Thursday, May 13, 2021

Three Things Thursday

My friend Stephany shared a "3 Things" post earlier this week, so I thought I'd borrow some of her topics and do a post of my own! 

Three childhood memories:

- I remember going over to my cousin Julie's house to play one day. We are 11 months apart and she's like a sister to me. That afternoon, I remember her asking what we should do and I said - "Let's organize your dresser!!" Ha!! A lot of her clothes weren't folded, so we organized and folded everything. Gosh I was a fun child. ;) I'm thinking I was around 4th or 5th grade in this memory. 

- This memory is from when I was a bit older. One Christmas Eve I was tasked with stirring the ice cream mixture on the stove. It seemed a little boring to me so I decided to read while stirring (always the book worm!). I looked up and the mixture was boiling over! My mom was NOT happy! It went into the oven vents and somehow ended up in the door of the oven. My mom was worried it would burn and cause a mess, so she took the oven door off and tried to clean between the layers of glass in the oven door - and cut herself in the process (she was using a paper towel on a knife to clean). Ay yi yi. My siblings were like - 'why do you always have to have your nose in a book!!' We can laugh about it now - it was a tense moment when it happened, though!

- I have a lot of memories of going to the lake as a family. Up until I was in college, we had a camper or a trailer on a campground. We'd go to the lake every Friday after my dad got home from work. My dad's brother has a lake place 20 minutes away so we'd spend lots of time with their family. I have great memories of swimming, tubing behind the boat, and eating s'mores around the campfire. I'm glad our kids will have memories of going to my parents lake home during their childhood!

Three books that have been on my Goodreads TBR the longest:

- A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry (added 12/19/2008)

- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (added 4/3/2010)

- The Book of Negroes (added 1/19/2012)

Will I ever read this? There are 252 books on my TBR list, so the chances of me getting around to these is low - but I'm not ready to delete them just yet (I do go through my TBR list occasionally and delete things I know I won't ever read). 

Three favorite snacks:

- Popcorn - especially homemade popcorn in a stir crazy popcorn popper!

- Potato or tortilla chips topped with sliced pickles. Weird I know, but I was doing this before dill pickle chips were a thing!

- A cut up apple - especially with peanut butter!

Three things I'm doing this weekend:

- Seeing a former coworker so I can hand off all the stuff Will has grown out of! Her daughter had a baby boy in April. I'm so glad I have someone to pass hand-me-downs to so I can pay it forward. We've received so many things from friends that are still in great condition.

- Attending a friend's "Mother Blessing" which is a spin on a baby shower. I'm excited to celebrate this mom-to-be! It'll be outdoor so I'm hoping the weather cooperates!

- Hopefully napping at some point! I caught the cold that Paul came down with over the weekend so could use some extra sleep.

Three things I'm looking forward to:

- Getting Paul back into swimming lessons in June! He really misses swimming lessons and we finally feel safe putting him back in lessons now that Phil and I are fully vaccinated. He'll be in the pool by himself instead of with me like he was in the past - hopefully he does ok with that. The place we go has one teacher and 3 students so I know he'll get tons of attention. I'd like to start Will in lessons in the fall or next winter. I think the earlier they get used to the water, the better.

- Going to the lake to see my parents in June and finally seeing my grandma (who turns 98 next week!!) during that trip. In general I'm looking forward to more regular visits to the lake this summer. 

- Seeing some college girlfriends and introducing Will to them later this month. I haven't seen them in person since last fall when I was pregnant!! Now that everyone is vaccinated we can safely get together in person and I am so excited! 

Three trips I look forward to taking when our boys are older:

- Visiting some National Parks in Utah. There are so many cool hikes but I want the boys to be old enough to enjoy hiking. 

- Visiting the Grand Canyon. I figure we can combine this with a trip to visit my sister in Tucson. We could maybe do this in a couple of years and just put Will in a carrier? We'll see. 

- Visiting some of the National Parks in California - especially around the Bay area as I think our friend Kyria would be up for coming with. She loves hiking and traveling and is such a great tour guide! 

Since these are all National Park trips that require hiking, I'd prefer that Will be at least 5 so he can hopefully do some hiking? As you can see, I'm most interested in taking our boys on outdoorsy trips as that is what Phil and I are most interested in these days. Hopefully they end up loving hiking and the outdoors as much as we do! 

Your turn - pick a category or two to answer!


missris said...

An apple with peanut butter is hands down my go-to snack! And I would definitely have liked to organize drawers when I was a kid--I bet we would have been friends :)

Carolina John said...

I hope the boys do end up enjoying hiking! We used to take the kids through the state park near the house, they always enjoyed it but it ended up being where they walked for the first half then piggybacked the uphill hike back to the car - tough on mom & dad. Little legs tire out quickly

Grateful Kae said...

I have that book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time on my shelf, too! My sister left it here once years ago after a visit (she had read it on the plane I think) and I keep meaning to read it also. How about this- I'll let you know when I start it and we can read it together. ;) I think she said she liked it!

Bummer that Paul now caught a COLD! Right after the stomach flu! I actually just was talking with someone about this, wondering if now that kids are back out and about more after all these months more isolated if there will be a huge uptick in all of the other little colds, viruses, bugs, etc. (I know he has been in daycare all along, though.) But I think in many cases the kids are just now "re-emerging" more/ mixing with other friends/families, etc. And maybe their little immune systems are going to be given a run for their money now! :) My kids always had some little bug I remember at that age... ugh. Haha. Oh well...won't be forever...:)

Love your future trip ideas. I'm sure you will do this, since you live in MN and it's not far, but one of our favorite trips was the Black Hills!! The boys had such a blast in Custer State Park and just everything! They LOVED it there. The Utah trip we took was also up there as probably a favorite! Ivan has family in San Francisco area and we did a very brief Yosemite trip but the boys were pretty little. We have a lot left to see in the CA parks! That's one place we haven't really been much. Too many places, not enough time... But make sure you fit in that Disney trip!! ;) ;) Lol!! (I know you're not a fan, but hope you change your mind..:-)

Stephany said...

I'm so glad you did your own 3 things Thursday! YAY! :)

I love how outdoorsy your trip ideas are! I hope the boys enjoy being outside as much as you and Phil do, but I bet if you start 'em young, they will! (Although, tbh, I couldn't ever see my nephews doing a hiking trip without complaining the whole time, haha.)

I love all of your childhood memories so much! Did you ever play "teacher" with your friends? Man, that was my FAVORITE game to play, haha.

Jeanie said...

These are fun, Lisa! Three things I'm anticipating -- our first Cork Poppers gathering in over a year; getting up to the cottage next month and seeing my seeds grow!

Shoshanah said...

I have so many great memories of camping in the California state and national parks growing up! We were actually young enough then where my dad would carry my brother in a hiking backpack/carrier if that’s a route you’d consider. Sadly my husband isn’t a fan of camping, and I’ve yet to convince him to do so.

katielookingforward said...

Hooray for swim lessons, I agree, the earlier the better for kiddos to get in the water. And the trips sound like a great idea! We never did real hiking because my brother was in the stroller (now wheelchair) but we still would go on plenty of walks and find the paved paths.

dailycandy said...

I LOVE your trips! I want to get to Utah so badly. I have hiked there as I lived there for a year with a friend but I want to take my 6yr old there now, who loves hiking.

Id love to know where you take your son for swimming, without giving up privacy on here...hmm...I have no idea how we would go about doing this!

Jolene - EverydayFoodie said...

I love the organizing the dresser story. I would have LOVED a friend like that growing up! Haha, I was very similar, and also always had my nose in a book.

Dill pickle chips have alllllways been a thing in Canada. I don't remember not having them ... ketchup chips are huge here too.