Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A visit from the bug man

So my Tuesday got off to a brilliant start with a visit from our building's exterminator, who I will refer to as TBG (the bug guy).
I was disappointed to find that he didn't look like this.

Oh well.

He asked me to draw a picture of the bug. Seriously. I am not kidding. a) I ran for the hills as soon as I saw the little guy, and b) I have no art skills. Ask my mom, she'll fill you in on all my art project failures from elementary skill. I'm probably the only kid that hated art.

So TBG asked me to explain where I saw him again, draw a picture, and try to describe the color of the cockroach. As if I wanted to relive that moment again! But for the benefit/safety of my co-workers, I tried to explain what I saw to the best of my ability. And I attempted to draw it, too. Not sure how that would help him, but I'll do whatever it takes to help get this problem under control.

TBG thinks the cockroach hitched a ride into our building in one of the boxes of documents we receive from other parts of the country. Or, he could have come from the sewer systems of Minneapolis (gross).

* sigh * Still can't believe this encounter even happened. Was thinking to myself - 'gee, I'm glad winter is coming! Will kill any of these little critters.' But then I thought about it some more & realized the onset of the cold MN winters means more critters maybe take cover & reside in our building.

Really, really hoping that my call w/ Cargill goes well today. And that if I got a job there, they don't have any pest problems like WF apparently does...

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Unknown said...

Bugs? Cargill? We have stuff to catch up on. The Nook? At present, October looks pretty wide open except for the 15th through the 19th.