Thursday, November 10, 2016

10 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 1 - Oscar

Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile may recall that each November, I spend 10 days focusing on what I'm grateful for. This is actually my 9th year of doing "10 Days of Thanksgiving."

It feels a little bit weird to post a series of posts about what I am thankful for given the events of this past week.  Our nation feels kind of broken.  But maybe now, more than ever, is the time to focus on what I'm thankful for and the many sources of blessings in my life.  I challenge you to play along by commenting on one thing you are thankful for each day, or doing a Thanksgiving post series on your blog.

Day 1:  Today I am thankful for our adorable cat, Oscar.

This photo from last November is one of my favorites.  It's like she was trying to look like a human! I can almost picture her saying,"hey, pass me the remote."
We've had Oscar for about 1.5 years now and I really cannot imagine our lives without her.  She is a bit temperamental and has to be in the mood to be petted or cuddled, but that just makes me appreciate times when she is affectionate even more.

We really bonded when I was home recovering from surgery.  She spent a lot time comforting me by cuddling.
While she's not always in the mood to cuddle, she is a very friendly and social cat (unless there are kids around - she hides from little people!). She follows Phil and I around like she is our shadow and it's very apparent that she likes to know what's going on.  When I'm in the kitchen doing meal prep, she's usually at my side, observing what I am doing, which I love!

Turns out cats are as entertained by empty boxes as kids are.
Now that the weather has turned colder, she spends a good chunk of the evening cuddled up on my lap. I spend a lot of evenings crocheting these days and I think the allure of the ball of yarn and the heated blanket on my lap are too hard for her to resist!

What are you thankful for today?


Marlys said...

Today I am thankful for the beautiful fall weather we are experiencing! Two years ago today we had a snow fall of several inches so to have weather in the 50's and beautiful sunshine is a joy!

Jeanie said...

You are right -- there is NO better time to remember the things for which we are thankful than a time when we are broken.

I'm thankful for Oscar today too, because I love it when you post photos like this. I am also grateful for many thoughtful things I have read today that remind me there are many good, caring, kind and concerned people in our world. They may or may not believe what I do but they are civilized, polite and try to consider the greater good. People like you who frame things for the best, even when that's tough. So thank you.

Emilie said...

What a sweet girl! I have such a soft spot for orange cats. My orange male is temperamental as well and our vet has said it's common in orange cats. Whenever I think about what I am grateful for, my fur babies are always right at the top of my list. They've been with me through the best and worst moments of my life and I can't imagine life without them. Nala sleeps with us and I'm very sad that she will be kicked out of our room for a couple months when Noah first arrives.

Also, how has it been 1.5 years already? Time goes by SO fast.

Charbelle said...

She is too cute!!! Love her and how she has to know what y'all are doing all the time! Jack Banner makes me laugh at least 5 times a day! He's got so much personality! I just wish that he handled strangers a little better as I know how scary he is when you first meet him!

Stephany said...

It makes me so happy to see how Oscar has wrapped herself around your finger. Pets have a way of doing that, especially cuddly ones!

Today, I am thankful to be able to give my opinion on public forums without worrying about censorship. That's the best I can do today. I'm heartbroken, but at least I can talk about how much I despise the president-elect as much as I want in a public manner.

Laura Beth said...

Such a beautiful cat! I'm thankful for my dog, Gus. Our pets are such a wonderful part of our lives.

Kelly (She Wears a Red Sox Cap) said...

Oscar is such a cutie :)

Gracie said...

That is a fabulous cat! Look at her - she knows she rules her humans.

Amber said...

Sticking with the theme of animals - I am SO THANKFUL for both our pets. Actually I don't know if I told you this story or not but last weekend with the excitement of everyone in and out of our house after Eric's birthday party Webster got out. He was only out for about 20 minutes and we found him after about 5-10 minutes of searching, but I was pretty frantic. And it was funny how I just intuitively knew he was gone because even when there are lots of people in our house Webster likes to be where the action is and isn't the type of cat to hide!

Anyways, both pets make me laugh every single day! And they are always happy and excited to see us and want pets or belly rubs or cuddles and it totally just makes my life so much richer and fuller to have them :)

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

Today I am thankful for a relaxing weekend at home with nothing to do but snack, watch movies and TV, sleep in, and hang out. It has been glorious!

San said...

I love this... we had this neighborhood cat come by our front door the last couple of days and I want to take her in and make her mine LOL

Oscar is really cute. ONE DAY... I will have my own cat.