Friday, July 31, 2015


Happy Friday!  This week once again flew by.  I had a busy week and am feeling a little worn out so I am so glad it's Friday today!  Here's how my week shaped up.

The high of my week was going on a triple date with two of my closest girlfriends from college.  We've been trying to arrange this triple date for 6 months (I'm not exaggerating!) so I am glad we finally made it happen!

The low of my week was another bad night of sleep on Tuesday night.  It was less bad than last Tuesday but still a bad night of sleep.  The whole going off Ambien thing has gone pretty well but I tend to have bad nights of sleep 1-2 nights a week.  It's extremely annoying and frustrating.   

A book I am reading is Above Us Only Sky by Michele Young-Stone. I heard about this book on the "All the Books" podcast so I checked out the eBook version of it from my library.  So far it's great!

For my workouts, I ran with my club on Monday, did a strength training session on Tuesday, a brick workout (bike + run) on Wednesday, and I ran with Phil last night.  Today is a rest day, tomorrow I'll run 16 very hilly miles with my club and then on Sunday I'm planning to swim and maybe go for a longer bike ride if the weather cooperates.

The best podcast I listened to was the "Abdi and the Golden Ticket" episode of This American Life. It tells the story of a Somalian refugee living in Kenya that wins the lottery for a visa to come to America.  It was a gripping story to listen to so I highly recommend checking this episode out.  It reminded me that I should be so incredibly thankful that I was born in the U.S.

The best money I spent was on the shoes I bought last Saturday.  I haven't spent much money this week (which is good!) so will have to count that purchase!

My plans this weekend include very little besides seeing Brandi Carlile on Sunday night!  I'm sure we'll stay busy but it's really nice to have a mostly unplanned weekend ahead of us! 

What are your plans for the weekend?  Are you reading anything good these days?


Emilie said...

Ugh, the sleep thing is so tough. The two weeks I was on steroids were brutal. I never really struggled with sleep before but I was wide awake at bedtime and woke up multiple times each night while on the steroids. I can see how taking them long term would lead to Ambien because I resorted to Benadryl a couple nights just so I could get some sleep! I guess it's good that you're down to 1-2 nights of bad sleep BUT it's still frustrating on those nights! I hope it gets better soon.

My plans include babysitting my cousin's baby on Saturday morning, more bathroom construction that afternoon, and finalizing our wedding guest list with my mom and Pete on Sunday. And hopefully some pool time thrown in there too - it's forecasted to be in the 90's and humid for the next ten days! Not my favorite kind of weather. I just started reading a book I picked up at Barnes & Noble for $4.98 - Disarm by June Gray. It's not what I expected based on the description on the back of the book - way more of a romance novel which is not really my cup of tea. Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy Brandi Carlile - how fun!

Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

Oh Shoot, You just reminded me that I listened to about half of that TAL episode and then got to work and never finished it. I was liking it so far though! The main character is really likable. I also just read a book called The Long Walk to Water, which is about Somalia and is a true story. It was actually a very fast read (1 day) and was very interesting. Just like you said, it makes me grateful to live where we do. We take a lot of stuff (like clean water) for granted!

This weekend I am heading to Yosemite (the north rim, not the valley) to do some camping, hiking and running with friends. We wanted to run the JMT, but did not get the permits, so this weekend was planned instead. It's going to be fun, but it also is going to be tiring!

Caroline said...

Ugh, sorry about your sleep! Not getting sleep is honestly the worst. This is something I've been fighting off an on for the last two years since moving to my current apartment, as you know. I think for me it's become less about the outside noise now and much more mental, unfortunately. This weekend I'll be in Charleston for my friend's bachelorette!

Jeanie said...

Sounds like a good week, past and present! Currently reading Judith Jones biography -- "The Tenth Muse." She was the editor who did Julia's cookbooks. And heading north for art camp! Woo hoo!

Marlys said...

I agree that sleep deprivation is extremely annoying! It runs in our family! I just finished reading "Lovely Bones" which has been on my kindle for awhile. It kept me intrigued but was a very different book. I would call it "strange"!
Looking forward to our weekend at the lake but won't get there until later as we have a 50th wedding anniversary party to attend later this afternoon. I also lost a filling in a molar and have to have that fixed this afternoon, so will be glad to get to the lake and drink in the tranquility!

Nora said...

Glad you have a low-key weekend! Tonight we are having a pizza party/sendoff for the munchkins, driving to drop them off tomorrow (sad!) and then Sunday more driving as D's grandma passed away earlier this week, with the visitation/funeral/burial/dinner for her on Sunday. I'm not looking forward to any of this weekend if I'm being perfectly honest! Took Monday off to recover from all the emotions and driving everywhere stuff.

Stephany said...

These past 2 weeks have been awful for sleep for me, and I keep thinking about you and how much you struggle with it, and I have BOATLOADS of sympathy. It's so odd to me that sleep doesn't come easily for you since you eat healthy and exercise a ton. Those seem to be the triggers for getting more sleep! I hope you can do a sleep study so you can find out what the underlying factor is. :(

Also, totally believe it took you guys 6 months to plan a dinner date for six people! My girlfriends who work in Tampa all try to get together for dinner when we can, and we usually have to book it 3-4 months in advance! Ha.

Yay for mostly unplanned weekends! I hope it is a restful and relaxing one for you!

This weekend, I'm just taking it easy! It's going to be a rainy one, so I might see a movie with my mom, spend some time with my brother and nephew, and meeting up with a friend to write on Sunday!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

You know what's so weird ... neither myself nor Christopher have ever listened to a podcast!? Another weird thing that makes me think we're seriously behind the times ... we've never purchased a song from the internet (like itunes or anything like that). We buy CDs!! Haha!

This weekend we're heading to Saskatoon to spend time with my mom :-)

Amber said...

I really want to read Above us only sky, it sounds so good! Right now I'm just finishing up the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, I'm actually purposefully trying to read it a bit slower because it's sooo good and I don't want it to end! Then I have to get my butt in gear and read my book club book for this month.

I hope your sleep improves soon!!

Linda said...

Have you read Station Eleven? I finished that this week and quite enjoyed it while expecting not to!

Your 6 months to schedule a date cracks me up. I totally understand this. My girlfriends and I have really involved lives and to coordinate more than 3 schedules seems almost impossible sometimes! Actually after it taking 5 months and still not finding a date that works, we completely given up on Cookbook Book Club!