Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Ufda, Chelsea's questions are all date related... I am not dating right now. As I have told friends/family - I am so not dateable right now because of my study schedule... And truth be told, even when my schedule does clear up, I am a bit pessimistic about my dating life because in Minnesota, Minnesota 30 = OLD. Trust me on this. Every single college girlfriend is married. And has been for years. So believe me when I say that 30 is old.

1. What is your idea best date?
A date when the conversation is so good, you don't want the date to end. As far as location goes, I think it would be fun to go to this local place called "Chatterbox" where you can play board games.

2. How long does it take you to get ready to go on a date?
Hmm... maybe 30 minutes? Depends on whether it's a weekend night date or week night date. If it's a week night date, I usually go straight from work so I don't really spend any time getting ready.

3. What would you wear on the date?
If it's a weekend, probably jeans and heels - unless it's summer, then I wear a sundress usually. Week night - I try to select an outfit that is work appropriate but also date appropriate.

4. If you are married, how often do you go on dates? If you are single, when was your last date?
I am single. I haven't gone on any date sinces my break-up in late December.

5. What was your worst date?
The one where the guy wanted to argue about religion. He asked what religion I practiced, I said Catholic, and then he tried to convince me that Catholicism was not a Christian religion??? Weird. Awkward. Awful.

6. Do you/Did you kiss on your first date?
It really depends. I'd say in general, no.

7. If married, how long before you knew he/she was the one? If single, how long before you know if the person is marriage material?
I know pretty quickly. I might not know if the guy is 'the one' right away, but I definitely know if he isn't.

8. Do you prefer day dates or night dates?
Night. I prefer low lighting. It's much more flattering.

9. How old were you when you first were allowed to date?
I think 16 maybe?

10. What is the most embarassing moment you have had on a date?
When I was in college, my date dropped me off and I decided to walk across the snow covered yard instead of taking the side walk, I slipped and pretty much superman dove and fell on top of my to go box. My date was watching to make sure I made it to the door, so he saw it. Lovely.


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I hear ya on 30 being old... I think Iowa miiiiiggght be worse. I keep thinking... good things come to those who wait!
Hope the studying is going well!!

Jamie and Missy said...

I once went on a date with a guy who also tried to convince me of the evils of Catholicism. We had quite a few strange conversations about religion, politics, etc. We went to a Gopher hockey game. He made me pay for my ticket. He actually asked me out for a second date. I couldn't believe it. Were we on the same date?!? I had erased that one from my memory until just now. I had a good laugh this morning, Lisa, thanks to your blog.
By the way, there's a new surgeon @ work who is young (32), cute and single. He's a UND grad (undergrad and med school). Anyway, I thought of you. Would you like to move to Fargo? I'd tell you it's not that bad, but I know you know better. :)
OK, that's all I've got. Sorry to bombard you. Maybe I should start my own blog.

Marlys said...

That is the first time I have heard about your nose dive into a snowbank! That made me laugh although I'm sure you didn't laugh when it happened! A perfect gentleman would have escorted you to the door! Chivalry is lost! And, BTW, your Grandpa McDougall who would have been 100 years old yesterday, didn't marry until he was 33 and had 8 children! Never, never lose hope! :)!

Nora said...

Ah, Chatterbox. I really hope we can go back there when I come visit! I loved that place. We had so much fun there, especially music bingo!

And I agree, the questions were hard, dating or not, not always easy to talk about it!

Amber said...

Omg I can't believe that a guy debated you on your religion. Wtf? Some people are ridiculous.

Is it OK that I snickered a little bit about the snowbank story? You just tell it so well ;)

I've never really "dated" since I've been with Eric since I was 16 and in middle school/high school "dating" is when you hold hands with a boy at lunch hour. HA! But it's been fun to read other peoples answers to these questions :-)

Leigh said...

I haven't dated in a while (ok close to 4 years!) that I can't imagine going back into the dating world. I would be so lost and would probably never go on dates! Haha.

My husband and I don't go on enough dates...we should really fix that! And when we met, we didn't have our first real date until I moved to his hometown as we met in Cancun, and there definitely weren't any first dates there!

Abby said...

I am with "Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfield" -- good things will come to you!!

I remember that religious-nutcase date. You poor thing. Completely unacceptable!!!

I agree good conversation is the best "key" to what makes a good date. I always thing the stress of a date (especially of a 1st date) is not having something to talk about!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

I can solve this problem for you- move to Boston- 30 is YOUNG in this city :) I have several single coworkers who are 30+, and 2 who just got married last year after meeting people at age 30 and 34!

Lol at the slipping story, only funny now of course!

Becky said...

Am I a bad person if numbers 5 and 10 are my favorites?!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I'm telling you, you need to write a book as at least we can laugh together about most of these dating episodes.
Who was this college date with?! I don't remember this but I can just picture it happening.
All i know is your prince is out there and any mom will be flattered to have you as their daughter in law some day!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Good conversation is better than any planned out date for sure!

Unknown said...

Hey, just found your blog and love it. I'm a Minnesota girl too and definitely agree 30= ancient, at least when it comes to matrimony around here. Because that's not cruel, heartless and a 100 other ways unfair! I hope your break from dating is treating you well. At least it saves you from incidents like #10, right?

Lisa-Marie said...

Firstly, you need to move to Europe. It's perfectly normal here to not be married at 30. Everyone said Dave and I were 'really young' when we got married at 25. Mon and live here!

I can't answer any of these questions. I don't think I've ever been on a date. Dave and I go out for tea, to gigs, for drinks, to the cinema, out for the day etc, but think of that as a date is weird. it's just life.

Lisa-Marie said...

Oh, and the guy's point of view on your religion, not at all cool. I do think being able to debate those things is important, even if you end up just being friends though!

Mandy said...

The whole 30 and being unmarried, yet another reason I need to get. the. hell. out. Let's move someplace tropical, celebrate our singleness, and live our days in style.

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

I am not married and I am older than you. So there.

If you ever go to Chicago, you MUST go to Guthries, it's in Wrigleyville and it is a pub with TONS of board games. It is AWESOME! (sorry for all the caps! But it is!!)