Friday, May 31, 2019


Happy Friday! Sometimes 4-day work weeks crawl by but this one went by super fast. Here's how my week shaped up!

The book I'm reading is Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler. It's about an older woman (in her late 80s), living in Texas, who asks her hair dresser to drive her to Cincinnati for a funeral. On the drive, the woman tells the story of her forbidden relationship in the 1930s with the son of their African American housekeeper. It's a dual narrative that switches back and forth between the woman's story in the 1930s and her hair dresser's story in the present time. I am really loving this book!

The high of my week was nicer weather! After SOOOO much rain over the last several weeks, we finally have sunshine and warmer temps. Yay! I don't want to say that my mood is dependent on the weather (I live in the wrong area of the country for that since our weather is volatile and often, um, not great) but the weather definitely influences my mood.

Another high was a client meeting that went really well on Thursday! I don't put a ton of effort into my clothing right now and tend to wear the same things over and over, but I put effort into my outfit for the meeting and felt really good about how I looked!

The low of my week was dealing with some back  pain. I tweaked a muscle when I picked Paul up on Monday morning. I guess that's a sign that he is getting heavier! I've been icing it and taking it easy. Hopefully it heals soon.

A recipe I made was Balsamic Chicken with roasted vegetables. I hadn't made this in years but it was pretty easy to whip up. The sheet pans were kind of a pain to clean up but over all it was a good, easy meal as I had cut up all the veggies ahead of time.

The best money spent was on a bunch of pyrex glass containers to replace all of our plastic rubbermaid/gladware containers. I've been meaning to replace our plastic as it was all pretty old and not BPA free - eeks! I only had 2 rubbermaid containers that were BPA free; I kept those and recycled everything else. I am probably going to need to buy more containers as I like to portion out leftovers into individual containers, but I've got enough glassware to get us started.

For workouts I've stuck to walks since my back is bothering me. We try to go for a 40 minute family stroller walk after work each day if our schedule and the weather permits!

My plans this weekend include going to a newish Southeast Asia street food restaurant called Hai Hai with 2 of my college friends. I've been wanting to try this restaurant for a long time. It's owned by the same person that owns another favorite place, Hola Arepa. Phil felt kind of meh about trying it so I was glad that my college friends were up for it! On Saturday we have swimming lessons in the morning but no plans besides that. I'm looking forward to a night in after having social commits on Thursday night (going away party for a colleague) and Friday night. On Sunday, Paul and I are meeting a grad school friend and her kids for lunch. We have no other plans that day either. Having 1 thing/day is optimal for us at Paul's stage of life.

Bonus Paul Pics

I've (intentionally) been on my phone less this week so only have a couple Paul picture to share. 

First up, a picture of him in his new jammies. I bought some summer pajama sets for him which are so cute!! He seems to run warm so I think he's more comfortable in short sleeves and with his feet not covered (he also wears a lightweight sleep sack). 

I had an after-work commitment on Thursday so Phil did daycare pick-up and I took the bus home. Being greeted by this cute, excited face was the best!! 

What was the high of your week? What was the best thing you spent money on?


Marlys said...

You looked sharp - it's fun to snaz up once in awhile! I dress really low key at my work place - wink wink!
What a great way to be greeted at the door - such a gift!
I'm loving the sunshine & heat - won't find me complaining at all, but we've been getting lots of calls for failing ac units so it's stressie here today.
Your books sound interesting! I've got about 3 going now and haven't been good at reading lately.
Have a great weekend, but sounds like fun!

The Many Thoughts of a Reader said...

High of the week watching my kiddo play softball. She's gotten so much better. And she loves it. It's fun! Best money this week . hmmmmm.. I think the only thing I've bought are groceries/food and a bday present for my nephew. So I'd say probably more feta cheese since I've been eating a lot of tomato,cuc, feta, salads!

Gracie said...

We replaced our plastic with glass several years ago, including square glass containers for lunches. The only problem is that they're heavy, and when I bike it makes a difference! Small price to pay for not getting cancer, though, right?

Jeanie said...

I feel for your back pain. I did something similar after carrying Cam around.

High of the week -- golly, I don't know! I would have expected to say seeing Hamilton but I didn't love it like the rest of the world does. That is, I love it on the CD but wasn't blown away by the show. It wasn't a BAD week, just no big high! Hmmm.

katielookingforward said...

I hear you on messy sheet pan dinners! I haven't bought one yet, but have you considered the silpat rubber? I can't remember if you have a dishwasher, but they might clean easier. Or parchment paper. I love a good sheet pan dinner! And I haven't been to Hai Hai yet, but I would like to! I do have reservations for Martina in a few weeks, which I am really looking forward to!

Stephany said...

Ooh! I have used that Skinnytaste recipe before and I haven't had it in forever. I may have to whip it out this week. :)

I'm glad the weather is better this week for you guys! Weeks and weeks of rain is no good for ANYONE'S mood!

The high of my week was book club! We tried a new-to-us restaurant that was GREAT and had a really lively discussion.

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

You look very professional!

Glad to hear the weather has been better for you, and that Paul has moved up quite a bit in the percentile for weight.

Oooh, I hope that restaurant is good! I love going to Asian restaurants; I'm almost never disappointed.

Amber said...

I LOVE the photo of him greeting you at the door! So so cute! Also love your dressed up work outfit - you look fantastic! I don't dress up for work very much anymore, but I did last week for my workshops and it was nice to wear some of my nicer office clothes again!