Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My First Fix

Anyone who knows me well, knows I do not enjoy shopping.  Especially my mom as she got to experience some epic "I don't want to go shopping" tantrums during my youth.  Don't get me wrong - I like having new things but I don't enjoy the process.  At all.  I'll never be one of those girls who views shopping as a hobby - for me it is a total chore and a means to an end!

So when Nilsa posted about Stitch Fix, I was intrigued.  For those not familiar with this company, the way it works is that you fill out a style profile and a stylist then sends you 5 articles of clothing, along with a sheet with tips on how to style each piece.  You try them on, keep what you like, and return what you don't (postage is free and they send an addressed envelop that you drop back in the mail so they make it very easy). You get charged for what you keep, and if you keep everything, you get 25% off. 

The thought of someone sending me clothes to try on in my own home sounded appealing and I could certainly use a change from my usual head-to-toe Banana Republic looks, so I decided to give it a try in July!  I got my first fix last week and here's what I got!  (My apologies for the crappy pictures, I suck at taking photos of myself!)

Item #1 - Dress

When I opened the stitch fix box and saw this magenta dress, I thought YES!  Now I might have something to wear to Amber's wedding (which is this coming Saturday).  I was a little skeptical when I saw that it was a wrap dress as I usually don't like how those look on me.  But my initial impression when I got it on was - hey, I like this!

But...  on closer inspection, the dress had some flaws - mainly the excess fabric area which you can see in the photo below.  I think if I had a bigger chest it might have look better, but since I am a small-chested gal, it just didn't look right.

But I loved the color and thought maybe I was being too picky.  I posted the photo on IG and asked if I should keep it.  Darn near everyone said that I should keep it - but a couple of people contacted me directly and said the top looked too baggy on me.  And when I showed it to Phil, he echoes their sentiment.  So my verdict was - send it back.  But I let the stylist know that I love the color so hopefully I'll get something in this color in the future.

Items #2 and #3 - Skirt and Blouse

When I saw the print of the skirt I was initially pleased - until I pulled it out of the box and saw that it had an elastic waist band.  So I was not surprised when I tried it on and did not like it at all.  I felt like the cut of the skirt was unflattering. 

I actually really liked the blouse but I already have a top that is nearly identical, so my verdict was - send both pieces back.  I let the stylist know that I would have liked the skirt if it was a more structured pencil skirt.

Item #4 - Blazer

Ok honestly all I could think when I saw the blazer was, "the 80s called and they want their blazer back."  The stylist suggested wearing it with the skirt and top ahead, but Amber suggested pairing it with something more tailored, so I tried it on with a dress I wear often.

I still hated it, so my verdict was - send it back.  I told the stylist that the color was to neon for me and that I need blazers that have a more tailored look.

Item # 5 - Top

I am ending on a positive note with this last piece which was a striped top that I absolutely love!  I mean, you really can't go wrong with stripes since it's my signature pattern.  I tried it on with a skirt I wear to work often and liked how it looked.  

I can see myself with this with many different bottoms from a pencil skirt to jeans to a jean skirt.  So my verdict was - keep!

My thoughts on the fix

I only ended up keeping 1 out of 5 pieces, but if I didn't already own a shirt similar to the black blouse, I would have kept 2 of 5 pieces.  And I liked 3 of the 5 pieces so feel like my stylist is off to a good start.  I think/hope that with the detailed feedback I provided, I will like more of the pieces in future fixes.  But even if I only keep 1 piece of clothing from each fix, that's a win in my book as it will allow me to slowly build my wardrobe.

My next fix will arrive in early August and this time I asked my stylist to focus on tops that can be worn with pencil skirts or dress pants and I also asked that she look for work-appropriate dresses.  I'll excited to see what she comes up with next!

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix?  Do you enjoy shopping for clothes?  

The thoughts in this review are my own and I was not compensated for Stitch Fix to post this review.  However, I will receive a $25 credit if you sign up for Stitch Fix using the referral link included in this post.  


Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

In the second photo I can see why you returned the dress but I did love the color! :)

I haven't jumped on the Stitch Fix bandwagon yet because I don't really need more clothes but also because I feel like most of the clothes are more expensive than I usually pay for clothes haha. I'm sure I'll end up trying it eventually and loving it.

missris said...

I love the color of the dress but can see why you returned it. The striped shirt is so "you"! And I'm with you on the blazer--no way :)

Caroline said...

I heard your fix gets a lot better after the first one, so seems like you're off to a good start! I was really close to signing up for this a couple months ago.. but just haven't gone for it yet.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm sort of middle of the road on shopping. It's not something I enjoy as a hobby and I'm not super in to "retail therapy" when I'm down, but I don't hate it the way you do. I do prefer to shop online from brands that I know fit me, have mostly free shipping and let me return in their stores (read: Gap).

Even though you only kept one item, I definitely agree that your stylist is off to a good start. The color of the dress was great and, other than the blazer, all the pieces were cute just not the right fit for you.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I really want to try stich fix but I'd like to see more people doing it that aren't so darn thin! ;) Plus, like Kelly they appear to be more expensive than I usually pay for clothes but I always seem to like what other people get! I did like the dress and think if you had it tailored it would be perfect. I always have to have those type of dresses fixed for my chest so I'm not falling out hahahah. Also, I did like the skirt and I love that blue shirt! The only thing I didn't like is that awful blazer! Yikes!!!!

Marlys said...

The blazer might be good for someone my age,but can understand why you don't like it! I loved the striped top, and the dress was really cute, but can see that it could be a better fit! I think it would be great to get clothes that way!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

You are really tempting me to sign up for Stitch Fix! However, I agree with Kelly, I do not need any more clothes!

I used to love shopping, but now I am so not a fan. I just want in and out, because otherwise I will spend too much money and I would much rather that money go towards something else - like traveling!

Carolina John said...

Stitch fix is such a cool service! I love the concept, as a business model. if they actually send you some cool and useful clothes then it's even better!

Stephany said...

I tried Stitch Fix once and while I enjoyed the process, I did not love anything my stylist sent me and the prices just make me want to cry. I think the only thing I was going to keep was a shirt but it was $80 and NOPE. I will never, ever pay $80 for a SHIRT. I’ve also seen reviews of SF that say you can usually find the same exact options that were in your Fix for cheaper by going to the manufacturer’s website. Usually half the price! So I’m guessing SF also jacks the prices up a LOT, which irritates me.

I’ve thought about trying SF once more, but the price just gets me! I just wish it was a more affordable service because I love the idea behind it.

Marisa A. said...

I love shopping. It's probably my favorite hobby, but I did try stitch fix and while I liked most of the items I got, I did not love the prices. But other people I know who don't love shopping absolutely love it, so I suppose I'm just not their target market :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You know how excited I am that you're jumping on-board! I always think you look lovely in your Banana-inspired wardrobe, but my hope is that Stitch Fix will encourage you to try on styles or patterns or whatever that you wouldn't otherwise try ... and maybe just maybe you'll wind up liking them. Plus, shopping at home and you don't even have to pick out the clothes? So luxurious!!!

(PS, Send The Many Thoughts of a Reader over to my SF posts - I don't consider myself thin and it's working for me. She can also do a Google search and will find others who tend more towards average!)

(Oh, and Stephany is right and wrong at the same time. You can find some SF items elsewhere. But, some of their brands are in-house and others are only sold wholesale (which means you'd have to find a local boutique that actually sells that brand AND that particular item of clothing). That said, SF isn't a discount shopping model, but, they don't "jack up" the prices, either. From my experience, they charge manufacturer's suggested retail price. So, yes, some things you'll be able to find elsewhere for less, but not always and never everything they send.)

CharisFaith said...

I love the striped top and I completely agree with your assessment of the rest of the items! To not like shopping you have done an excellent job of finding your own style niche!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

What a neat concept! I think I would love something like that, but might end up spending waaaay more money on clothes than I normally would. It could get dangerous ... hahaha!

Gracie said...

Quite honestly - you post your "looks" every so often and always look adorable and put together - and your clothing choices are much nicer and more suited to yourself than these picks. I don't really think you need Stichfix!!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Love the pieces but i agree with what you sent back was a good choice. I think for your first style box the stylists did a really good job. I def want to give this a try.

Abby said...

I loved the print of that black & white skirt, but you're right - the cut just wasn't right. The blazer color is amazing - but I'm not a fan of that cut either. It's just not you.

However, that last outfit that you ended up keeping - adorable!! That will look great with jeans or white cropped pants!

I set up a Stitch Fix profile about 6 months ago, but didn't follow through. I was worried it would cost too much. If you don't mind me asking, what's the price range of the outfits?

Amber said...

I can't wait to see what you get in your second fix! I think 1 out of 5 is good for your first fix because they are kind of shooting in the dark a bit for the first fix and now they will have really detailed feedback and will hopefully be able to send you more stuff you like!

I really really would LOVE to try Stitch Fix but it (or anything like it) is yet to come to Canada. As I've gotten older I've definitely started shopping less and spending more on good quality clothes so I could see myself doing Stitch Fix a few times a year to stock up my wardrobe! I used to love shopping but now I kind of hate it, I'm also pretty frugal about it. I actually just returned a dress and pair of shoes I kind of impulse bought at Target the other day because I just wasn't that into them and didn't need them and needed the $48 I'd spent more! Haha

Leigh said...

I wish that they had this service for Canada :( I'd love to try it out because I hate finding clothes since I am so short (it doesn't make it easier!)

Shoshanah said...

I hate shopping for clothes too, but I'm guessing now probably isn't the right time to sign up. Maybe 6 months from now though? And I do love the the stripped shirt. And actually really like the shirt and blouse as well. Although after you mentioned it, I can somewhat notice the waist, but if it was structured a little differently, I feel like it definitely should have been a keep.

Lisa-Marie said...

If this existed in the UK, I'd be all over it. I love clothes but I hate shopping! Where is the pink dress from, if you don't mind my asking? I really like it, am wondering if it's a company that posts internationally. The stripy top is SO you.

Jeanie said...

I hate clothes shopping, too. I like your choice. Yes, I liked the magenta but perhaps you need a DIFFERENT magenta dress with a bit better fit. I might have to check them out but I really haven't bought clothes since I retired except for the wedding.

San said...

I really love the color and the style of the dress on you, but on closer inspection, you're right: the chest area is too 'baggy'. Bummer.

You got me really intrigued to try StitchFix though. I have seen it on so many peoples' blog lately.