Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  This is an especially happy Monday for me as it's the first day of my week off!  I'm so glad that my new boss encouraged me to take at least a week off between jobs.  The last couple of months have been kind of hectic and stressful so I am looking forward to a week off.  Here's how I filled my weekend!

Friday was my last day at work.  I ended up leaving around lunch time as I had handed off all of my projects/responsibilities so had nothing further to do.  It was a beautiful day so I decided to go to a park by my condo to do some reading. It was blissful.

I also treated myself to some ice cream at a local place called Izzy's.

On Friday evening, my friend Courtney came over and we went to a local music festival called the Basilica Block Party.  It's a unique event as it's held on the grounds of the Basilica of St. Mary, which is a huge Catholic church.  You'd never guess it is on the grounds of a church as it's quite the party!  I was most excited about seeing Matt Kearney as I adore his music, but it was fun to see OAR and Weezer, as well.

Weezer performing with the Minneapolis skyline in the background

On Saturday morning I ran 14 miles with my running club.  It was really warm and humid so I was so glad when we were done.  I did the whole run with another girl that is newer to our club and talking with her made the miles go by so much faster. 

Soooo happy to be done with that hot run.
After the run, I rushed home, got ready in record time and headed to Phil's.  We had a wedding that afternoon but his mom and brother were coming to the wedding as well so we spent the afternoon at his mom's as the wedding was somewhat close to her house.  She made a delicious Spanish tortilla (which has eggs, potatoes and ham in it - yum!) for lunch.  His mom is a retired English teacher and an avid reader so we always have a lot to talk about.  We also fit in a few games of Yahtzee before going to the wedding.

In the evening we went to the wedding, which was a lot of fun.  The ceremony was at a garden that was so beautiful!  We snapped a quick photo before the ceremony started. 

The funny thing is that we both wore the exact same outfits to a wedding last August...

It's the perfect dress for a summer wedding as the style of the dress is elegant but it's also super comfortable as it's made out of jersey fabric.

On Sunday morning I met up with my friend Courtney to do an open water swim at a local lake.  We both had off days and the swim did not go well for either of us.  I just could not get my breathing down and it took me forever to swim the 0.75 miles.  Phil and I are doing this same swim on Tuesday so hopefully it goes better then!

The rest of Sunday was spent adulting (laundry, grocery shopping, etc).  I also harvested more herbs.  I can not believe how much basil my plant is producing.  I seem to get about 2 cups of basil from it every week! Later this week I'll share what I've been doing with all that basil!

Fresh oregano and basil
On Sunday evening, Phil came over and we went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants to celebrate my new job.  It was nice spending the evening with my favorite guy - and it was even nicer knowing I did not have to go to work the following day.  I tried not to rub that in too much.  ;) 

How was your weekend?


Kyria @ Travel Spot said...

First off, once again YAY for your new job AND for having a week off! I think it's a great idea to take a little time between jobs, as I am sure it was a bit stressful leaving the other job, and we all need some time off now and then!! What a fun weekend you had. It seems like a great mix of fitness, friends, family and fun!! I love those weekends where it seems like I get everything done that I need to but still have time for some social aspects.

My weekend did not quite go as planned. It was my only free weekend this summer and my plan was to get some house stuff done and then go for short runs both days, since my 100 mile race is next Saturday. Well, wouldn't you know, I tweaked my back while carrying something on Saturday and I could barely hobble around for the rest of the weekend. I did get up early and did about 10 - 12 hours of work around the house on Saturday and another 8 on Sunday. Then I spent the rest of Sunday reading a book and prepping for the race.

katielookingforward said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I think your new boss was right about needing a little time off in between gigs. Great idea!

Nora said...

I love the outfits you wore to the wedding; you two are an adorable couple!

Celebrating the new job + a week off with Mexican food sounds like my kind of celebration. Hope you enjoy this week & the time off; it's well deserved :)

Marlys said...

The dish Phil's Mom made sounds really good! Did she give you the recipe?
Sounds like a near perfect weekend, and I'm assuming the storm did not affect you?
I am glad about that as it was nasty in Otter Tail County!
We went to a dinner theater on Saturday night and it was really fun! It was at Elmer's Rib place and they served the meal family style including barbequed chicken, pullled pork, ribs, scalloped potatoes, coleslaw, cornbread muffins, and apple crisp piled with ice cream! The play was very cute with a western theme - sort of a vaudeville type of play. We had a great time!
We also went on a slow boat ride on Sunday before the storm hit! My flower pots looked a tad ragged when we left so I will be anxious to see if they revived over the week!
Have a great week off!

Stephany said...

I'm so glad you have a week off before starting your new job! I know it is well deserved.

My weekend was filled with my mom's wedding... and then decompressing on Sunday :)

Jenny said...

I have the same water bottle as you :) Your weekend sounds perfectly summery; music festival with a Weezer soundtrack, wedding, fresh basil (I imagine you eating lots of bruschetta!) running, swimming in the lake .. ah I'm so envious right now!

However, I did get to have mulled wine for breakfast at the farmers market so it was a pretty good weekend for me too :D

Leigh said...

What a great weekend you had! And love that your boss encouraged you to take the week off in between jobs. Hopefully you'll start your new job refreshed :) You and Phil look fantastic at the wedding! I hope it was just an off swim for you and the next one goes better. You got this!

Gracie said...

Enjoy your week off so you can start your new job fresh and rested.

Jeanie said...

Your new hair is totally fabulous! And I love the dress for the wedding. Sounds incredibly fun!

Emilie said...

I love that navy dress so much. It's such a classic piece and navy is a super flattering color on you! I hope you're enjoying your week off - definitely a smart move to take some time to decompress before moving into a new phase of your career. Congratulations - I am so happy for you! I am hoping to start the 'job search' process soon, just because I feel pretty stagnant in my position and there's not too much room for growth at the moment. I am stressed just thinking about the whole process!

Becky said...

Between the same outfit picture and the "adulting" comment, I was cracking up in this post! Also, way to pack in your weekend! So glad you have this week to relax before you start your new job!!

J and A said...

What an awesome weekend. Love your wedding dress, it looks great on you! Solo ice cream dates are the best!!

Amber said...

I'm so late reading this as another weekend is already here but I'm glad LAST weekend was super fun for you! You are getting A LOT of basil! My mom's basil plant is doing amazing like that but mine is not doing so great. Too bad because I love basil! Can't wait to read your post about how you've been using it.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

That's really nice that you got a week off in between jobs. I absolutely LOVE that dress that you wore to the wedding (weddings, haha) - where did you get it? It's so flattering on you, and I love the neckline.