about that book!

Thanks Anais & Pinkflipflops!

I now have to pass this award onto 7 other blogger and have to tell you 7 things about myself:

1. I wear a sleep mask every night. I am stealing this one from Anais - she's the only other person I know that does this. I have worn one for the last 2 years and the sleep mask is to me what a pacifier is to an infant. You know how infants often need a pacifier to fall asleep because they have an attachment to it and it calms them? Same thing w/ the sleeping mask. So I am basically regressing back to infancy. Great.

2. I'm a total home body. I love meeting up with friends for drinks and dinner, and it's fun to go out in the city, but I prefer to leave the bar by midnight (at the latest). I know my limits - my carriage turns into a pumpkin around 12:30.

3. I used to collect Coke memorabilia. I have no idea how this got started, but by the time I graduated from high school, the shelf that ran along the wall of my bedroom was pretty much covered with coke stuff. And my walls were painted maroon and there was a wallpaper border with a sort of vintage coke label. And I had a coke puzzle that I had put together framed and hung it on the wall. Yah, I don't even drink coke anymore. Nor do I have any attachment to Coke memorabilia but I sure did in high school. Gosh I was a dork.

4. I don't drink soda anymore. I gave up Mountain Dew as a New Years Resolution in 2009 (used to drink 2+ cans/day). Then I gave up soda in August. I will occasionally have a glass of diet coke if I am out for dinner as a treat, but that's the only time I drink it! And I don't miss it one bit.

5. I hate beer. I tried to like it, I really did. I never took to it, though. I was the girl who would show up a tail gating party with a bottle of vodka and a carton of lime aid. It's a good thing I never grew to love it since I now live Gluten Free. From what a hear, GF beer isn't so great...

6. I did Locks of Love back in the fall of 2007 and I would totally do it again! When I went in to get my hair cut off, the hair dresser asked if I needed a moment before she started chopping away and I said no way! I was not sad to see those 10 inches of hair go!

7. I love Burt's Bees Wax Chapstick. I have tubes of it at work, in my purse, and all over my house. I can't stand to be without the stuff!

I know I am supposed to pick 7 people, but I just can't do it. I think all of you are beautiful and I love reading every one's blogs! So you should totally do this post on your blog - or at a minimum, please tell me a couple of random facts about you!!


Emily Jane said...

Burt's Bees is the BEST!! And I wear a sleep mask (a hardcore one with eye padding and velcro!) too :)

Abby said...

I remember your coke room! That is so funny - I totally forgot about it!

Okay, so I am very proud of you for giving up soda for good!!! I am the same. I used to drink wayyy tooo much diet coke and diet mt dew! ANd I have cut back big time, and also only have it on occasion.

Nicole said...

I, too, am a total home body. I find myself turning down occational plans sometimes just because I want to stay home and read or knit. I actually have to force myself to go out sometimes because I know it's good for me.

Nora said...

Random facts about me...

* I have to sleep on the side of bed that is closest to the door. No idea why, I just do.

* I'm allergic to beer now, so I rarely drink it. Thank goodness I like wine, though that's starting to cause a problem as well.

* I played the flute/piccolo through my sophomore year in high school. I was a band dork... even a marching band dork in high school!

* I went on my first upside down rollercoaster in 2007 when I was a "Big" for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I screamed the entire time and had my eyes squeezed shut.

Leigh said...

I like you am a total home body. I don't mind going out on the town now and then, but I prefer a weekend at home. I also have never grown to love beer. It's just one taste that I can't get used to.

In public school/early high school years, I used to collect Winnie the Pooh stuff. Not a clue why!

Kelly said...

Lol, I laughed so hard at your beer comment. My sister hates beer too. One day like 4 years ago, I came home one night to her with one of her friends trying to like beer. She was literally holding her nose while she drank it. I have not laughed that hard probably since then haha. She thought she had to like beer before she went to college haha. Oh good times.

Marlys said...

Gosh, I wonder where all that coke stuff is now? Must be in that storage room off the warehouse? Maybe it will be worth big money someday - lol!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

I'm with you. I don't usually like tagging several other bloggers to do these kinds of things. Let's see...a few random things about me.
1. I'm a total shopaholic. I'm getting better though. I used to spend almost every $$ on clothing or travel, but I'm getting better. Trying to save for real things like couches and work shoes that I actually need.
2. I'm convinced I will find my dream job...someday.

Okay, that's all for now. ;)

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

The last year has turned me old. I can still hang til 4 or 5 am sometimes if I include a redbull and vodka at some point in my night. But I usually prefer hanging out at home and I have to be in the right mood to want to go out. :) It would be great to get together for some wine. :)