Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Missing: the month of June

Where in the heck did June go. No, seriously. How can today possibly be the midway mark for the year?

I remember being bored alot as a child. A LOT. My poor mother. She should be sainted for the number of times she heard me say, "Mom, I'm bored" which was always accompanied with a dramatic sigh and the heaving of my body onto a chair/couch/the floor. I remember her saying that she WISHED she knew what it felt like to be bored. I would roll my eyes and continue with the dramatic sighing and complaining. Sorry, mom! Good thing I grew out of that!! Yeesh, if I ever have kids, I hope they aren't as whiny as I could be at times...

So June has come and gone. How has the June-athon gone, you might be wondering? My response is - 'meh'. Could have been worse, could have been better. The final stats for the month are (drum roll please) - I ran 20 out of 30 days. So about 5 days/week. I probably ran about 60 miles total. It's mediocre in my opinion. Better than last month, though, so at least I am making progress.

But hopefully next month will be better. I thought my 1/2 Marathon training commenced next month, but that was for a race I decided not to do. Training starts August 10th, so now I have another month to build up more endurance, which is probably a good thing.

Have a safe & happy 4th, everyone! Anyone have big plans? I will be heading up to my parents' cabin on Thursday night. I can't wait for a long weekend with the fam. 2 of my 4 siblings and 3 of my 4 nephews will be there so it should be a good time. I was in France over the 4th last years so missed out on the fireworks. Hopefully the weather will cooperate - I need some sun!


Jess said...

I know what you mean..where did the month/the year go?

I'm impressed with your stats!! Be proud of yourself. And Happy 4th of July...Canada Day here tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Travel safely to and from Battle Lake. Greet the family for me. We are here for the holiday because of rehearsals/summer school obligations, but will escape on Saturday. It seems our house/yard is the setting for a party with Nick and his friends. I don't think we will fit into the scene too well. So, Paul and I have decided to find some hiking trails in a state park within convenient driving distance. We prefer the quiet. Thankfully, we have our "portable cabin."

Good work on the training! I think you should be patting yourself on the back!!!

Still waiting on my book from the library.
No more late night emails, either!!!

Take care.

Lisa-Marie said...

This is exactly how I feel! It seems like inly weeks ago we were celebrating Christmas, and Now it's the middle of the year!

Congrats of your running!

Abby said...

It is amazing how fast this summer is flying! It always seems that once the 4th hits, summers just seems to go fly in overdrive from there. Yikes! I remember those days of wining constantly about boredom to mom. Oh, how I would love to feel boredome now! ;)

Congrats on your consistency of training for the month of June. That's awesome!

aimee said...

i would love to be bored, even if it's just for a day!!! i agree..june flew by. summer is going to go so fast!

you did a much better job at running this month than i did! you should be proud and happy with your accomplishment!

have a great weekend! hope the weather in the MN is good!

Amber said...

I think running 20 out of 30 days is pretty darn good!!!

Have a great weekend with your family!

qwerkyqook said...

You are hilarious. I loved the "bored" story. Whenever nick and I were "bored" our parents would say something to the effect of, well then go climb those rocks over there, just stay in the state park :) Your running log is awesome, mediocre wAaa! can you say over achiever? anyways. heres a pic for you http://donttouchmymoleskine.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/pilha-2/

Happy 4th, pass the word to your fam! I miss everyone.

Marlys said...

Oh, Lisa! I do remember you complaining about boredom, more than all of your other siblings. As I reflect on this, I wonder if it wasn't a plea for me to stop what I was doing and play a game with you, or read a book together? Hmmmm?