Thursday, September 4, 2008

Top Design

Last night, the second season of one of my favorite Bravo shows began. Can you guess what it was? The title of this blog doesn't give it away at all... I loved the first season of the show so hopefully this one doesn't disappoint.

It just so happens that I have my own personal interior designer. Jealous? I would be! Brooke Neus is the ying to my yang - give me a differential equation, and I'm in my zone. Ask me to decorate the mantel of my fireplace and I'm completely lost. Luckily, decorating is one of Brooke's fortes (and something she enjoys!).

I had enlarged some photos from my trip to France, so needed help placing those... and I also needed help arranging the items we bought for my mantel back in, oh, April.

So after assessing the situation, she decided to move this Rothko-inspired painting from this wall,

to this wall.
She took the Chicago skyline print that had been hanging above the sofa, grouped it with my 3 photos from France, and hung it where the Rothko-esq painting had been, like so...
Nice huh? Oh, and let it be said that the Rothko-inspired photo was painted by Moi. When I bought signed my life away for my place 3 years ago, I needed something for that empty wall, but was short on funds. So my good friend Amanda, who is very artistic, helped me paint a canvass. I had no idea who Rothko was at the time - but boy do I love him now. And no, I am not trying to pass that painting off as a Rothko - it was just a somewhat-broke, new homeowner's way of sprucing up the place! Which I am kind of fond/proud of!

Last up was the fireplace. Like I said previously, Brooke helped me purchase the items this spring. I tried to work some magic w/ them, to no avail. It is a very awkward space; it's not your typical mantel, instead it's 2 big triangles...

Brooke placed the items we had bought, though, and made the mantel-esq space look wonderful!

My life's dream is to own a little bookstore some day. When/if that dream comes to fruition, guess who I will be calling to come up with a design concept for the store??

Stay tuned for holiday photos in a few months... Brooke comes over every year and decorates my tree. Too bad Brooke & her husband don't have any differential equations that I could solve for them so I could return the favor!


Marlys said...

Wow, it sure looks nice, Lisa! Can't wait to see actually see it!

Unknown said...

Will your designer friend come over to my house????