Thursday, July 16, 2015

Currently: July Edition

I was surprised to see that I haven't done a currently post in 3 months!  Here's what is currently going on in my life!

Reading:  The House Girl by Tara Conklin.  It's a historical fiction novel about the slavery era.  Part of the story is set in 1852 and tells the story of a house girl living in Virginia, and the other part of the story is set during modern times and is about a young attorney working on a class action lawsuit for reparations for the descendants of slaves.  I'm just over half way through and am really enjoying it.
Loving:  all the fruit that is in season right now - especially watermelon, nectarines and cherries which are some of my favorite fruits!

Thinking: about the menu I am planning for a small dinner party I am hosting later this month.  The theme of the meal is Mexican and I am planning to try a couple of new recipes so hopefully it all turns out!  There is a huge fireworks show that we will be able to see that night from my balcony so it's going to be a lot of fun.  It's the second year I am doing this.  Last year was a blast so hopefully this year's party is equally fun!

Frustrated: by how difficult open water swimming is.  I've gone 4 times now and while I feel more comfortable I can't say my speed or endurance has improved much.  The swimming part of the tri is something I am just going to have to 'get through.'

Feeling:  happy and content with life right now.  

Anticipating:  my next trip which is a trip to visit Amber in Kamloops!  I can't wait to see her city with my own eyes after seeing countless pictures!  We always have the best time when we are together so I am really excited for a long weekend with her!

Watching:  The Next Food Network Star.  I have watched this every year for several years and while I am enjoying this season, I feel like the contestants aren't as strong as they were in past seasons. 

Sad:  that one of my coworkers, who is someone I've worked with for 4+ years at two different companies, was not supportive of my decision to take a new job and did not mask the fact that he did not support my decision.  

Working: on getting my body to adjust to not being on Ambien (a prescription-strength sleep aid).  I've been wanting to get off of Ambien for quite awhile so I decided to stop taking it during my week off as I'd be able to lay down in the afternoon if I felt really tired.  I don't expect the adjustment process to happen in a week since I've been on it for two years, but I am hoping that I am able to sleep a bit better by the end of the week. 

Grateful:  for the new job I am starting next week.  I feel like some of excitement about the new job got lost in the shuffle of the extended/awkward resignation process but it's finally starting to hit me that I will get to work with my old boss again!

Listening: to lots of podcast, as usual.  My favorites are Run to the Top Podcast, Startup (which is on a break), Happier, Dear Sugar, and BookRiot

Wishing: Kyria the best of luck as she runs a 100 mile (!!!!!) trail race this weekend at Lake Tahoe! 

What are you currently anticipating, grateful for and wishing for?


missris said...

You are definitely not alone in the open water swim difficulties. I think that's the hardest part of a tri for about 99% of people! At least you are doing the right thing and preparing for it instead of just ignoring it, which is what I'd be tempted to do :)

Marlys said...

100 mile trail run? Is that even possible? Wishing her the best!
Enjoy your last days off and hope you get your sleep schedule back on track!
I think swimming looks easier than it really is and is extremely exhausting! Glad you are taking training for that part of the tri.
Have a great weekend before you start your new job!

Stephany said...

Good luck on adjusting to not being on Ambien! I can imagine that must be difficult and I hope the transition isn't too difficult.

I'm currently anticipating my ladies night out date with two girlfriends on Saturday, grateful for the supportive people in my life, and wishing for a money tree :).

Emilie said...

Oooh, that book sounds good! I have been on a steroid medication for the last two weeks for my poison sumac/MRSA infection and it is messing with my sleep so much. I have always been a pretty good sleeper, but after the past two weeks of struggling to fall and stay asleep, I really feel for you having to deal with this all the time. I hope you're able to transition to not taking Ambien smoothly. Also, I cannot swim at all so I am really impressed with your dedication to train for this tri despite the challenges.

suki said...

Hope your adjustment off Ambien goes well. Have you taken melatonin to ease the transition?

Definitely a fan of this season for fruits! :) We've been getting some in our farm box, and they're delightful. They try to send us more, but since they let us opt in to whichever veggies/fruits we want for the week, I've been ramping up on veggies, so that we can cook at home. :)

Nora said...

Lots of good things in your world. A mexican dinner + fireworks sounds delightful :)

Anticipating: Not much, really. I guess that's a first!
Grateful: that Knight and I can navigate the parenting waters together and do it with grace and smiles (most of the time. Ha.)
Wishing: More vacation days, please!

Jeanie said...

I'm sad for you about your former coworker. Everyone should remember that the decisions you might make aren't their choices but should be honored.

I've got to catch up on FNStar. I sure wish they picked the Italian guy last season. I've never seen the show with Lenny but I think he'd wear thin.

Anticipating -- Rick's 60th birthday party next week and the surprise visit of my friend from Canada to the party.

Grateful that my PT is going well and my shoulder is improved.

Wishing that this beautiful summer would last forever!

J and A said...

So fun you are going to visit Amber! Have a great time!!!

Linda said...

I'm sorry about the unsupportive coworker :( I have a hard time understanding why people take other people's personal decisions so personally! Maybe he just misses you!

Anticipating FINDING A JOB GAH.
Grateful for my support system. Also I'm getting a lot of sleep!
Wishing for a great position with better pay and landing it before I have to dip into my savings!

Jenny said...

Yum, seasonal fruits are the best! And wishing Kyria all the best too. A friend of mine over at just did a 95 mile hill/trail race!

I am anticipating choir starting back on Sunday after a 2 week break - I'm surprised at how much I've missed it!

Leigh said...

Ooh your dinner party and fireworks watching sound like fun! Can I invite myself? ;) I hope you have a great time visiting Amber! I was toying with the idea of coming out for the weekend (and seeing my family that lives there too), but it didn't work out :( Sorry to hear that your co-worker didn't support your decision...good thing it's your decision and not his :)

Becky said...

Here's hoping you have a great weekend leading into your new position! Also, I'm totally copying you and doing one of these posts!

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Oh man- I can totally relate on sleeping issues, seriously the worst. I'm sorry that not all of your coworkers were supportive of your job change. Just remember it's the right thing for you! I'm so behind on my podcasts right now, need to catch up! Have a great weekend!

Sue Seibert said...

What a lovely post. So glad I found it!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Oooooh, you're hosting a dinner party!! Mexican!! I want to come, haha! I'm excited to see what you make :-) I love Mexican food so much.

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

I'm anticipating a week long training in Chicago that should be interesting! Grateful for my new job and new start! After I offiially resigned there was such a heavy load lifted from me. I felt happy again! Wishing for a smooth transition into my position after all my training.

Amber said...

Sooo excited for your visit! It is seriously going to be here before we know it. Where does time go?! Felt so long ago and now it's only 6 weeks away!! I've been thinking a lot lately about what that weekend is going to look like for us :)

Good luck tomorrow! I know you'll have a great day as you've waited so long for it!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Thanks for the well wishes!

I have had that House Girl book on my To Read list for quite some time; I am glad that you are recommending it, as you know how it is with the To Read list!! It can get quite long and sometimes it's hard to pick what to read next (such problems!) I will move it up the queue!

I just finished reading The Color Purple, which was an interesting book, although it's written in letter form and sometimes the language is a bit hard to decipher. I've never seen the movie, but may give it a go now that I have read the book.

Abby said...

Wow! 100 mile race! That is incredible! That takes some serious mindpower, in addition to physical strength! Good for her!

Kamloops looks so beautiful! That's great that you get to go visit her! All the trails and water just looks heavenly!!

Coming off ambien can be horrific. :( Have you ever seen a sleep doctor? A few of my the doctor's I support also run a sleep clinic, so I'm starting to have my eyes opened to how much sleep affects your health! It's crazy. I pray you can find a way to get rest soon!

San said...

I do not understand how your co-worker can be 'unsupportive' of your decision to change jobs. Sad that you leave, yes, but unsupportive/rude about it? No.

Love that you're feeling happy and content :)